Former Spurs favourite recommended to Arsenal? Merson must be losing it…

Paul Merson has recommended Jermain Defoe to Arsenal for the upcoming transfer window, but for me that is a complete no-no.

The 33 year-old has enjoyed an exciting end to the Premier League season, helping his Sunderland side to escape from the relegation zone with a huge upturn in form.

Defoe has been key to the club’s fortunes this term, scoring a huge 11 league goals in 2016 alone. The striker has been tipped for a possible recall to the England squad, a whole three years after his last international outing.

Paul Merson has now moved to recommend him to his former club Arsenal, claiming he would be a good squad player for us to have.

He said: “Arsenal could use him as well, So many teams play with one up front that there isn’t room for two big-name strikers.

“But Defoe could fit in as a back-up and he’d be lethal coming off the bench. Look at the goals he’s scored in a struggling side. He could definitely score goals for a contender.”

Defoe’s name simply shouts Tottenham to me, and you know what we think of Tottenham!

I would not begrudge Jermain a place in the England side, his form could bode well the Lions, but for him to play for Arsenal is not something I can accept.

I want to say that a 33 year-old is not wanted in our squad, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a player I would love our squad to be blessed with. Yaya Toure is another supposed target who is 33, and I would not take him in the squad either.

Would you sign Defoe for Arsenal? Am I the only one who was mildly-offended by this?

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  1. defoe and yaya no
    zaltan yes (bcoz he is just awsum)
    v need a 26-27 lethal pacey striker who can help us c what ozil is capable off

    1. I really don’t blame Paul for his comments.
      That’s what you get when our ‘world class’ striker is not performing well.

  2. You can blame Wenger for Paul Merson’s delusional mental health problems!… I certainly have. ? ??
    Merson… you crackhead!!! ?… Defoe?? ?
    Just ignore him… he just might, go away.

    1. The old man have nothing to do with this fatty. Since leaving Arsenal Paul was starting to visit his old bar weeks in weeks out. That’s the explanation of his “wisdom and intelligent”. Just like our old day eh Paul?…hik…hik

  3. I am more than mildly
    offended that a dead beat like
    Defoe has scored more league
    goals than Giroud or Sanchez.
    What’s worse is that a cheap scrawny
    nobody white guy from Leicester has scored
    12 league goals more than the entire
    Arsenal English corpse (core).

    1. Sanchez has been injured for almost half a season and isn’t being helped by the likes of Ramsey and Walcott playing alongside him

  4. Are we desperate for a quality striker that can score more than 24G: YES!! Desperate enough to go into what Merson is suggesting: NO!
    It’s a fact if Arsenal wants to have a chance of sustaining a run for the title they need more than what both Walcott & Giroud have contributed this season. They both had some dry spells that were critical & damaging to our campaign!
    Our midfield creates enough chances but our strike force doesn’t reflect that fact enough…with that many chances Aguero could’ve gone over 30G in the EPL alone! And Wenger knows all about quality up front having raved about the Barcelona front line in his exit interview of the UCL.

    He said he didn’t buy a striker last summer because he trusted those players to grow into the role & provide those numbers along with some assists but after this season it should painfully clear for Wenger that neither Giroud nor Walcott have paid that trust back…and will not be that type of player it’s a fact after so many seasons what we see is what they are.
    He has to look harder to make a deal work for an upgrade. If he can sell 1/2 players for around 20m, add to that amount another 20 he could get: Lukkaku (Everton), Morata (Juve) or Michy (Marseille). In that particular order for me because dreaming of Aubameyang, Lewandoski or Benzema is not worth it.
    What poor finishing creates during games & over the season: frustration for those who creates those chances, uneasiness that we can’t finish the game off & got to fight not too lose, poor confidence in ourselves! We need a figure leading the line that we know can finish the game for us regardless, that the midfield will fully trust & that brings that uplifting mood! An “Icon” as I read somewhere a bit like Suarez during his time at Liverpool!

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