Former professional moves to defend Arsenal star after recent confession

Paddy Kenny has defended Arsenal’s Ben White after he recently admitted to not watching football in his spare time.

The summer signing joined the club from Brighton and has gone onto form par of our first-team defensive pairing alongside Gabriel Magalhaes in recent weeks.

While he has largely looked the part apart from being on the losing end of a couple of physical battles, but his recent interview has raised a few eyebrows, with White admitting that he wasn’t too familiar with Patrick Vieira from his playing days thanks to not watching football in his spare time.

Kenny claims that he was in the same boat however, although he insists that he watched his opponents when they played as ‘homework’, something he is sure White does also.

“I was the same as Ben White,” he told the Football Insider.

“I didn’t really watch football outside my career, but I still did my homework. I’m sure at Arsenal they are required to do a lot of homework on teams.

“But as a footballer, you might play a game on the Saturday, then you have the Sunday off.

“Now, there might be three or four games on the telly on Sunday, but that might also be the only day you get to spend with your family.

“So at that sort of level, it is unusual but as long as he is doing everything that’s asked of him, I don’t really see a problem.”

“Arsenal might check in on him just to make sure he’s doing everything he needs, but I’m sure he is.”

It does seem to be a strange occurrence playing at the top level without taking a keen view of his rivals or what he can learn from others, and the club must be making him study the opposition ahead of fixtures, otherwise he will be leaving himself short.

With all the technology and hard work that goes on behind the scenes in regards to stats and football analytics, I simply can’t believe that White won’t at least be preparing for the challenge in hand.


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  1. When I was young I played rugby and did not play football/soccer untill my early 20’s. What struck me about football/Soccer was how all the players of both sides spent most of the game verbally abusing the referee and verbally abusing each other. After the game the same players spent most of their time moaning and whining about the referee. I am convinced that for many football fans the whinging and moaning is as important as the game itself.
    Is that because football fans generally come from the poorer side of town and football is the only place to vent and rant about life’s inequalities I wonder.

  2. @Val. The moral to @Fairfan’s story is, if you play rugby, you’ll end up punch drunk. May explain why some of @Fairfan’s comments are a little wayward at times 🤕🤪. The same @Fairfan that doesn’t believe in wealthy and famous people can suffer from mental illnesses

  3. So Paddy Kenny was a goalkeeper, an over weight one at that, nothing special and he is supposed to be able to support and advise Ben White. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why does White need defending, it’s no big deal he didn’t know much about Vieira or watch much football on tv?

  5. Not uncommon amongst professionals. Why do you have to be obsessed with something because you’re good at it/its your job? Ronaldinho, Bale, ter Stegen, Batistuta and Tevez have all made similar remarks.

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