Four clubs want to sign Arsenal outcast who is worth £50million

Eddie Nketiah is looking to leave Arsenal this summer, especially if the Gunners sign a new striker.

The Englishman has struggled for game time under Mikel Arteta. There was a time last season when it seemed he had secured a place in the team, but he lost it and is now behind Kai Havertz and Gabriel Jesus in the pecking order.

Nketiah is ready to fight for his place, but with Arsenal looking to sign a new striker, leaving the club might be the smart move.

The Gunners believe it is best to sell him while they can and have made him available for around £50 million.

An exclusive report from Caught Offside reveals that at least four Premier League clubs are already showing interest in his signature.

The report names West Ham, Crystal Palace, Brighton, and Fulham as the clubs interested in taking a chance on Nketiah.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Nketiah has to find a new home this summer to continue his career, and the striker knows this.

He has not been a key player for us for some time, and we expect him to be eager to leave if he loves playing football.


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    1. Dan, if Bologna thinks Calafiori worth €50m, a player they bought last season from Basel for €4m. I think we should be able to get £50m from any English clubs that want Eddy..

      1. Adiva, Basel, who sold Calafiori to Bologna, inserted a sell on clause. Basel will get nearly half of the transfer fee. He’s a full international, Nketiah isn’t.

        1. Kiwor is an international and there is rumour we want to sell him for 10m euro less than what we bought him for.

          1. And that’s all it is, a rumour. Cast your mind back to January, there was rumours then, and what happened ?

  1. We won’t get 50m but at least it sends a message to clubs like Fulham who will always try to get players on the cheap.
    The deal they got for Leno was a steal

    I can see him leaving for about 35 m. If we had said 30m clubs would be offering 12m

  2. Interestingly, there is no indication as to the value the four clubs mentioned believe Nketiah is worth.
    If The Arsenal really think he’s worth £50 million, then I’m afraid my faith in our transfer philosophy is reaching breaking point.

  3. Whoever buys Nketiah would have value for their money.
    I have just been watching a replay of Arsenal’s matches during the season. And some of his performances, and the goals he scored, were indicative of a good striker. His hat trick against Sheffield United in particular looked good.
    In a team where he plays as first choice I’m sure he will thrive

    1. hattrick against sheffield united looked good,
      they played the game with not one of their first back four, all were injured for the game,he played against reserve team players, did not score since then????how many runs in the team did arteta give him,,could not hit a barn door,if he is worth 50million the world has lost the plot,ps can i ask
      is your name eddie hehehehehe

  4. Imo, the £50m is media speculation. My guess is he’ll go for between £25m to £35m. Hopefully there really are a few clubs in for him, that way they start a bidding war.

  5. Not surprised he’s valued at £50 million due to his age and experience. Although he only scored 5 goals last season from 10 starts, the rest being 10 or 20 minute substitute roles played.

    Rashford valued at a whooping £65 million had scored just 7 goals from a massive 26 starts not including substitutes. He’s aged one year older at 26.

    Havertz aged then at 24, was valued at £65 million when we brought him off the back of scoring just 7 goals from a massive 30 starts

    Nketiah 5 from 10 starts valued by Arsenal £50 m
    Rashford 7 from 26 starts valued by United £65 m
    Havertz 7 from 30 then was Valued by Chelsea £65 m

    All overvalued I agree. But they are selling you what they believe the play brings in premier league experience and team play and energy above actual goals scored.
    Also Nketiah is a lot cheaper than the other two names mentioned and his 5 goals in 10 starts looks better than 7 goals in 30 starts. Maybe he has the potential to do a lot better than the other names mentioned above due to goal percentage scored. I bet as soon as Arsenal sell Nketiah and he gets 30 starts he might get close to 20 goals if given momentum and a long run of games in a side.

    1. I agree with you bro! He’s far better than 7 of 30 starts. Lets say he had started 30, he’d’ve come with 15 above and some asists.

    2. Your examples make no sense…why….because all the players listed have shown in previous seasons/clubs how good they can be and what potential they really have when playing well

      Eddie has never done that so how can you compare? You can’t, not when using logic anyway.

  6. Arsenal fans are so funny, ain’t you the ones that claim Arsenal has been underselling out players? Same you Arsenal fans are still complaining about placing a 50 million price tag on Nketiah. Were you expecting a 20 million price tag on Nketiah? Insatiable fans! Always moaning and complaining

    1. Correction

      *under selling players that are actually worth something or not selling. Perfect example is Partey that should have been sold already and we would’ve recouped a decent fee.

      a 50mil price tag will ensure we get zero for Nketiah barring paying his ridiculous wages until his contract runs down…..not difficult to figure that out.

  7. Look a striker is normally valued by age, experience, goals to games percentage, and judged by their last season, not two seasons ago and not even going back to when Nketiah broke the record for the highest ever goal scorer for the England u21 team, no they are judged on their last season.
    Now what is in Nketiah’s favour is that he will still have a sell on value in 3 years time being then only 28. So they could get at the very least £20 million back if not a whole lot more.
    Also his percentage of goals to starts is 50%, which is higher than 90% of premier strikers in our top division.
    You guys should have more faith in his value, and the £50 million is probably including add-ons and incentives for when he reaches double figures.
    If you are true Arsenal fans you shouldn’t run down the club for asking the true valuation of a player with a sell on value and a 50% goals to starts statistic putting him above 90% of other strikers. Where are your loyalties with other potential clubs reading what our own fans are saying about our players worth. I bet Chelsea fans were not saying that Chelsea was charging too much for Havertz at £65 million. Your supposed to back Arsenal, not run them down for other fans to laugh at us. Where is your true loyalty.

    1. All this poppycock regarding the clubs interested is useless as he had the interest of most of those clubs when those clubs weren’t as serious as they are now. Yeah it’s known that most of those clubs were interested in Nketiah a few years ago but was when Brighton was managed by Graham Potter (2022), Crystal Palace was managed by Patrick Vieira (2022) & Roy Hudgson (2023- early 2024), and West Ham was managed by David Moyes(2023-2024). Brighton have Undav, Joao Pedro, and Evan Ferguson as strikers, Crystal Palace aren’t looking at the striker market anymore due to Mateta’s turn of form, & West Ham are looking to sign Georges Mikautadze and/or En-Neysri. The only club that has recent interest is Fulham however they have Rodrigo Muniz as their starter and Raul Jimenez as his back up. Plus Fulham aren’t looking at the striker market currently as they just lost Tosin to Chelsea and are looking for midfield reinforcements as Andreas Pereira a could potentially leave. Overall, these reports just seem like propaganda from another sub-par arsenal source.

    2. daveg, your comment about “true Arsenal fans” is ridiculous!!

      We are debating the likelihood of Nketiah leaving the club, his playing career and his perceived value.

      That has nothing to do with being a true fan – it’s giving one’s opinion.

      I don’t think Nketiah, Nelson or Vieria are at the level we need to win the PL and CL…. but I will support them 100% when they wear the shirt!!!

      I think we will be lucky to receive £60 million for the three of them, but if we get more, then I will be delighted.

  8. Arsenal may put in add on clause instead of putting high price tag. just be realistic for a english club may try to get him but with his form still not an end product is not worth of 50 million

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