Former Premier League manager brands Arsene Wenger a sore loser

Alan Curbishley has revealed that former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was a sore loser who didn’t care about the tradition of inviting the opposing manager for a drink after a game.

It is almost the culture at Premier League teams that the manager of the home side will have a drink with their counterparts from the opposition after a game.

Curbishley said Wenger and some foreign managers didn’t understand the tradition, and the Frenchman skipped it when he had been beaten.

He managed Charlton and West Ham, it was with the former that he made a name for himself and his side even beat Wenger’s Arsenal in one game that he recalled.

It ended 4-2 in Charlton’s favour with Thierry Henry missing several chances for the Gunners.

He said that Wenger’s assistant, Pat Rice was always the person that had time for him after their matches.

He said on the From The Horse’s Mouth podcast, via Sun Sport: “Arsene Wenger will have to forgive me, but his assistant Pat Rice was always the guy that invited you in after a game and poured you out a drink.

“However, when Charlton won 4-2 at Highbury in 2001, it was against all the odds.

“They had about 20-odd shots and Thierry Henry hit the post, hit the bar and missed a few sitters. But, we won it and I was well pleased to go into the dressing room at Highbury.

“There was no Arsene, I couldn’t find him at all.

“I actually didn’t see him at all. I thought that was a bit wrong and I let Pat Rice know about it.”

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  1. Curbishley was worried about a drink than football itself to end up calling Wenger a loser. I might not be English speaking, but I think the word loser is wrongly used. Wenger is still holding on to invincible title since 2004, let alone the style of play he brought to Arsenal

    1. Don’t mind him….. How does not inviting him for a drink becomes a problem?.. You came go okay football, you won, move on!! Petty

  2. You have no respect for this club and legacy, publicizing such a lower for legacy.

    Arsene Wengrr is thr biggest legend in EPL with Sir Alex. No mlayer goes 20 years nor in a same club and build such a legacy and history.

    Without Wenger, what history do we have?

    1. I agreed with everything you said, before you ruined it with that last line.

      Arsenal were nothing before Wenger, really?

      1. Partially true though

        Arsenal would be just like Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Leeds Utd, Tottenham or etc….

        Probably just another London club playing in the league or potentially relegated to the championship…..

  3. Its true Wenger was a sore loser. He hated Ferguson Mourinho Guadiola Klopp and Poch because they all beat him a lot. Wenger is still a sore loser refusing to come back to the club after being sacked.

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