Former Rival full of praise and ‘respect’ for Arteta’s Arsenal

Patrice Evra has revealed his admiration for the work that Mikel Arteta has done at Arsenal, and claims that they have grown so much under the new boss.

The former Manchester United defender has previously written off the chances of the Gunners, believing their mentality was not a winning one, but he is happy to admit that things are no longer the same.

Evra names Arteta as the man to have made the difference, and they have earned his respect through it.

“I think Mikel Arteta is the main man and it is a big sign to see the captain [Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang] sign a new deal,” Evra said on Sky Sports ahead of Arsenal’s match with Sheffield United on Sunday.

“I see the green light for Arsenal and now also they bring the winning mentality and that’s why I now respect that club.”

Previously in 2019, Evra labelled our players as ‘weak’ and lacking character, saying: “I just don’t see any leadership. I don’t see any character or any personality. They look weak mentally.”

But the former United star no longer hold them in such negative disregard, stating: “I’d feel like I was playing against a baby but you can’t say that anymore.

“I’ll be honest I really have so much respect for Arsenal and I’m really happy the way Arteta is doing his things.

“He doesn’t have also enough money to pay for the players he wants for his team so I am impressed.”

Our team has certainly come a long way since the arrival as Arteta as manager, and it is quite astonishing how much change can come in such a short space in time, but what is refreshing is that everyone can see that there is plenty more to come.

Can Arteta take us all the way to the top?


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  1. Well he was right and is right imo on his assumptions.

    People have bean moaning about us not getting Aouar as that now looks dead in the water, same can be said for Partey.

    Man UTD have had issues making signings and it shows how weak they are right now.
    Everyone can see they need help at the back, so what do they do? Well they look to sign Cavani………

    1. Well we are more than happy to help them. We have Kolasniak, Sokratis, Holding, Chambers and will even give them 2 for 1.😊

  2. I don’t care about man utd where’s the money gone we should be challenging for 4 top 4 but be lucky top 8

    1. what money? did we sell someone for crazy money and make UCL this season??

      Hmmm, i though we we’re in the top 4!

      Are we not winning games?

    2. We’re in the top 4 now and we’re in the top 4 if you add up all points scored since arteta was employed.

  3. Arteta is the right man and is bringing respect back to Arsenal. He needs the support from the higherups now. Over to you Silent Stan.

  4. I never liked him, was he not the fella that gave a fan a kick and was sacked by the club?

    A hooligan

  5. The Spuds should have has Lamela sent off. He did exactly the same as Martial, actually worse the big girl’s blouse, falling over like he was shot by a hit man.
    Elneny and Xhaka. What can I say. Boooooring, uncreative, sideways passing, uninspired, not Arsenal standard. How can they be our midfield? Viera, Petit, and Gilberto…. you are still better than those two.

    1. You going to pretend petit and particularly gilberto were foward passing creative? I still remember when all the moaners considered gilberto the weak link which needed to be sold shame such moaners also have short memories.

  6. I don’t see our fans calling Liverpool weak but still call our players weak even after winning a match

  7. Loud mouth Liverpool destroyed and humbled today by Aston Villa 🤣😂. I’ve always known but today’s game VS Aston Villa proves that Liverpool are just average.
    Arteta set up a negative formation against them the the other day. He was too timid and gave them too much respect. This Liverpool team aren’t as good as the hype makes them look, especially when they face a team that takes it to them (not sitting back).
    Leeds game was also another proof. Without Mane, they’re toothless, such a one-man team!
    Best team in Europe my🦶, only on paper and by typical English press. Btw, their colleagues (Penchester United) didn’t get the ref on their side today, they were equally humbled!
    Honestly, I wished Arsenal took the game to them the other day, but I hope Arteta learned from his mistakes now.

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