Former Premier League star is ‘very worried’ about Arsenal’s ‘future’

Frank Le Bouef has stated that he is extremely worried about Arsenal FC’s future, and insists that there is a lot wrong with their play.

The former Chelsea defender knows the Premier League all-too well from his five-year stint with the Blues, and he claims this Arsenal is not reminiscent of the team he used to come up against as a player.

The Gunners picked up their fifth loss of their last seven Premier League matches on Sunday, when their neighbours Tottenham punished them 2-0, but their problems appear to be much more than the results.

Le Bouef insists that while he doesn’t understand the drop off of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the team appears ‘broken, and they do not appear as a team.

“I’m very intrigued about what happened to someone like Aubameyang,’ Leboeuf told ESPN after Spurs’ 2-0 win.

“That guy was so clinical last season, really willing to give his best.

“He had two chances, a crucial header maybe after an hour and it’s like he doesn’t want to go for it. It’s like he’s not hungry to get it and put it into the net.

“I don’t know, something is wrong, something is broken. You have no transition between the defenders and the forwards. I didn’t see anything coming up that made me think they would react.

“Okay, they had chances, they had some stuff that they showed but it’s mainly because Tottenham allowed them to do so.

“That’s not the Arsenal I used to know, who’s so powerful, a warrior team with fight and never gives up. I didn’t see that.

“I saw Xhaka fighting with everybody, trying to kick everybody but I didn’t see a team. I didn’t see a spirit in the team. I’m very worried about the future of that club.”

These underlying issues are clearly taking their toll, and while I hope that Aubameyang’s struggles are simply temporary, and just a confidence thing, these sorts of results cannot continue.

Does Arteta have what it takes to turn the form around? How many more losses before the board begin to consider his role as manager?


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  1. Son scored a wonder goal.How? The defence was no where and he had acres of space and time . Abu could also have scored likewise. The difference is he is facing a massed defence and most gaps are covered.
    Arteta is replicating Wenger whose highlight was the 8-2 humiliation.The fms possession at all costs led to heavy defeats against the top teams who sat back deep.
    Arteta,imho ,could be axed if Arsenal are unable to push up the table.

  2. The loser mentality has set in for this current crop of players and for this to change, Arteta cannot use the same players week in, week out. He needs to drop 60% of the current squad and replace them with the quickest and most skillful players from the Europa and under 23s.

  3. Remember what mr Wenger said when you were asking him to leave you are going to miss me when I am gone he understands arsenal through and through big problems ahead relegation looming no creativity

  4. Le Bouef is yet another ex player who wades in without it seems much thought.To suggest that Spurs “allowed them to” create chances demonstrates his utter ignorance of what took place on the field of play.Spurs were hemmed in because they could not keep the ball for any length of time.Arsenal dominated the second half partly because they worked hard and did not give Spurs time to settle on the ball.The fact that we cannot score is not down to a lack of fight or will to win, but is all to do with a lack of confidence to play relaxed football in the final third.To create a despondent heading on the basis of some stupid word from an ex Chelsea player deserves derision and disregard.

    1. Come on Grandad, spurs let us have the ball because they were 2-nil up and knew we hadn’t got a clue how to score. It’s Mourinho’s modus operandi to get in front (on the break) then sit back and hold onto the lead. He is the master tactician, that’s why he never lost to us. It’s not pretty to watch (and some spurs fans aren’t happy with the style) but it’s results that matter at the end of the season.

  5. Mate if Arteta is replicating Wenger beautiful football
    3 league title 7 fa cups top 4 for god knows how many season I’ll be delighted

  6. Don’t get so wrapped up in the fact that LeBouef is an ex-Chelsea man…that has nothing to do with his largely logical assessment of what took place on the field of play yesterday…Jose has used this absorb pressure/counter-attacking strategy for the greater part of his career and we were just another willing victim of this obvious ploy…we were similarly punished by LC, when they simply allowed us to stretch ourselves into wider positions, thus leading to a bevy of crosses, which is largely a useless endeavor considering our glaring lack of a target man in the box…likewise by having Bellerin that far up the pitch it increases the likelihood that you can counter without committing too many players, thereby maintaining your defensive shape…until we show other teams that we possess the abilities required to attack in a much more direct fashion, we will continue to face this type of defensive scheme…as of right now, we’re a tragically naïve and an incredibly predictable team…we’re more boring than the Pulis Stoke teams because they at least employed a few target men…how frustratingly pathetic

  7. Politics and Sport. Arteta is ordered not to play Ozil unless he’s a idiot. Keep spitting into the wind. Maybe because of his own life experience. They will continue to crumble. They are not a team anymore. This Vibe ” /oppressive behavior easily spreads. Auba and Laca even Pepe will struggle. They need the world cup German playmaker. Uninspiring football. The Gunners really. And Arteta your part in Ozil’s fall will be to your own demise. Sacrificial 🥩 lamb

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