Four games that will test the progress under Arteta 

Arsenal will face some very tough fixtures in the next month as we look to end this season in fine form.

The first half of the campaign has been a good one for us as a club, but we need more of the same or even better performances in 2022 to remain inside the top four.

The new year starts with some tough fixtures for the club and these games would test how well this team has become under Mikel Arteta.

Impressive wins against Southampton, West Ham and Leeds United in recent weeks have made us one of the clubs to fear in the division.

However, there are tougher matches ahead and the upcoming games against Manchester City at home, Tottenham away and the League Cup semi-final against Liverpool are the matches to look out for.

City humiliated us in the reverse of that fixture 5-0 and we have since become one of the top clubs in the division.

There is no better way to show we are now a better team than earning a win against them.

Arsenal beat Tottenham 3-1 to kick-start our revival and the Lilywhites have since had a new manager.

Antonio Conte remains unbeaten in the Premier League and would want to earn more fans by earning the bragging rights in his first NLD.

If we can secure another win in that game, we would be full of confidence to attack other fixtures in the second half of this season.

Winning the League Cup would be an outstanding achievement and a fine topping for our improved form in this campaign.

But Liverpool showed in their match against Leicester City in the quarterfinals that they would be no pushovers.

The two games against them in the semi-final of the Carabao Cup will show how prepared we are to compete against the top clubs.

If Arsenal can come out of these fixtures with some good points and progress to the final of the League Cup, it would set us up for a fine second half to this campaign.

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  1. EPL…Norwich
    EPL…Man City
    FAC…Not Forest

    All of that until 16 Jan. I expect the following to show real progress:

    EPL -draw minimum against Man City + minimum 2 wins and a draw in the other 3 games

    FA Cup -should be no problem with all respect to Not For

    EFL – I’d say a loss on penalties after the 2 legs would probably be acceptable to be fair or a win obv. I don’t care if we win 1 of the legs 4-0 but if lose overall, still a loss end of.

    If we lose to City and Liverpool(don’t care if it’s a narrow loss) then the only progress we’ve made is against the team we should’ve always been beating anyway. WHICH ISN’T PROGRESS!

    1. It is progress considering that we weren’t beating the teams we are supposed to beat. Last season we were afraid of losing against all the teams in the league. The same can’t be said for this season.

      We are certain to beat Norwich and Wolves and then pay the remaining 3 points of our annual 6 points tribute to Man City.

      1. Short term progress is not overall progress as a club.

        If we end 5th/6th would you say Arsenal have progressed in the last decade? Or even vs 5 years ago? No it’s not real progress, simple.

        1. No it will not be a progress in the last decade but it will be a progress from the last two seasons. First we progress from last season then we go further.

          Finishing 5 or 6 will be a progress and we can build from there next season, with a new manager of course. If we finish in the top 4 the current manager should stay and continue to take us further.

    2. Progress is relative.
      After 2004 did we “regress” for 17 yearsbecause we did not win another title?
      After Emery got 5th and made the EL final he was adjuged to have “regressed” in his second when in 8th place 16 games in.
      Arteta had two covid seasons sneaking into the EL via an FA Cup win but missed Europe by one point last season. This season we have started a new process buying young disciplined value players. Top 6 was a realistic goal in the summer and no one on JA can honestly say they predicted top 4. We sit 4th near the turn. If we assess from this August then yes we have made outstanding progress. In the summer we will get rid of a ton of under performers and recruit another 3-4 “profile” players. Top 4 is next seasons goal not ths seasons. Competing for top 4 but finishing 5/6 is my expectation til May. Cup runs are a bonus not a necessity. So yes reletively we are showing pleasing progress.

      1. Arteta is safe this year and rest of the season.

        I would bet his job is safe even if we finish in 8th for the 3rd time.

        I would bet the pressure starts with next season, and the expectations of 4th or else will be crystal clear.

        If he isn’t fighting for 4th next December, I feel he may be facing the sack.

        He will have the benefit of hundreds of millions invested, squad of his players, ample time to learn as manager and develop his philosophy and style.

        Literally zero excuses going into his 4th season in charge by then, and this process should be yielding concrete results.

        The club MUST come first, either with or without Mikel at the helm. We are big enough to be fighting for 4th at the very least as a minimum.

        Midtable rivalries are unacceptable, and no more lowering standards to excuse mediocrity.

      2. Spot on FF. If this team finishes 5 or 6th its progress.
        If there go further to clinch a top 4 spot its absolutely an unforseen progress considering many predicted us to finish 8th at the start of the season

  2. It is the league table that shows progress not certain games. We don’t get more points by beating Manchester city than beating Norwich.

    It is a valid point that beating big teams is a sign of progress but only when we get back to challenge for the title.

    1. It is not only the league table that shows progress but the the ratio of games to the total points.

      32pts from 18games( a possible 54pts) is not a progress. We dropped 22 points so far.

      Assuming we drop 22 points all season, then I can say we have made progress

      We are only 4th because of Outstanding matches of Totts & United yet to be played

      Currently we are the 5th/6th/7th best teams in the division.

      There are total 36 possible points earnable from fixtures with City, Pool, Chelsea, United, Liverpool, Tottenham.

      This season, we will probably take btw 8 and 12 from those 36(Currently, we have taken 3 from a possible 18)

      As we are guaranteed to lose or draw 85 percent of matches against those 6

      The future looks good if we can keep our youngsters and add a couple of talents. Then get a top Manager(a serial winner)

      I hereby predict we will finish 6th this season. (While being Hopeful it is higher)

      1. Tim i feel progress should also be a measure of where u are at this stage last season compared to this season. Points tally should also be considered. If thats the case i would say the team has progressed from when the manager took over in 2019 to date.
        However there is still other aspect of progress that we all are eager to see; giving the likes of manchester city and Liverpool a run for their money whenever we meet them rather than allow them beat us easily. Thats the kind of progress i feel is still lacking in this team and i beleive it will come as the manager and this young team gather more experiences.

    2. And beating bigger teams is really only progress if at the same time we continue to beat the smaller teams. I.e. it is not progress to beat the bigger teams (as gratifying as that is) and yet lose too many to the lower teams. It is why the most important measure is the table at the end of the season.

  3. Progress can only be evaluated at the end of season not now. If u ask me if we have progressed over the last 2 years under Arteta, I will say no. B4 he came, we were winning the FA cup & the shields. If he wins us something new – even the EFL, You can say we have progressed.

  4. We have had a good run so far, but of the list PJ shows above:-

    I see us winning only 2 of the matches, those against Norwich and Nottingham Forest.

    I think we will do well to get draws against Spurs and Wolves.

    I believe we will lose to Man City.

    The results of the 2 cup games against Liverpool will depend upon when they lose their players to the AFCON competition.
    If Salah and Co are available, then I suspect we will lose. If they are unavailable, then we might be in with a chance (although we will lose Partey).

  5. MA should be ready this time. Our expectations are high and our team is good enough to fight against the top 4 or 5 teams in the PL.

    We are expecting easy wins and at least a draw or a good fight against the top teams. Excuse me, but we are the ARSENAL, and MA has been around enough to know how to coach this team to be feared of!

  6. I believe we are flat track bullies so I do not expect anything from the Mancity, Liverpool games. However, the Norwich and Wolves games I expect us to win, Everton L was a shock up to now I can’t believe we lost that game.

    OT: When I saw Iwobinho I just realized TH14-TW14 has been MIA for a while now, where did he vanish to!

  7. I would say I’m very disappointed at the fan base….you all critics the manager…’ll blame him for this…for that…well look at how all of you are accepting defeat even before the match with man City…its very shameful that our fans would always accept defeat to a team even long before the match is played and u expect the players to perform well against these teams wen fans like you have conceived defeat already?
    It’s very shameful to say the least…even relegation teams their fan’s never accept defeated to any team long before the match is played….are there teams better than arsenal things?
    I think Arsenal football club has major issues from the board to the management and to fans like this who accept defeat before a game is played… is unpredictable its a game of 11 players….let the game be played 1st before accepting a Loss….if we loss no problem we move to the next game….if we get a draw….no problem too
    If we get a win….our focus should be on the next game…..things have developed since 2004….arsenal haven’t been thesame…this is a young manager putting together a young and exciting players together….even if he finishes 8th this season….let him be!! Rome was not built in a day….this is his 1st season which he has his team….they need time… many years did Liverpool go under klop before he was able to win their 1st EPL title? As experienced manager that he is….it took him time…..our manager is young I believe in him…..simply because I can see the plan…..let’s not deceive our self… will take time for thus core of young players and manager to develop into a major force…..I’m very happy because MA is laying the foundation for a better arsenal in the future….but light skin fans can’t see it…..all you want is instant success and failure tomorrow….that’s y winger failed in his last years at arsenal….emery failed too….instant success….we are not Chelsea or mancity…..
    Believe in your team….Believe in the plan….if we fail…we fail together…and if we win…we win together!!!

    1. “Light skin fans can’t see it?” Why did you feel it necessary to mention that?

      Foul play there, no need for comments like that. “Professor” perhaps express yourself better, poor word choice my friend. Try being more specific rather than assigned blame due to skin color.


      1. I don’t think he meant skin colour. There is a word he meant that I can’t recall. I think he means light skinned fans are those who don’t have patience.

        That is what I understood anyway.

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