Four massive positives that David Luiz brings to Arsenal

It is well known by the readers on this site that I am in no way a fan of David Luiz, however, in the interests of balance, it is only right that I highlight the positives that the Brazilian brings to Arsenal.

Luiz does come with baggage, there is no denying that and we have already seen that baggage in action and it cannot be argued that he is not a complicated man but it is not all negative.

Knows how to win

Luiz has won almost every major trophy including the Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, Primeira Liga in Portugal and Ligue 1 in France. All clubs need players that know how to win and Luiz certainly fulfils that criteria.

Immense experience

Obviously, when you win so many trophies you gain experience, however, experience comes in many different shapes and sizes including the 7-1 loss to Germany in the 2014 world cup semi-final when he captained his country. It takes huge character to come back from that and when you do experience something of that magnitude you learn from it and I have no doubt that Luiz has done just that. His experience is crucial when the chips are down.

Mentoring the youngsters

All that Luiz brings to the game, how to win and experience he will be passing on to the Arsenal youngsters, just by having him in the squad is enough, they will see how he conducts himself, how he reacts and bounces back, how he deals with criticism but also how he plays the game. That is invaluable.

When he is good he is very good

Putting aside his chaotic errors of judgement it cannot be denied that he is a very talented footballer, he can score some beautiful free-kicks, he has the ability to make pinpoint passes, can whip in a ball with precision, shows great leadership and knows how to defend at the top level. It has always been his consistency that has been the issue, not his talent.


Luiz has many negatives in my opinion but I am not blind to the positives he brings to Arsenal and I sincerely hope that it is his positives that we see far more of.


  1. D. Luiz isn’t going to stop being Luiz coz he signed for Arsenal, we should learn to accept both sides of the coin. For me he should be given the armband and drop Xhaka to the bench..

    We should be lining up like this






    We can secure 3rd place with this squad.

  2. Luiz is just a temporary fix to the defense. Once he settles in completely and gets an understanding with Sokratis and other players we will see the best of him.
    Still looking forward to Saliba – Holding partnership in the future.

  3. It’s going to take a while before we have a stable defense seeing as we keep signing players who aren’t up to it got many years.
    The marking system and tactics we employ is also another big issue

  4. What is amazing about him is that he can start the attack from the back as some sort of attacking centre back or libero. He won’t have to man mark. With that system two midfielders would be enough, Guendozi and Ceballos. You would need three centre back though. But because you play 3 cb’so, your full backs could be wing backs. That could even be a more attacking line up, depending who you centre mids are.
    AMN————Luiz ————Kolasenac
    Ceballos –Guendozi

    1. In some cases, one of the front 3 can be sacrificed for Torreira, or Guendozi. In some cases Ozil or Willock for Ceballos. Or when you change from bench, depending on what score is.

  5. We need to find our best team and stick to it as much as possible just resting a couple when needed like all the best teams. I’d like to see this team tryed. Leno. Bellerin holding sokretis Tierney.
    Luiz. . Guendozi cabellos. Pepe. Aubanyang. Lacazette AMN Chambers kolasinac can fill in till rest are fit.although kolasinac isn’t good enough we haven’t got any choice.think Luiz would be brilliant at defensive midfield good passer tackler Abit more height and power.

  6. He has learned? Excuse me?
    He found himself in the no man’s land for how many times?
    The last was against Salah, the one before was against Son.
    He is a time bomb waiting to explode.
    Don’t mentor the youngsters please, if you know what I mean ?

  7. Our best team before bellerin and Tierney comes back.






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