Four reasons why Arsenal should be happy about the restart of the Premier League season

The Premier League is set to be restarted in the next few months as teams look to avoid the complications of an abandoned season.

Arsenal remains in the hunt for a place in Europe next season, but I believe that we should be happy for the season to be restarted and concluded, here are my reasons:

Fewer complications from the season being made null and void
Some people have called for this season to be abandoned entirely, but I believe that is fundamentally wrong.

If this season is abandoned there would be lawsuits and countersuits which could lead to the next season to be put on hold due to court cases.

Returning to play and finishing this season would be perfect as every team would know they have earned their positions.

Another chance to get into the top five
With players now resting, some teams would struggle to get their players quickly up to speed when the season resumes and I believe that would give Arsenal another chance to make the top five.

If we return in better shape, then we can beat the teams ahead of us to finish the season well.

Players returning from injury
This break would have helped our injured players return from their respective injuries. With the likes of Lucas Torreira and Hector Bellerin out with injuries before the break, a return would see us get them back and that could help us finish the season strongly.

More room for manoeuvre in the transfer window
The financial impact of the coronavirus is huge and I think we can be one of the beneficiaries.

Arsenal is targeting a number of players and I think when the season resumes and the transfer window is reopened, we can land some of our targets for low fees.

That would mean a small budget could still go a long way for us and I am excited to see the players that we can sign cheaply.

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  1. Strange article. I can not see any of the point you mentioned will suite only Arsenal and not their rivals. Rivals players will also return from injury , rivals will also have fewer complications etc.. all same. How is this specifically good for Arsenal?

    1. There is no way that football will begin again before next autumn. If the powers that be insist on completing this season’s matches next autumn and winter, it means that next season will have to be abandoned. It’s regrettable, but voiding this season’s competitions is the only realistic way forward.

      1. Utter nonsense. Nothing stopping behind closed doors matches in the summer not impossible it happens early may. Even if it was autumn (highly unlikely) they could simply start the next season later and keep it that way until after Qatar WC year (which they were going to have to change the season for anyway.) Voiding the season is literally the worst possible option.

        1. You are the one, notTony, who is completely divorced from reality. No government would allow the medical people w who have to attend, even behind closed dors plus the obligatory ambulance in stand by, to be divertd from the life and death public fight against Covid19. You are choosing no to think properly at all, or else you would not even consider the possibility of restarting in MAY. JUST TODAY THE PREMIER LEAGUE MEETING ACCEPTED THIS IMPOSSIBILITY. YOU REALLY NEED TO KEEP UP AND GET REAL!

  2. I personally think all clubs are in the same boat. Yes, our injured players will be fit, particularly Tierney, as well as the others you have mentioned.

    I am not sure that a long lay off will have made some of our average players any better than they were before. It isn’t as if they are still training and getting used to life under MA.

    Too much is up in the air to even contemplate how the season should end. I think we have to wait and see what the football authorities come up with.

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