Four realistic targets that Arsenal should try to sign in the summer

The transfer window opens in a few months time and already speculation is rife about which players Arsenal are interested in and like any fan I have my own wish list of players that I would like to see at the Emirates next season.

Of course, I would like superstar signings but the list I have created below is about four players that I believe will fit in well with us and that are realistic options, even if one or two of them may be a bit expensive.

Wilfried Zaha – Crystal Palace

This lad is fast and creative, we all know what he is capable of and he reminds me a little of Theo Walcott, just potentially more effective, I mean, can you imagine him running at the defences and having Lacazette and Aubameyang ready to feed off him?

He would be reasonably priced as well, sure, Palace would hold out for a ton of money but you have to think we could land him for a fee in the region of £30-£40 Million.

James Ward-Prowse – Southampton

Ward-Prowse is a dead ball specialist, he knows how to whip in a cross, pick out a pinpoint pass and let fly with some stunning free kicks but he is more than that, he has vision and is creative and similar to what Zaha would do further up the pitch, Ward-Prowse would be able to send some wicked through balls to our forward line.

Put it this way, he would be a great replacement for Aaron Ramsey.

Southampton are a selling club let’s be honest and for the right price, they will sell.

Harry Maguire – Leicester City

A great defender and very effective when required up front, he reminds me a little of Tony Adams, not in a tackling sense, he is no Adams in that regards, but he shows leadership, something we do occasionally lack and he pops up at critical times with goals, just like Adams used to.

Leicester City does not see themselves as a selling club and will hold out for a large fee, but the truth is, that they do sell their best players and Maguire could be available under the right circumstances.

James Rodríguez – Real Madrid

Rodríguez is currently on loan at Bayern Munich and before Zinedine Zidane was reappointed as Real Madrid manager it was considered a certainty that he would be sold, that may not be the case now, who knows, but what I do know is that if we can sign the 27-year-old attacking midfielder, we should.

The Colombian is world class, he is brilliant on the ball, a fantastic passer, has great vision and is as creative as they come, he would be a huge addition for us and he may not be as expensive as you would normally think.

If there is one player we should go for, if he comes available, it is James Rodríguez.

That is my wish list and like I said above, I honestly believe they are realistic options, I am sure that not everyone will agree and will have their own wish list, but for me, any of the four players would be fantastic additions to our squad and my fingers are crossed that we try to sign at least one of them in the summer.


  1. Of the four listed only Maguire appeals to me and he would cost to much for Arsenal I’m afraid.

  2. James Ward-Prowse sure is a dead ball specialist, just ask the spuds ?
    I’d like Zaha…. but IF Palace were to sell him.. I’m sure they’d want more than 30 or 40m! Plus QD told me he had death threats after the 2-2 draw.. so I doubt he’d want to come to us!!
    Also like Rodriguez… but this is dreaming surely

  3. Did you calculate the total price of these players? Do you think we have the budget to get all of these players. Then your title of realistic targets is misleading. It should be dream target.

    I estimate the total cost of these four players will be around 120 to 140 million?


    1. Zaha would be a definite upgrade for Iwobi, Ward-Prowse will replace ramsey to some extent, Maguire will replace our ageing Skippo. What James Rogriguez will add still eludes me, i can be educated though.
      140m is not what a club in the top 10 of world clubs should find hard to finance in a summer transfer window, but o’cos Kronke is the brick wall.

  4. out of the 4 i would probably go for JWP as he can fit into the team.

    1) zaha at that price we can get two amazing wingers, and don’t forget every two years he’s off for a small chunk of the season!

    2) harry to me he is overrated, don’t think he would cope so well when players are running at him..he’s strong and great in the air but don’t think he’s the defender that’s gonna beef up our defence, i say let him go to United hopefully for a huge sum!

    3) james rodriguez is the player to avoid at all costs, don’t see him being more consistent in the PL as he hasn’t found form since the WC not this one, the one before this one yep now that’s a long time!! back to france or maybe or italy…anyways who wants another number 10 we need wingers!!

  5. Maguire and probably all the others too are way out of the range Kroenke will allow. Surely you see that!

  6. James is Ozil 2.0 , and in the bad way.
    Maguire is average and overrated
    Ward Prowse, u dnt sign a player just cos he can score freekicks or scored 2 freekicks.
    Ramsey “replacement” is not as much a priority, a CAM however could be.

    Get Koulibaly 70m, Zaha 40m, Rabiot Free, Isco/Ziyech 70m/40m
    Total 180m/ 150m

    Sell Ozil 30m, mustafi 20m , chambers 20m, elneny 10m, ospina and jenkinson 10m
    Total 90m

    Net spend: 90m/ 60m

    CL qualification brings 30m – certain
    Initial transfer budget 40m -certain
    EL win 30m -probability
    Total transfer budget – 100m/ 70m

    For wage- exit of ozil,cech,welbeck,ramsey,mustafi will free up wage bill

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