Former Tottenham ace slams the Arsenal player that leaked Mesut Ozil wage cut refusal

Former Tottenham forward Darren Bent has claimed that there is an Arsenal player that leaked the fact that Mesut Ozil has rejected a pay cut at the club.

He even called the teammate a “snake” and claimed that it wasn’t good for the environment because a club is like a mini-family.

Ozil is one of three Arsenal players that have reportedly rejected the club’s plea to take a pay cut and save them some money.

However, the other teammates were not named, and the German seems to have scored yet another PR own goal.

He is the club’s highest earner and has struggled to justify his high wage at the Emirates.

Most fans believe that he should be one player that voluntarily takes a proper pay cut and lead by example.

But the reverse is the case as Ozil has told the club he wouldn’t take a cut to his wages and he has been slammed by fans and pundits around the world.

However, Bent is more concerned that a teammate leaked the story.

He said as quoted by the Sun: “There’s obviously a snake in that dressing room, which is not good.

“When you’re in a sporting environment with the guys in the dressing room, you’re like a small family, but at times people do cross the line.

“I’d be in there making phone calls trying to find out who it was that leaked the story, because if there’s three of us [who rejected a pay cut], I shouldn’t be the only one being named.”

Thing is this, if the Arsenal dressing room was a small family as Bent reckons it should be then the last person that should be breaking ranks is the clubs highest earner but obviously it is the person that did the right thing and exposed this greed and selfishness that gets the blame in Bents deluded world.

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  1. The story seems to originate from the Mirror which is as bad as the Sun newspaper, that should tell you enough to not give it more than a seconds thought. Enough said move on.

  2. If a leak from a teammate is true, then is that player a snake? Or is he someone that is sick to death with the lack of effort from Ozil?

    Ozil is the laziest, and one of the least effective players in the team, yet he’s the highest earner, and is always playing. That will rightly so annoy a lot of people around him. To say Ozil is knicking a living is an understatement!

  3. Most players are hurting because they try their best to resurrect the team, buy Ozil is earning more wages than them. On the other hand, he is the one playing as if he doesn’t care. If the guy is telling the truth, then he’s not a snake

  4. People need to know the truth said by the relevant authorities . This hear guy jumbed the gun.

  5. Bent.
    Trying to be woke..
    Truth is truth and most powerful…
    The “snake” spoke truth.. And I support him.

    Ozil is insensitive

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