Four Arsenal players that risk not being registered to play

Arsenal has had a successful summer transfer window after they managed to land Thomas Partey and to also give Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a new deal, among other things.

Mikel Arteta can be happy with the additions that the club has made as he is already taking his team on a fine path towards a return to the top of English football.

The Gunners, however, didn’t sell or loan out all the players that they didn’t want in their team and four of them risk not being able to play football this season.

This is because the Gunners will need 17 non-homegrown players for their team of the season, who are above the age of 21.

At the moment, Arsenal has 19, and that means they will have to decide which two of their current options will not be registered to play.

Star Sports has named some players whom they think will be sacrificed by the Gunners to meet the criteria.

Top of the list is Mesut Ozil, who has simply refused to leave the club despite not playing since the start of this year.

Shkodran Mustafi, Sokratis Papastathopoulos, and Sead Kolasinac are the other three players.

All these players were expected to leave, but for one reason or the other, they will spend the first half of this season at the Emirates, at least.

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  1. There is no way on earth we wont register Ozil. I think some may be sent to the championship on loan and get rid of in January, if we can find a mug to take them.

    1. Reggie don’t be too sure, Ozil and Sokratis are not in the Europa league squad so Arsenal might surprise you and not register both for the premier league

  2. I suppose it does look like Ozil is done with Arsenal, is there a championship club he can go too. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. He doesn’t want to leave and he’s not playing so should be left out and collect his wages at home

    Perfect, we don’t need him. Now he can spend his time on social media.

    1. Or Fortnight.
      What a waste of talent. (Luke 12:48)
      What a waste of a footballing career, ending in a whimper. (Mark 8:36)

  4. CBs Gabriel, Mari, Holding, David Luiz, Chambers, Saliba, Mustafi and Kolasinac. Is there a case of Hoarding Disorder? Something is a little wrong!

    1. Kolasinac is not a CB, Chambers is injured likewise Mustafi (will take a while to bounce back to top form after being out for a long while). Saliba seems to be on his way out on loan if the rumours are right and we need squad depth for the season.
      I see no hoarding here.

  5. Seems it will be ozil and sokratis. i find it hard to believe Ozil would get registered for EPL and NOT Europa. Europa appearance was his last chance to appear for us, so thats his Arsenal career finished. So we can stop talking about him maybe if he is left off the list😂

    1. Stop talking about him? You’re joking 😂
      That’s all some do on here… every article, every opportunity!! I can even tell you what will be said 😂

  6. This is my estimation only, Europe Team (Non-homegrown with capital letters):LENO,RUNARSON,SOARES,KOLASINAC,
    LACASETTE,AUBA,PEPE,Nketia,Nelson.Total 25 players with seventeen non-homegrown included.
    Probably Martinelli and Chambers will not be ready this year and Sokratis and Ozil will be negotiated.

  7. I think Ozil and Sokratis are the high likely ones to be left out. Although I wanted to see Ozil playing for us again but I think there is something going behind the scenes!

    1. There’s a select few on here that think they know everything where Ozil is concerned, go and ask them 😂😂

    2. OZIL was a better player for Arsenal than both EDU who can’t even run for his life and ARTETA who was playing just like Xhaka always looking for side passes
      STOP the disrespect against him your envy on his wages would be your undo this season
      Now you have party we fans expect results and no more lame excuses

      1. Ikay, did you ever see Edu play?
        These are the midfielders he was competing against for a playing spot on any matchday:
        Gilberto Silva
        Bentley (played 1 game in 2003/04)
        A young Cesc Fabrigas didn’t manage a game. Dennis Bergkamp could also drop back into the midfield in the #10 role, when not playing along side or slightly behind Henry, when Arsenal played too up front.
        Edu played 30 games and scored 2 goals, as an attacking midfielder goals in the “Invincible” season.

        1. I wouldn’t bother with him ozziegunner.
          There a lots of well sensible posters with intelligent, knowledgeable and well thought out replies. Then you get idiotic and ignorant replies like Ikay’s.
          I’m expecting the “why you hurt the player that is my love” or “Arteta get out of my club” comments.

  8. The Europa list will be submitted today. We will know later.

    It’s only 3 months to the January transfer window. New revised lists will be submitted at the beginning of February.
    My thoughts are we will try to offload Ozil and Sokratis then. They will only have 5 months left on their contracts and they won’t command a huge fee if any. Who would pay for a player they could get for free in 5 months. We’ll probably let them go for free or try to mutually cancel their contracts.
    A few other fringe players who we tried to offload will probably go as well.

    1. That’s if they agree to leave or terminate their contracts. They might just negotiate a pre-transfer for the summer window and stay collecting their wages for the 5 months.

  9. Based on what evidence we have as to which of those four MA has picked , since dropping OZIL last season , (AFTER HAVING GIVEN HIM A NUMBER OF CHANCES BUT BEING LET DOWN) I really believe the two for the ultimate chop are OZIL AND SOKRATIS. Mustafi was used, when still fit, albeit last season and Kolas played very recently.

  10. Coaches can sometimes destroy a footballer’s career. Granted, for what good reason does Arteta not want Ozil? What has he done to deserve this attitude from the coach? Has he lost the ability to play football or has he lost any part of his body that is required for football? I think he did well by refusing to leave. It after all not his fault that he cannot be allowed to play football.

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