Four Arsenal players make Gnabry’s Dream Team including Bellerin

Serge Gnabry couldn’t make the grade at Arsenal and struggled at West Brom before becoming a star in Germany.

The attacker is now a key player for Bayern Munich and the German national team.

Considering that he hardly played for Arsenal and has enjoyed greater success in his career at Bayern Munich, we would forgive the attacker for not mentioning any Arsenal players in his Dream Team.

However, he was asked by DFB TV via Mail Sport to select his Dream XI and he chose Hector Bellerin, Laurent Koscielny, Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil as a part of the team.

After making his selections, he explained why he had chosen the Arsenal players.

He said Bellerin made his team because the Spaniard has ‘unbelievable speed’ and he selected Kolscieny because the former Arsenal captain is ‘a defensive ‘machine in the tackle’.

Cazorla made his team because the Spaniard is ‘two-footed and unreal on his left and right’.

On Ozil, he said the German had good ‘qualities on the ball’. 

Adding: ‘I appreciate his eye for his teammates and how dangerous he is in front of goal. 

‘But it’s the through-balls he can play that just do it for me. I’d have him as a No.10.’

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    1. Lenohappy,only haters cares about how many assist he’s got in the Turkish league. One fact remains,he was a good players for us baring his declining period.

      1. Hate? Do you even know the meaning of hate, how can I even hate someone I don’t know personally.

        1. Lenohappy, You need to remember that “children” on here use the word “hate” for ” don’t rate as a player.”

          This annoying and childish misuse of our language does so much harm but most of then have not the wit to even know that fact!
          Most of then have , thankfully, have never come across REAL HATE in a personal sense, but that is no excuse for the harm they do by misusing such an evil word. And cheapening it!

  1. Whoever they are, we like them or not, how we describe their quality, hate them or not, they are the dream player of a key player for Bayern Munich and Germany, not just a simple arsenal fans.

  2. I find it very revealing that, along with Santi who is every Arsenal fans favourite it seems, Ozil, Bellerin and Kos are also mentioned by a fellow professional as top players – totally different to the *realists” we have at Just Arsenal… wonder who these three great players take notice of? 😂😂😂

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