Former striker Hartson claims Arsenal will spend spend spend

Arsenal will be spending big this summer according to former player John Hartson.

The Gunners season has gone from challenging for the title, to battling for a place within the top four, and the task is getting tougher by the week.

Wenger recently claimed that it would not be easy to improve his side in the coming window, and hinted that it would not be a hugely productive transfer window.

One former player doesn’t agree however, and is claiming that Arsenal will be investing properly in the coming window.

“He knows he hasn’t got long left to win a title. I think he’ll spend a lot of money this summer,” Hartson said.

Wenger must be aware that with the influx of top managers coming in at Manchester City and Chelsea, as well as a possible new coach for Manchester United, the transfer window is likely to be the busiest it has ever been.

Add to that the fact that the recent TV rights deal has boosted the finances of the whole division, and the shock emergence of Tottenham and Leicester City in the Premier League, you have to expect the entire market to explode.

If Wenger did refuse to invest properly this summer, we will certainly be taking a huge risk, and no amount of excuses will make up for not holding onto our Champions League place for the following campaign.

Deals are already being mooted to have been set up for the summer, with Granit Xhaka and Henrikh Mkhitaryan both having been said to have been all but done deals, but the Arsenal boss has said nothing is concrete at present.

Can we really see out another transfer window with little investment? Will Wenger simply replace the departing players with like-for-like stars?

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  1. Just hope we do spend and by the right players !!!

    my main concern is Wenger the right man now to spend such money ??
    i have my doubts

    i really do think we should also have a new man as manger next year
    Wenger as had more than a fair chance the last few years

    for me Wenger would be first to be replaced
    then let the new manger choose what player he wants to keep and buy

    1. I agree with you, if we are gonna ”splash” money might as well do it with the coach for the future. Then again if Wenger takes responsibility and sells the players we don’t need he can be trusted to spend the money right. He knows it is his last season with us and only has one more chance to leave with some dignity. He may put too much trust in his players and be sometimes too optimistic but he is far from being stupid.

  2. mates its time we say hard truths and stand by them.we want arsenal to win the title not arsen so spending is not an issue.this season we hve seen how our squad is of average quality only three or four world class wenger the man to take us the next level.someone who drops joel and picks Walcott who is currently playing like an amateur.our midfield is shocking we keep passing the ball backwards till we concede is when we st art shifting gears.we need more urgency from both the players and the same way everyweek and expect a win.its time arsenal moves on we need new man at the helm to lead the club .what u think guys?

    1. I respect Wenger and i’m for change too. However we all know he won’t leave until his contract runs out next season so why hinder him and the team by yelling Wenger out all the time? If we think the players and him aren’t affected by it negatively we must all be blind. In the end we are contributing to our team’s performance whether we want to believe it or not. I know people will thumb down the hell out of me but it is the truth. I understand criticizing is part of the fans’ job too but when we revert to petty name calling like Lampost and Donkey directed at a grown man it only reflects what kind of supporters we have.

  3. Boy…….No Longer interested in whom we buy or sell ……. My mind will be at rest when this Lifeless , pathetic skeleton quits being our manager

    Can’t believe we are in the 21st century , yet many are scared of evolution and development

    “Hey days” be Damned……alot of things have changed around us…. People are moving on…..while we just sit around Looking Schizophrenic

    and to think “spending” is our major problem….. We have a manager who’s either scared to spend or would rather spend on a dozen sanogos prototype whilst inculcating the most depreciating method of football into their system


    1. @SoOpa, I agree with you, I seriously believe it makes very little difference who we bring in as long as Wenger is in charge. That’s why I can not get to0 excited about speculating about our summer transfer window.

      As I said somewhere else it could be Messi and Lewondoski and Wenger would find a way to fail.

      Most likely it will be players like Garbiel or Elneny, ones we don’t know much about who are ok on their day but not good enough to lift us to the next level.

  4. Seriously………..Let’s ask ourselves…. Of the remaining Arsenal fixtures, how many can we quantify as “walk in the park” ?

    Westbrom? (A wounded puLis’ men, who gave their all in their last match and threw away two lovely penalties)

    sunderland? (Big sam’s Relegation candidates who would fight tooth and nails to stay affloat)

    Norwich? (NeiL’s Relegation candidates who wants survival more than anything else….do u recall the results at old carrow road months back?….do u recall the “Sanchez could have been killed” quote )

    Citeh? (Hahaha….okay, they just gonna let u beat em to it huh?….pointless telling u history)

    Villa? (yea….here comes the worst team in the EPL…..the most realistic of wins… But i won’t be surprised if they manage to salvage a point in their last game of the season….. Aren’t we known for setting new appaling records around us?)


    1. Every team knows how to beat us now, only Aston villa is a walk in the park coz we might salvage a point there, but the rest, can easily out score us or equalize every goal we score. that’s how our team have turned into

  5. Wenger will definitely spend but he will also need to sell a bit. Walcott and Sanogo at very least need to be sold. Arteta Rosicky and Flamini are already leaving and we should be good with 1 good addition with either Xhaka or Mhkitaryan as Santi Ramsey Eleny Wilshere, Coquelin and Ozil already make up a stacked midfield.

    I do hope we keep Giroud, you may call him all names you want but can’t deny he is a good striker and when he doesn’t score he usually plays a part in the goals. Wenger needs to buy that top striker we’ve needed for years so we have Giroud, (striker) and Welbeck as strike force.

    A young promising CB would be a great addition too unless Wenger is molding Chambers for that position. The sad part is that over the years we’ve needed top players in the same positions and i hope Le Prof finally addresses our problems properly…

    P.S : Let’s all leave the Wenger out rhetoric for the end of the season please and unite and support the team we have to keep hold of that CL place. Sure Wenger is at fault for our lack of success but putting pressure on him will only reflect on the team’s performance when we need that CL spot. Hate him all you want but without CL we will not see one top player come to Arsenal and we should expect ours to leave. If most fans worldwide hate Wenger so much they are willing to sacrifice the club’s future just to see him go then may God be with us all.

    1. sorry Rasta…….. I dn’t think i’d fancy another champions League spot at the end of the season……… It’s all for the money….No ambition attached
      what difference does/will it make with with the same retrogressive leaders at the helm?

      and incase u haven’t noticed we at the season’s end already….are u still hoping Arsenal Lifts the EPL trophy this season?

      1. Where did i mention us lifting any trophy this season? All i said is if we don’t get CL we run the risk of losing our top players and not attracting any for next season. No CL spot makes our future look grimmer because Wenger isn’t going ANYWHERE until his contract is done. If you are content with that then good for you because i’m not.

        1. mate this year is supposed to be a top three coz if by chance liverpool lift uel then fourth aint gona cut we r at rsk at lossing out ucl even if we make fourth

      2. this season was supposed to be about the epl not fourth place.just seeing how empty the Emirates was yesterday I expect it to be even worse in the upcoming games.wenger blew it in the transfer market,I think that in itself shows how we lacked ambition and we settled for a top four from the beginning and if by a chance we managed to win epl then thats it.lossing some games ,crucial points and the feedback we got back was just covering the real goals of the club top four.soton home(a team challenging has to win this game),Crystal palace,swansea,just add those points and see where we could and should hve been.everyone here is a die hard arsenal fan whether an akb or aob but fact remains we love the club ,we want the club to move forward,we want the club to be a superhouse,its got nothing to do with wengers last year or his last chance of epl.this sort of thinking is running our beloved club to the ground.whether u like it or not a change is needed and a serious the moment we hve so many bogey teams do u think arsene will beat them nxt season!!! arsenal my love Is turning to a mid table team lets open our eyes before we get a huge shock!

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