Four big dangers that Burnley will pose for Arsenal on Saturday

Arsenal plays their first home Premier League match on Saturday at the Emirates and will be looking to maintain their 100% start to the new season.

Arsenal does have every advantage it must be admitted, their opponents have lost their last nine Premier League games against the Gunners and have not won at Arsenal since 1974.

But as we all know, that will count for nothing once the game gets underway and it would be foolish to ignore the dangers that the Clarets pose.

Here are four big dangers that Burnely brings to the game.

Ashley Barnes

The 29-year-old may not be the most prolific scorer in the Premier League, but he found the back of the net twice against Southampton last week and if the Arsenal defence loses any concentration he will pounce. He is in form and full of confidence and will be a significant danger to Arsenal the whole game.

Erik Pieters

He may be just a defender but the Clarets new summer signing provided both Barnes goals and while the first one was a bit of a hoof the ball pass, the second one was a great cross from the left-hand side. He is not an out and out wide player but cannot be allowed space to send in crosses.

Physical and intimidating play

We are not talking Stoke City here, Burnley are far more refined but they do have a strong physical presence and they do like to send the ball high. They will provide a far sterner test for the Arsenal defence than Newcastle did that is for sure. The Clarets will close the ball down far quicker and look to use the high ball as often as possible.


You have to expect that Arsenal will be dominant going forward and whatever team Unai Emery puts out it will be attack-minded. The use of wing-backs always runs the risk of leaving the centre backs exposed and Burnley will definitely look to use the counter-attack as often as possible.

There are other dangers, however, the two players named above, the physical attributes of Burnley and the counter-attack strategy, in my opinion, are the biggest dangers Arsenal will face on Saturday.



  1. Arsenal lacked creativity against newcastle. THE VICTORY masked that weakness. If ozil is not available arsenal will struggle to breach Burnley.

    1. Haha is Mike Dean not one of them?!! ?
      Just saw on Twitter, there will be a drum at the Emirates on Saturday (sorry if this has already been mentioned, as I’ve breezed through the comments) so everyone will be chanting… so going to be loud & proud!! Roll on…..

    2. @Winner

      What we lacked in creativity against Newcastle without Ozil, we gained in teamwork and work ethic. I would also argue that there wouldn’t have been any improvement in creativity with Ozil anyway, given his performances for a long time now, especially in away games.

  2. But if we fail in our plan then the record over them will favor us but also with new players on board i dont think they will escape a loose.

  3. Where are the four big dangers that Arsenal will pose for Burley on Saturday? This feels like the prematch analysis of our last match against them last season. With us under tremendous pressure we still beat them at their ground. This is not getting over confident, if we can’t beat them at Emirate we shouldn’t bother ourselves about cl football. Winning with good and attractive football on Saturday nothing more or less is required from Emery and his boys.

  4. I guess we don’t have any excuse for not beating ’em, I won’t even take a draw.
    I think Unai is goona choose the right players this time, with most of the team fit, except for those that have lengthy injury.

  5. Three big dangers Arsenal pose to Burnley…


    Really hope we see these three start and tear them a new one on Saturday !!!!

  6. Off topic: Reine-Adelaide has just signed for Lyon for 25 mill. Other clubs that wanted him: Munich, Nice, Monaco, Porto and Lille.
    He was the standout player of Ligue 1’s first round of matches.

    Too bad Emery told him he thought he hadn’t enough qualities for Arsenal. But to be fair, if Unai thought Iwobi would be sold, he might have kept him. Also, the central position where Jeff can play as well is already filled to the brim.

    Too bad about the transfer money potentially lost, but perhaps Reiss Nelson will improve on account of Jeff’s loss.

    1. That is the out of a patient fans and a coach that believes in him. Do you think our fans will be patient with him and not criticize every mistake he makes. There is no point buying a potentially good players if you are not ready to play them. Both our former coach and the current coach are responsible for the amount talents/money we have lost so far. Wenger should have given both him and Biesiek some playing time maybe that would have given Emery a reason to trust them. Or Ivan could have extended his contract and sent him out on 2 years lone.

    2. Jeff was buillied every time he played for us, and failed to take his chances. We can’t hold onto every player we think has some talent. Though I think selling Gnabry was a very obvious mistake compared to Jeff, which I think we are perfectly fine without.

  7. This should really test our defence. I will especially be interested in seeing how Chambers deals with it. He impressed in the first match. Our Defence hurt us last season. Hopefully we will be better this season. We can’t afford to screw up Home games or any matches to lower teams

    BUT hopefully our attack will test them. If it’s Pepe, Lacazette and Aubameyang they should be well tested.

  8. Nothing more than a win will be acceptable but I think there will also be a focus on how we perform. It would be good to a high tempo flowing game from us. I have felt we haven’t had the energy in games since the last few games of last season and Newcastle showed the same. High press and quick movement with flowing passing is the arsenal I want to see

  9. Slightly OT , though it is connected in a way. Chelsea were magnificent in the super Cup and much of their midfield pace and artistry were of a far higher standard than I saw from them ALL last season. Unlucky to lose(glad they did though!). I HAD PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT WE WILL FINISH ABOVE THEM THIS SEASON. NOW I AM THINKING DIFFERENTLY. Pleas convince me I am wrong, as I pray I am!

      1. But that is just to hope, Not a REASON to hope. I asked to be convinced, not told JUST to support my club. We all know how to do that but just hoping never wins silverware. You need planning to do that. Did you watch Chelsea play Liverpool? If you did, you will see what I mean. They had pace and fluidity the likes of Xhaka can only dream of in midfield. Of course our strikers are miles better but midfield is where most games are won or lost.

        1. I have early season hopes and dreams Jon, normally that fades after a few games!
          I genuinely feel we have turned a corner in so far as the transfer market is concerned.
          Like you I believe if we can offload the likes of Mika, Elneny, Xhaka, Ozil , Mustafi and get quality replacements we will start to compete.

    1. I always say how good chelsea and united is but people seem to wave them off for some reasons but increases our chances because we signed many abroad players fingers crossed

    2. Your wrong, they are susceptible to injury, not strength in depth, and to much youth to sustain consistency. I think frank over ole is the right man for a big club but not this season and that’s why I write them both off, Man U that is, for a top four

      1. Agree. We jump to far too many conclusions at the beginning of the season. Chelsea have no squad depth, (only Zouma/Christensen/Rudiger as CB’s), have an inexperienced manager, and are relying on kids to fill in holes. They will struggle immensely at points in the season. United, are totally reliant on Pogba putting in performances. And we know at this point he would rather leave. And Ole’s quality as a manager is still up for debate. I think we remain the favorites out of the three. Nothing Chelsea or United have done the past week has made me think they are certifiably going to be in top 4.

    3. I was surprised at them narrowly missing out… I thought Liverpool would have stuffed them, just like United did! They’ll be alright, as long as Kante stays fit..
      That’s what makes it interesting, after a good game, we’re all saying this & that… but that’s one game.. and let’s face it, they needed a performance like that, after Sunday!
      Yes United look better too – but, again, it’s one game… and anyway what about us? We’re not going to give up without a fight this season!! Right?

    4. Pulisic will be a major EPL star.
      Kante still the best DM around.
      Jorginho miles better than Xhaka.
      Their defenders are better than ours.
      Even their GK I feel is better than Leno.

      Defensive injuries could trouble them now they lost Luiz.
      Their CFs are miles below our duo.
      They will play a lot as they’re in the ECL this year.

      It could be again tight for top 4 this season.

      1. Only time will tell am optimistic but we have too many foreign players and I don’t know how they will fair with EPL so chev and united can right us off based on that too..

        In summary it’s 50:50 for united,chelsea and us to make top 4
        I for once don’t see any added advantage on our side…

        We can say we have a latal attack but we can’t say that in defence and midfield and that even the odd

      2. Besides for Kante point, everything else is a conclusion you’ve jumped to based on very little. Kepa is a fine GK, would hardly say he is much better than Leno even if he is. Their defenders were terrible just last weekend, so don’t know how you drew up that conclusion either.

  10. The only trick up their sleeves against us or against any of their opponents are the high balls and set pieces,apart from that can’t see any other Sean dyke wit and that applies to all British gaffers as usual “up and against them”

  11. I charge The Gunners to press the Clarets to almost a ceaseless state during the match and breach their defending in the game to score 5 times against them. And put out an impregnable defending in the match that will stop the Clarets from scoring a single goal in the match to have a clean sheet at full-time +.

  12. IMO this team needs an experienced back up goalie as cover for martinez and leno
    Also, we do not have a proper defensive midfielder; very tall, powerful, mobile and creative defensively.
    However, we are looking strong and tidy in the attack with Reiss, Martinelli, saka, pepe, lacazete and auba.
    The creative midfield too is not bad with ozil, mickhitarian, cebalos, guendozi, torreira, willock, elneny, xhaka and Smith Rowe
    Bellerin, niles, kolasinac, moreal and Tierney are enough full backs
    Mavropanos, holding, chambers, sokratis, mustaphi and David luiz are sufficient cover for centre back
    We need 2 proper defensive midfielders and an experienced backup goalie

  13. Aside from high balls into the box and set-pieces there’s nothing more they have to threaten our box.

    Off topic: as I told you earlier, this season I am more scared about Chelsea than Spurs and Man Utd because it has far superior midfield than any three of us.

    Emery should please no play games like fielding young guys as if this is a growth center… Mane is starting for Liverpool and Pepe (who went out earlier) I hear needs to be introduced gradually….

    1. Did it occur to you that mane is already used to the league as well as Liverpool’s style of play? Pepe is making the transition to a new league as well as a team with a vastly different style of play and you expect him to start immediately. I’m sure you’re one of those who will label him a flop when he fails to hit the ground running. This goes to show that majority on here know next to nothing about football. Leave the player selection abd starting lineups to the coaches. Thank you.

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