Former rival gives Granit Xhaka ‘a lot of respect’ for Arsenal turnaround

Tim sherwood has praised Granit Xhaka for knuckling down at Arsenal, after the Swiss put in yet another impressive performance this weekend.

The midfielder has been amongst the club’s bighest performers this term, and could well be considered a fans favourite again.

This is a major turnaround for a player 99% of the fans wanted gone previously, and his hard work truly appears to have paid off now.

Sherwood’s links with Tottenham rarely sees him give praise to Arsenal, but his comments on the midfielder come as one of those moments.

“Granit Xhaka is never going to play for a bigger football club than Arsenal, and I think it hit home to him and he realised that he needs to knuckle down. I give him a lot of respect,” Sherwood is quoted in HITC for saying.

Should he continue with the form of this season, it wouldn’t be a shock to me if certain bigger clubs did cone calling for him, but he would be mad to consider a move after the journey he has undertaken with us, especially as we will surely be back in the Champions League come next summer.


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  1. I disagree, I think he’s playing so much better purely because of the slight change in position/role. Despite my many previous comments questioning his ability/suitability for the team, I wouldn’t have said he doesn’t work hard.
    The more advanced role is a bit freer and it’s allowed him to be more active and play more instinctively, which seems to be natural for xhaka. Arteta has found a system that works, and xhaka is absolutely thriving in it.
    Credit to him for sticking with it through a lot of tough times, and for doing all of the jobs he’s been asked to do, even to his own detriment, absolutely, and credit the manager for finding how to get the best out of him.

    1. A typically, for you, wise and sensible post!

      I put the new XHAKA ENTIRELY DOWN TO HIM BEING MOVED FORWARD NO MORE REDCARDS AND PENS AGAINST HIM NOW HE IS NOT SO DEEP. Fot the first time in his seven seasons here , I am content he stays and plays.

      Never ever thought I’d write THAT!

    2. Clueless – the Team improved – Xhaka was always there but the Teams previous let him down – Auba – Laca – and all gooners from last season – were the real problem – get a drink, soccer is not your thing.

      1. That’s where you wrong,as John Legend rightly said,he was doing it with his national,I watched him dismantle my national team France.also,the goal we conceded against the Spuds is a reminder that in our own box,he can be a liability.lastly,I don’t think he needs a drink but you’re right soccer is not his thing but football is!!

  2. Actually, his National team coach gave Arsenal this clue of Xhaka’s most effective role.
    I’m so pleased he is doing well for us now. The day he messes up, people should not castigate him please.

    1. He’s building capital with the fans now. It’s obvious the benefits he’s bringing the team, so the odd mistake will not be felt in the same way – everyone makes mistakes after all

  3. I give credit to Mikel for the turn around something Mr Wenger failed to see and caused a liability for us and the player. Plus credit to Mikel for hiring world class players – Partey, Odegard, Jesus, rock solid White to further motivate Xhaka. Finally credit to Xhaka too for committing himself to us long term, wish him luck and wish the best for Mikel too and his merry men. And little Mou failed to pay 12M for his services, Mikel has saved us some 40-50M for a like for like player. Who needs Yuri or Neves? Our Xhaka is better, our Mikel is best!

  4. Without a doubt the change in positioning has helped; however, mentally overcoming the situation he was in is extremely impressive.

    I also think the change in our dominance every match has played a big part. When the entire team is up pressing, winning the ball back high, it keeps Xhaka from situations like son or zaha sprinting at him in open space. He’s not built for that. On top that, we have the ball the vast majority of the match where he is far more effective than when we’re sitting back.

    A lot of factors are impacting Xhaka’s resurgence and both he and mikel deserve a lot of credit. Keep it going!

  5. he is also the teams biggest leader, after we scored the 1st goal against spurs he instigated a team huddle and talk, it was him leading the team talks not Odegaard

  6. I am surprised with myself saying Xhaka well done. His recent good plays is down to his moving upfront. We should try and get a strong back up to Partey so that Xhaka will not have any thing to do with deep roles again. Congratulations Xhaka, Arteta, and the entire team.

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