Four midfielders Arsenal should sign next summer and two they should sell

Arsenal faces one of their most important summers when the transfer window reopens.

The Gunners need to strengthen most areas of their team when they get the chance and midfield is one area that I think we have to strengthen. Below are the players I think we can sign.

Denis Zakaria
Denis Zakaria has been one of the best midfielders in Germany for the past few seasons and I think he would boost our ranks.

The fact that teams like Liverpool are tracking him should explain how good he is at the moment.

Dani Ceballos
Ceballos has learned and seems to be a player that would keep getting better. I think we should make his move permanent and I back him to be our best creative midfielder for years to come.

Ruben Neves
Neves has been one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League since he helped Wolves get promoted to the English top-flight.

Apart from being a good passer of the ball, the Portuguese star has goals in him and I think he can deliver the goals from midfield that we have been lacking for some time now.

Wilfred Ndidi
Ndidi is one of the Premier League’s best tacklers, the Nigerian protected Leicester City’s back four so well that they pushed for a top three spot.

When he got injured, they suffered for it and I think he might be the key that unlocks more creativity in Granit Xhaka should he join.

Arsenal players that can be sold

Lucas Torreira
I believe that Lucas Torreira remains one of the better players at the Emirates but the Uruguayan has performed below expectations this season.

He is still young, but I doubt if he can offer much more than he is offering at the moment and I think this summer is the best time to sell him for a good price.

Mohamed Elneny
Elneny’s future seems to be away from Arsenal and rightly so, I don’t expect the Egyptian to get another chance under Arteta and the next transfer window offers us the best chance to sell him for some cash.

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  1. So Torreria is one of our better players, but we should sell him because he underperformed this year?
    We sacked the man responsible for him under performing and employed a man who is actually playing him to his strengths.

    I would also ask where the money to sign the four players you mention is coming from, especially if we are to believe that Mari and Soures are to become Arsenal players as well?

  2. I still can’t get my head round the fact that some people want Torreira sold! Elneny, yes I get that, but Torreira?? WTH!!

  3. Just another wish list article to go with all the dozens , even hundreds, of other similar types. I cannot dissent from your would be choices as good ones but I am more likely to be made the next Pope, than we are to buy that fantasy wish list.
    Ceballos is, I suspect, the subject of a poker game for his fee between the two clubs and he may well stay here , which I hope happens. I would also be cool with selling Torreira whom I rate and love his attitude but he is constantly injured and he is just too tiny to be consistently effective ENOUGH in that position. Reluctantly I’d let him go! Until we can force Ozil out which will unlikely to be possible now until his contract expires next year, money will be too tight for new midfield blood of quality. I say money is tight but it is Kroenke who is actually tight, as we all know.

    1. Not tight enough to pay £3550,000 a week to Ozil though, wjem the fans were baying for hiim to show that we were a big club…. and here go the fans yet again demamding he gives in to Abams demands for a reported £300,000 a week.

      As for having to play any player, let alone Ozil, I’d failinh completely to understand what MA had repeatedly said… show me your attitude, commitment and acceptance of the vision is there, or you will be dropped aka AMN

      Go on about it as much as you want to Jon, the truth is MA rates him… just get over it.

        1. Not interesteed in the least in spelling mistakes . But I am in perception mistakes, Ken old chum. Twas ever thus but I STILL LUV YA MY OLD FOE AND FRIEND. YOU HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY SPELT OUT IN DETAIL WHAT YOU FIND SO IMPRESSIVE IN OZILand I would love to know, if you care to enlighten us. Rather more than a repeated and now boring “Arteta keeps picking him” which we all know and have actually noticed as well as you. But what, EXACTLY is this mysterious extra something he has that you and Phil and some other Gooners consider is so vital that we cannot possible do without him? Goals? Assists perhaps? Energy? Will to win? I would be loathe to find I AM MISSING OUT ON HIS HIDDEN,TO ME ANYWAY, TALENTS! Do tell!

  4. Ndidi is out of our range, rest 3 we can buy one I guess – and selling some deadwood should free up that much.

  5. Torreira should not be sold at any cost. The man has given so much to Arsenal FC and his passion and game determination make up for his physical stature. Instead of Wilfred Ndidi I would rather go for Thomas Partey. Arsenal FC will have to splash the cash for better players and a better team performance.

  6. Xhaka and Ozil are players that should be sold. Partey and Ndidi are very strong defensive mid-fielders

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