Four POSITIVES from Arsenal’s defeat to Southampton…..


The Arsenal side that lost 0-2 to the visiting Southampton side in the EFL Cup tie has been eliminated from the competition, in what many describe as a disappointing game for the Gunners on the night.

Even with the defeat of the Gunners at the hands of the Saints there are still some positives to pick out from the game despite the defeat on home turf. Let’s take into consideration some of these positives as Arsenal looks to keep their season intact.


The EFL Cup tie saw Arsenal lose 0-2 to Southampton despite the presence of regulars like Ramsey and Alex Iwobi in the side but there were a number of absentees. Manager Arsene Wenger took out time to rest some of his wards like (Mesut) Ozil,(Theo) Walcott and (Alexis) Sanchez, to name a few, for the crunch Premier League clash against West Ham United at the weekend.

These aforementioned players have put in fantastic performances week in week out and thus have accumulated game time under their belt and it was necessary they were rested to avoid fatigue and burn out. These rest was needed as any sort of fatigue makes the players susceptible and prone to injuries as the muscle tissues are usually stretched, due to fatigue leading to hamstring problems.


The Gunners who were earlier competing in 4 competitions prior to this game would now have 3 competitions to look forward to ahead of the current campaign. This will bring a level of focus and clarity of what lies ahead of them in the season.

With Champions League qualification guaranteed alongside Paris Saint German irrespective of the group position and with the FA Cup not in sight as regards the fixtures, it will enable the Gunners to concentrate on the title race and keep up the pace with the leaders Chelsea who are just 3 points ahead. Bearing in mind the Manchester City and Chelsea clash over the weekend gives us a hope of taking advantage of any likely slip from Chelsea as the Gunners set their eyes against the West Ham United side away from home.


The Southampton match gave us one of those opportunities to fully assess the Arsenal players on the fringes and take proper evaluation of their development in a proper competitive environment rather than just in an Under-21 game which cannot be used as real measure or test for a team of Arsenal’s pedigree.

Players like Carl Jenkinson and Lucas Perez, who have returned from long layoffs, and Jeff Reine-Adelaide were in action from the start and hopefully the Coach have taken note of one or two things worthy of recognition as regards to player selection in the coming days, bearing in mind the return of the Arsenal absentees as the West Ham game looms at the weekend.


With the EFL Cup off Arsenal’s season timetable following the 0-2 defeat against Southampton, this will entails less games for Arsenal. This has always been a worry for Arsenal as injuries and fatigue may hit the team at the crucial part of the season. Less games would afford the players more time to rest and prepare for every game, just like Chelsea who are evidently reaping the fruit of less ECL and EFL games and can concentrate on involvement at the top of the Premier League table.

At this time towards the year-end, limited injuries are what Arsenal need to flourish at their best, and the lesser the number of games the more players will be off the treatment room table.

See? It’s not all bad news!

Obiweluozo Martins


  1. Wayne Barker says:

    Joke article . Epitamises our mediocrity. Now lets wait for March when we get knocked out in fa cup and champion ‘s league, and then same fans will say we can concentrate on the league. And then we never win the league. It is called the repeat cycle.

    By the way good idea, let our rivals have the trophy and we celebrate the 4th place or the 3rd place trophy and then sing wemger out wenger in.

    1. RSH says:

      its crazzy how some fans dont see that this happens every season. so many people wanted AW to sign another contract when we were only in October. Ridiculous. We all know we’re not winning EPL this season the fact people thought otherwise was pretty ridiculous. All the same patterns of a decade of mediocrity are about to repeat themselves yet again.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Cazorla, looks like it would have been better if we had an earlier diagnosis, he would’ve been on the recovery 1 month in.

    I read what Ozil has again said about R Madrid. This for me is blatant come and get me talk. He was saying he doesn’t regret Arsenal move, but then tells how some of his best friends are at Madrid, and how his old fans are some of the best fans that are still with him now. Then ZZ and how he was his idol and how much he believes in ZZ, something about CL in first season. One thing I do know, if Ozil became one of the worlds most sought players again, he would be off to the royal Madrid like a hot snot.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Most Top players would
      We aren’t as big as RM
      Also we aren’t doing enough to win Trophies
      I wouldn’t blame Alexis, Ozil, Bellerin for moving if we bring in Lucas instead of someone like Aubemeyang

      Top Players want more than big salaries. They want Trophies too

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Players who get 250.000 grand or plus a week usually prove their worth before they get the contract. Toure, Lampard and others went and won the club top honors and then demanded the big bucks. At Arsenal Ozil and Alexis are asking for it without having dragged Arsenal over the line. If they are as big as they think they are well then let us see them prove it. I expect to see them both in most of the big matches turning in man of the match performances, not just against teams we’re expected to beat. R Madrid want these type of players too, so if that’s what all players want, he needs to stop the flirting as talk is cheap.

  3. royalman says:

    I see iwobi as a good player from the middle . with elneny arsenal cant create many chances.

  4. Onochie says:

    I know some deluded fan/s would put up this shame of an article,how can someone tell me that there’s a “POSITIVE” in a defeat? Unbelievable,Wouldn’t you be glad if the EFL cup was one of the cups we won this season?

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