Forward changes agent as he looks to orchestrate Arsenal transfer

Nicolas Pepe is claimed to have changed his agent as he looks to seal a move away from Arsenal this summer, having failed to hold down a regular starting role under Mikel Arteta.

The Ivory Coast international has shown spurts of his talent whilst in north London, but his time at the club most definitely won’t have been considered a success.

Goal reports that he has now changed his agent as he looks to get his career back on track, having fallen behind all of Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard and Emile Smith Rowe in the pecking order before any further additions arrive this summer.

Pepe joined in a club record deal from Lille in 2019, and while I belive he will be a good signing for his new club, I also agree that we need to sell.

He failed to convince manager Mikel Arteta that he deserved an extended run of first-team football this season, being limited to around 10-15 minutes for much of the most recent season.

I feel a little bad for Pepe, as I don’t think he got enough opportunities in the last 12 months, but its difficult to argue that he should have played ahead of any of his rivals.

Do you agree that he will likely be a hit for whichever club he joins this summer?


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  1. Its an interesting one.
    Pepe cost 72mill so the club can’t just give him away. Or can we? Should we?
    Surely the club wants a minimum 30m for him?
    But then Arsenal could have got 60mill for both Sanchez and Ramsey and lost them for free.
    Ozil, Mustafi, Socritis, Chambers left for free.
    Guendouzie was sold cheap. Torreira + Leno going for less than half their fee. Bellerin Mari will go for next to nothing. Aubameyang cost 95mill in fee and salary as too did Lacazette cost 95 mill for fee and salary. Yet both left on a free. So losing 72m Pepe for free is no dfferent. Right? Perhaps we could loan him at say 10m per season and the other club pays his 140k p/w salary? If he succeeds there they might even buy him. 30mill now and salary off the books is a reasonable move if some one will take him for 30m. Otherwise we could lose him for free in two years time anyway like all the others. I think we will keep him and predict he will shine in the easier EL games rediscover his form and score 15 goals this term. Then we sell him in the summer before he reverts to his old form 🙂

    1. Sanchez was swap for Micky under wenger, Ramsey run out his contract under emery, every single player you mentioned after those two have been under Edu and Arteta management.

      1. How much did we get for Micky? Like zero.
        Bellerin Ozil Lacazette Aubameyang Chambers Mustafi bought in by Wenger. Socritis Guendouzie and Torreira bought in under Emery and Sanllehi. Pepe was brought in under Emery and Edu. Arteta’s signings Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Tavares, Lokonga, Odegaard Magalhaes, Partey Turner Marquinos (Vieira?). These 11 are likely playing a big role still. Mari 6m. Xhaka Elneny Nketiah signed before Arteta contracts extended were all likely leaving on a free. Soares Runarsson Willian Trusty were all free. So those signed under Arteta are either significant contributors or very cheap. Arteta has therefor proven to be the best transfer operator Arsenal has had since the 2002 Wenger years

          1. @Fk.
            Thats what I said!!!
            Line three tenth word from the left “Pepe was brought in under Emery and Edu”
            Got it?
            Your apology accepted 🙂

      2. Bad recruitment is not confined to our Club as fans of Chelsea ,Spurs and Man Utd will admit.The issue is trying to get the best out of a player who produced the goods in France but has failed to do so in the EPL despite showing glimpses of real talent occasionally.With a terrific left foot I am amazed Arteta has never used Pepe as a convential left winger where his ability to cross on the run would be far more productive than in his role as an inverted right winger..The same sentiments can be applied to Saka to an extent although he is more direct than Pepe and runs well off the ball.I cannot believe that Arteta has not tried Pepe on the left or through the middle in training matches, but I am not privy to what goes on behind closed doors.In any event,our Manager has failed to reignite Pepe who has the natural talent to be successful at a Club where the weight of expectation is not so heavy.If he does move on I shall follow his career with great interest and wish him well.

        1. But he was given the whole chance many times but he didn’t do his best even when he switched to the left side. Now what do you want MA to do?

    2. You lot will never apportion the blame to the right person and the clubs for failing most of these players and assets mismanaged instead we blame the players. Chelsea got Harzard from the same Lille developed him, won several laurels with them and sold him for 80m. Oshiemen that most fans are craving for is from the same club and under 2 season Napoli is asking for 100m because he is well managed but it is Pepe’s fault that we couldn’t get the same 72m we paid for him. It is his fault he didn’t play much last season after contributing to over 40 goals in two previous seasons. Just like it is Auba, Ozil, Miki, Guen, Mavro etc. fault. What is obvious and clear to see is most of those players have done so well for the clubs they play for before we bought them.

      1. Sensible reply.
        Most of them want players from inferior leagues and even hype up players from non top 5 league in Europe, but once the players were bought and they didn’t live up to expectations, they will quickly turn the narrative to this is EPL.

        EPL might be exciting league and competitive but never has it been the criteria to judge a good player or great player.
        Even many of the English players are not that.


  2. Why don’t we just behave like every other club with regards to our transfer policies?

    I’m sorry if I upset some of you, but 90% plus of this circus started from Gazidis, right through and continuing, under Mikel and Edu.

    The other 10% goes to AW, before Gazidis took over – HOWEVER – weren’t we told that things would get better?

    I cannot name any other club that has the reputation of fouling things up when it comes to signing someone and I’ve yet to find another that actually gives their players away, then carries on paying their salaries.

    What a complete shambles and embarrassment, highlighted by the Pepe situation.
    Yet another player desperate to leave the club – David Dein must be absolutely devastated with what he is seeing.

    1. Its a shit show ken but people will bury their head in the sand put their fingers in their ears and go LA LA LA LA LA LA When you try to show them what a shambles we have become. Ive heard a few Arteta at all cost people saying that the Morata rumour is rubish. Well it will be interesting what they say if we sign him because i have it on good authority we ARE talking to Morata. We are struggling to get the players we want and we are struggling to get rid of players also. Now isnt that something that we have heard before.

      1. It’s humiliating when one reads that a player has changed his agent in order to get a move away from The Arsenal – that player being our record £72,000,000 signing.
        Are we still paying for him in instalments?

        No wonder kronkie is vetting every signing – he’s lost so much money, it’s eye watering.

  3. Sometimes dropping our ego is the best option,cause if they can’t buy Raphina,there’s no need to sell Pepe,we really need his skills.he’s a good players who lacks game time..he’s jus impressive

  4. Couldn’t care less what a player costs once he’s not part of the “process” just sell him and move on.

    A little tip for MA/Edu….player value is determined by what others are willing to pay and not by having a dremt up fantasy number in your head and sticking to it.

  5. Hard to read all of this , all of it so true and it’s been painful to watch.
    All of the stuff written was truth but we have turned some corners in the back and the middle just need to be solid with selecting the right people for up front. To add more creativity out of the middle of the park and more quality depth are really priority too . This is a big year we really made strides last year this is the year we get back into Champions League book it.

  6. Nketiah who has been billed as dross for a long time has 7 good games at the end of the season and gets a five year contract worth double of his wages.

    Pepe not given a real chance but has better end of the season twice in a row when he was being played as the coach got desperate. Yet at the start of the next campaign, he’s nowhere near the starting eleven

    I’ve always said we have become a circus run by clowns. Little wonder Kroenke is now insisting on vetting every incoming transfer himself. Same way Josh had to intervene to stop Edu Gasper’s madness in January when he tried to sign the Brazilian Arthur Melo for a ridiculous amount. This is horror movie

  7. The manager see’s the player everyday in training and it’s clearly not working. The best thing for both parties is to move on. Those having A dig at Artete should remember Chelsea bought Lukaku for £97 million last season and he is going on loan to Inter. Ndombele and Le Celso were Spurs record buys but both were on loan last season. The it doesn’t work out, you move on.

    1. You’re missing the point sir. No one is criticizing the club’s signing of players who didn’t work out. The issues is that we giva away players for nothing. It becomes worse when we see such players blossom and playing excellently for other clubs.
      1. Why were these players these bad for us?
      2. Couldn’t we have used their talents in our squad?
      2. Couldn’t we have gotten reasonable sums for these players even if they were in their way out?

      These are the issues sir

      1. Dgr8xt man City are selling Jesus for 50$ and he’s on less than a year contract while we ripped a player with two years and let him go for free .

    2. Are you sure he saw them in training because if he did, Xhaka won’t be playing in his position, he wouldn’t choose Sambi ahead of Elneny. Speaking of Xhaka he even thought he would be good as a left back,

  8. Pepe is not a bad player and many thing he accused of not doing I didn’t see Saka, Ordegaard doing those. Arteta needs to say why he wasn’t giving game time. Given the same amount of game time as Saka he will perform better than him. Like I said in my other post these players were good and performed way better before we bought them. I won’t be surprised if Vieira doesn’t do have of what he did with Porto for us and fans start turning on him by calling him Lazy, weak, leech and milking the club dry. Arteta should only be given money to buy a CF and CM and told to get the best out of the players ( Tavarez, Sambi, Mari, )he bought last year.

    1. “Arteta should only be given money to buy a CF and CM and told to get the best out of the players ( Tavarez, Sambi, Mari, )he bought last year.”

      Very well said there. He has signed more than 10 players since he came he has to get the best of them.

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