Former Tottenham man makes Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang claim

New players the key to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang staying at Arsenal.

Arsenal could get Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to sign a new deal at the Emirates if they bring in the right players in the transfer window, according to former Tottenham manager, Tim Sherwood.

Aubameyang, who scored Arsenal’s last goal in their 3-1 win over West Ham on Monday, has been one of the leading lights in the struggling Arsenal side this season.

He has only been outscored in the Premier League this season by Jamie Vardy and his goal helped the Gunners end a run of nine games without a win.

Reports have linked Aubameyang with moves away from the Emirates with Barcelona and Real Madrid reportedly battling for his signature.

He has, however, not publicly commented on his future and Sherwood reckons that Arsenal can keep him beyond his current deal if they make the right moves in the transfer market.

“I think [Arsenal is] a great club for [Aubameyang],” Sherwood said per the Express.

“I think he wants to sign but he’s going to watch very, very carefully at what happens between now and the appointment of the new manager.

“[If it is] someone he’s happy with and they convince him they’re going to move into the transfer market and get better players to the football club, I think he stays. I think it’s a great club for him.

“You would hope so [Arsenal have learned their lesson from the past]. But their recruitment needs to be better.

“He’s seen a few transfer windows, Aubameyang, and he’s seen poor players coming into the club.

“It’s obvious to everyone to see defensively they’re not good enough but the powers that be are doing nothing about it.

“The managers that are coming into the football club feel like it’s not really an area that they need to strengthen.

“If they strengthen that and get better midfield players…”

It would be huge for Arsenal if Aubameyang signed an extension but we need some perspective here. This is just an opinion from a pundit, there is no inside info here or anything like that.

But it cannot harm the situation if new signings are brought in next month and not just for Auba’s sake.


  1. Am I the only one not bothered Aubameyang possibly being sold? He’s 31 next June, relies a lot on his pace and would probably want a contract worth of at +250k a week. Do we really want to pay him that until he’s 34-35?

    If Real comes in with a 50-70m offer, maybe even offers players in return, I wouldn’t refuse.. although it could be wiser to wait until summer..

    In Januaruy, 70m + Jovic on loan until the end pf season with an option to buy? Not top shabby deal

    1. He can leave if there is a good offer, but he is too old to attract Real Madrid and Barcelona. I don’t think he can be as fit as Ronaldo three years later

      Suppose Real Madrid offer some money + one of their fringe players, Arsenal should choose Vinicius Jr. However, this scenario would most likely not happen, because Benzema is consistent in scoring since last season and he is still on fire

  2. The only things that Sherwood says that the fans can agree with, is the poor players that have been signed, recruitment should be better and the defence needs tightening.
    Mind boggling insight from the man, getting paid for these revelations, when every single gooner could have told him that for nothing!!!

    As for Auba signing a new deal, it’s groundhog day yet again – let’s see how the new regime handles THIS scenario.
    I think if the same player togetherness that was so evident after the west ham game, along with good results of course, we might just see the player we witnessed whe he first signed, someone who was enjoying himself at the club…and the same goes for Lacs.

  3. Eeerrrm I doubt any new signing will be coming in next month.
    Arsenal are already telling each candidate they’ll get funds for one big defensive signing in the Jan transfer window.
    But now that reports are claiming Freddie’s staying till the season ends, I doubt any new player might come in.
    PEA situation is just like RVP, he’s seeing no ambition from the club, he’s constantly contributing his best, his goals keep coming but he can’t do the job or win trophies alone for the club.
    Even Messi alone couldn’t win trophies for his country when every other player turned bang average von International duty. PEA ain’t getting any younger, so I believe Sherwood is seeing it the right way. If we bring in a coach with ambition, back him up, and bring in proper classy players, PEA would be tempted to stay. The guy already has his small family of Himself, Lacazette and Guendouzi already, I believe he’s been waiting to see what the club would do

  4. @McLovin.

    Taking emotion out of the debate, I believe your view to have much merit.

    Must keep the bigger picture in mind going forward.

    Just watching how Erling Braut Håland shapes up.

  5. It really bothers me when people say Abameyang relies on pace. I think he actually wastes most his speed and you can go many games without noticing how fast he is. His positioning and finishing are his strongest attribute and he would still be a good squad player in his late thirties. Extend his contract and sell Lacazette. Buy Zaha and use Martinelli as LF and CF 2nd choice.

  6. PEA sale price is just part of a bigger problem.
    The heart and soul of English football has been compromised for money.
    To be honest I don’t care about the Champions League.
    It just forces club to spend ridiculous amounts on player purchases and salaries
    and only one team can win that usually being one of a few mega rich clubs.
    The Europa League is just plain ridiculous.
    International football aint much better.
    English fans are incredibly mono cultural and mono lingual
    and have a millenia old dislike of Europeans any way.
    English football fans like most English sports fans
    hate their National team with venom and love it when their team loses
    so they can moan to high heaven “Even my granny coulda scored”
    The Interlul qualifiers v minnows bore fans to death.
    The traditional tanking at the Euro and World Cup just rubs salt into the wounds.
    What really is the point?
    Carabao Cup is pants.
    FA cup only gets interesting at the quarter final stage.
    The only comp which consistently sustains English fans is the PL.
    Just play one PL game a week that’s enough.
    Reduce the league season to 28 games by having two 10 team conferences.
    Play your conference teams twice and the other conference teams once.
    Have a 3 week play off.
    Have a summer season and align with the USA season.
    Start the season in March and finish in late November.
    Maximum of 20m player transfer fee maz 60m per season.
    Max 100k p/w salary.
    Clubs must have 7 English starters each game.

    1. “ English fans are incredibly mono cultural and mono lingual and have a millenia old dislike of Europeans any way.”

      Thank you for that.

      I cannot and must not speak for them, but I would imagine the likes of Grandad & Ken1945 with many, many years of loyal support of Arsenal Football Club behind them feel we (l include myself in the aforementioned company) have absolutely nothing to justify with regards to our opinions on here.

      However, you are quite right in one regard – it is my club first EVERY TIME, and for that I make no apologies.

      This being the case for well over 50 years and counting !!

  7. Off the topic, cant believe Manchester United have not challenging the Premier league for about 8 years and are Europa Cup regulars.

  8. The last thing on Aubameyang’s mind is signings, coaches and trophies. The man ditched a champions league club to play Europa League football for crying out loud. Mr. Watzake called him out for being a mercenary and if you observe him closely, the bling, flashy clothes, watches and cars, it’s not difficult to see what exactly motivates Aubameyang. Herrera got £300K on a free to PSG, Ramsey £400K. Unless Aubameyang is offered a deal in that region, no way he will sign. Unfortunately we already have a player on £300K+ so Aubameyang is good as gone. We may not even get a fee for him if he’s determined to get that sweet bossman money.

    1. And that right there you’ve just summed up the whole problem Arsenal will have with keeping aubameyang. The 350k salary will always become a problem until we get it off the books. Any player that contributes more and sees themselves as more vital to the team will always look at the 350k and think why aren’t I getting the same or more?

      1. AlexLaca9, well the £350,000 didn’t stop pepe, tierney, torreira, leno, mkh, soks, guendouzi,saliba, martinelli, luiz, cebs or, funnily enough, the man himself aubameyang from joining the club did it?

        As far as I am aware, none of the first team squad have ever seen themselves as contributing more or being more vital to the team – in fact guys such as pepe, martinelli and saliba were quoted as saying Ozil was one of the reasons they were excited about joining the club. The only time it is mentioned is by fans who moan about kronkie paying him the salary he agreed to pay him.

        Of course, the salary is out of proportion, obscene and not warranted, just as every professional footballers salaries are.

    2. He’s worth it tho. The money paid to ozil, if given to Sanchez at that time would have been totally worth it

  9. Transfers I would make for the summer
    -If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or try to get Jovic and Cellabos (no cash)
    -Sell Laca for $50+m to fund a Zaha transfer.
    -Sell Xhaka (& Torreira if he wants to leave) to anyone to fund a Partey transfer.
    -Buy Upamencano.

    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Partey Guendozi
    Zaha Cellabos Pepe

    1. What about Martinelli? Why waste money on Zaha? Is he as productive for Crystal Palace as Martinelli has at 18, and will be for Arsenal in the future?

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