Four reasons why Arteta must be given more time

Why Arteta needs more time by ThirdManJW
One can understand some of the criticism currently aimed at Arteta, given our struggles this season, but it’s increasingly frustrating to see some calling for his head, because any context is being ignored. For those fans, there seems to be no acceptance of the absolute shambles that Arteta inherited, no acceptance of just how tough the Premier League is, and no acceptance of the progress we have actually made, and that progress takes time.
Even this season, where the results have not been great, we have still seen progress. We are gradually improving in attack, albeit slowly, whilst retaining our defensive solidity. Arteta is still too cautious, but he is not that far off finding that perfect balance between defense and attack.  There has also been fantastic off-the-field the progress as well, in regards to the cultural problems at Arsenal. There seems to actually be a plan, and who would have thought we would ditch so much deadwood in just one month, as we saw in January. It was the most forward-thinking transfer window I have possibly ever seen at Arsenal.
I have huge respect for Arteta because he could have taken the easy route, of working with what he had, within the environment he inherited, but he put his head on the chopping block by tackling the deep routed problems at Arsenal, e.g. player power,… which meant upsetting some people, including our biggest name: Ozil. Although Emery overachieved in his first season in regards to the results, it was hard to see any progress being made, because he didn’t really deal with these issues. That’s why it all fell apart quickly in his second season.
By dealing with our longstanding cultural problems, along with the board, Arteta is building a foundation for our club to build on.  It’s all too easy to take a short-term approach by looking at the league table and being angry, but this short-term pain is for long-term gains. If he left us tomorrow, he will have left us in far better position, even if the league doesn’t show this. This progress shouldn’t be underestimated, because it would give any new manager a better chance of success.
When I talk about context, fans need to realize four things:
1 – It takes time to build something
Pep, and Klopp are perfect examples. Both hugely successful at their respective clubs, but not straight away. Pep inherited the best squad in the league, and spent an obscene amount of money in his first season. Yet despite those massive advantages, he won nothing, and finished 3rd, a whopping 15pts off the top. City were actually very poor in his first season. It wasn’t until his second season where he started to deliver. Klopp took almost 4 years to win something, and even 2.5/3 years into his reign, a lot of Liverpool fans were still unimpressed with him.
Spurs have been going backwards under Mourinho, Lampard spent a crazy amount at Chelsea and they were starting to regress, and it’s only now, two years later, that Solskjaer’s United are showing a little progression. Not all of have been successful, success has taken some of them a while, especially Klopp, and one also has to remember that Klopp, Mourinho, and Pep, had tons of experience coming into their respective clubs.
In this article I am only referencing the big 6, plus Ancelotti because of his vast experience, but time is needed for almost any manager at any level.
2 – Remember what Arteta inherited
I honestly cannot think of another manager in recent history, certainly at a big club, that has inherited a tougher situation than Arteta. Not only was the club in an absolute mess on Arteta’s arrival, we had huge cultural problems that had been woven into the fabric of the club for over a decade. Our worst squad in over 35 years, player power, clueless at defending, and many other issues. When Wenger left, 2018, it obvious it would take at least 3 years just getting to grips with the squad, given the ridiculous contracts that had been handed out. That has been the case, and that was just one problem of so many. Even when inheriting a good situation, it can take a manager a while to become successful, so is it not logical that given the state Arsenal were in, it would take longer?
3 – Just how tough the league is, especially this season
There is also not enough appreciation of just how tough the EPL is. Barring the Championship, it’s the most competitive league in the world. And this season, Arteta’s first full season as a manager, it’s tougher than ever. Yes, we should be doing better, but probably not as much as some are thinking,  given the struggles of far more experienced, and better managers, working with better players. Mourinho’s Spurs are down in 9th, with 8 defeats, and only 2pts ahead of us. Current EPL champions Liverpool are only in 6th, 6pts ahead of us, with 7 defeats, losing their last 4 home league games.  Chelsea was really starting to struggle under Lampard before sacking him, despite spending insane amounts of money on their squad. Ancelotti has 8 league defeats to his name this season. So, there are far more experienced managers, in far easier jobs, that are also struggling.
4 – Progress has been made
Emery’s second season was a disaster from a results and performance perspective, and as I have already mentioned, there was no progress being made in dealing with the club’s deep-rooted problems. Not all of his fault to be fair. Gazidis brought him in, not the new board, and that would explain why Emery wasn’t properly backed. Whereas Arteta has been sorting out our long-standing problems, and although things don’t look good in the league at the moment, solid progress has been made. We don’t get spanked against quality opposition anymore. In fact, Arteta has an excellent record against the top 6 so far. Consistently the best defending we have seen at Arsenal for well over a decade. Arteta has got us winning trophies again. He has tackled player power, and is playing a vital role in changing the dreadful culture and mindset at Arsenal.
Of course, Arteta has made mistakes, the Saliba situation being the worst of them, but find me a manager who doesn’t make mistakes! Overall, there are more pros than cons so far, but ultimately, and whatever the situation, at some point a manager needs to be judged on results. For me, I would wait until the end of the season before making a real judgement on Arteta, but would happily give him a chance next season as well, considering a lot of manager’s need two full seasons to really start making headway.
Statistical information on why managers need time
Klopp – 5yrs 4mths
games – 302
First trophy – 3ys 8mths
Took around 2.5/3 years to win over the fanbase, and for real progression to be made
Pep – 4yrs 7mths
games – 272
First trophy 1yr 7mths
Impossible not be a success given what he inherited, and money spent, but had to wait until his second season
Solskjaer – 2yrs 2mths
games – 129

First trophy – None

Even the start of this season was dreadful, but he has bounced back, and Utd seem to finally be pushing on a little, although yet to win anything
Mourinho – 1yr 3mths
games – 76
First trophy – None
Started this season well, but have really regressed of late (thankfully!)
Arteta – 1yr 2mths
games – 66
First trophy – 7mths
A lot of good work has been done with our cultural problems, and defense, trophies won, but have we improved in the league?
I haven’t mentioned Chelsea, as Tuchel has only just arrived, but Lampard spent a lot, and Chelsea were regressing in his second season at the club.

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  1. Phew. At last someone with bundles of common sense. This article should be pasted on the websites of all the doom merchants. They are so ignorant of what Arteta has inherited, they are sympton of what’s wrong with our society today, instant gratification without a care for tomorrow. Best article I have read in defence of Arteta . Obviously there are some who are blinded with their dislike of Arteta they probably won’t see the logic for this article.

  2. Only the league table matters and that shows regression.

    You speak of Emery having a disaster 2nd season while not being back by board. Well, Arteta has us in a worse position and is being back.

    Take your Arteta fan boy glasses off and see it for what it is.

    1. He won’t. He is worse than any fanboy can be. If Emery 2nd season is a disaster Arteta 2nd season is apocalypse with zombies and all.

    2. Don’t talk total immature b-locks, what the hell is wrong with people on this site, “ I want it now !,” attitude to life. MA is a new manager but not new to football so I think he knows what he’s doing or trying to accomplish. Im personally happy to grow a team a culture of youth untapped talent just like Ajax, Monaco a few years ago. But this is not done in a year or two. There has been a lot cleaning up behind scenes which is not tangible. So don’t give me all that “fan boy” sh-t . Every manager was new once, klopp, Ferguson, pep, some are lucky to go straight into dominant teams
      And don’t need to change that much that quick, some take years and many clubs to become successful.

      There is progress defensively, midfield looks more accomplished
      The attack is where we are struggling, because in my opinion they are not running into space, they come short to receive the ball, so fking annoying.

      Rant over…

      1. Never agreed to your comment on midfield accomplished,that’s where arsenal fc is dying from… talking about attack,when the midfield don’t distribute clever and killer pass,how can they have the ball and displayed?we need players qualities like santi,Fab,Thomas rosicky,edu etc.

        1. Doh. Have you got 200mil to give the club ? Those players you mentioned are a bygone era. Those players today would cost a bundle. Every club has money today, some more than others. All depends on Arteta’s power of persuasion. Seems like your stuck in the Wenger era. Smell the coffee and trust the process

  3. “Progress we’ve made”? There’s no progress that we’ve made. It’s a backward step. After 25 games, we are 25 points behind the log leaders. Is this progress? Arsenal used to compete with the big clubs, and we’ll be lucky to finish 10th on the log. Arteta should just build his career from lower division clubs. He has done more damage than good

  4. THJW- if ever an article was written to self-indulge and appease the Arteta “Fanboys” then this is it.
    With Foxy sure to lick you all over for what you have written, he would do very well to remember how he attempted to discredit HH for all the reasons you have included in your article.
    And PAL, it’s not often I don’t finish reading the full article posted, but I gave up before even hitting half wat with this.
    Just a couple of points- Klopp took over a Liverpool squad in a far worst off state in terms of quality than Arteta did.
    And Emery “overachieved” in his first season?
    I have finally convinced myself that the vast majority of Arsenal supporters who feel Arteta is doing a decent job at this time have set themselves a very low bar of what actually measures success at a supposed top Football Club

    1. Don’t forget Emery got us to within 1poi t of 4th place and an EL final ,thought I would get that in there before some else does

        1. Ozziegunner. I need to understand your catchphrase “players downed tool” how can you down tools when fighting to get top four and into an Europa cup final ? If they hadn’t downed tools as you like to say earlier in the season but towards the business end, a cup final against Chelski they decide to down tools that ridiculous. Emery set up the badly, we were outplayed SECONDLY and third, Giroud bullied us a player we screamed wasn’t good enough but is still banging it for Chelsea. Downed tools Naaaaahhhh

    2. Klopp had the luck of selling off an asset for a huge amount to rebuild. We have f all to sell off for profit due the past dealing and contract situation. So i say we are in a worst situation. Fact!

      1. The “fact” he sold an asset to finance the rebuild is not the point. The FACT is the squad inherited by Klopp was far worst than the one inherited by Arteta

        1. well said Phil. People really need to be reminded how poor that Liverpool team Klopp got was. It would be a dream for Jurgen to walk in and have Auba, Lacazette, Pepe, Saka, Tierney, Leno RIGHT from the start.

    3. I don’t think they have set themselves low bar otherwise they wouldn’t have demanded the removal of Wenger and Emery. If they are not deliberate in their denial and truly believe we are making progress then some psychology things are in play here.

    4. @Phil

      Sorry but you lost all credibility when you said Klopp inherited a worst squad. 2 points: Arsenal’s squad was absolutely abysmal, that defended like a Sunday league team, and I find it interesting you don’t mention at the apocalyptic state our entire club was in.

      1. TMJW-have a look at the squad inherited by Klopp. Then tell me it was better than ours.
        Emery was rightly sacked for failing to give us direction and confidence.
        There is no doubt we have a better squad this season than last year,and the year before. Yet we are going DOWNWARDS.
        And that’s ok with you is it PAL

        1. I did go to have a look and in my opinion Liverpool had a much stronger squad of players at the time, with saleable assets like Can and Coutinho. It was just a more solid platform to build on, with players like Miller and Henderson who have been doing a great job over the past few seasons.
          When Arteta took over, we basically had Auba alongside a number of capable players who were inconsistent, and several who were easily capable of throwing the game away at a moment’s notice (particularly Mustafi). We did have a few players coming through, one of whom is now the leading light of the side, so there’s that.
          It’s always going to be a matter of opinion, but for what it’s worth, that’s mine.

          1. Davi, And mine too! Firmly too. In fact, no comparison between our woeful squad when MA arrived and the far better one that Klopp inherited.

            Phil, as usual, is talking out of his hat! Ignore him, I do!

        2. Phil, Emery was sacked because the players “downed tools”.
          It is easier and less costly to the Club to sack the head coach/manager than remove and replace the non performing players.

    5. Don’t forget Klopp’s philosophy and style of play were evident mere weeks after his arrival. You could see the change and understand what he was setting out to do.

      Same with Pep; the style of play was apparent in a short time, granted he had a superior team at his start.

      Point being simply this;
      1. Can anyone articulate Arteta’s philosophy?
      2. Does he have a style other than negative, timid football?

      Klopp and Pep are extremely poor choices for comparisons and insulting for those 2 managers.

      Besides they improved as the months passed and Arteta has gone backwards, that’s a fact supported by points and results.

  5. Strange how I once wrote about Arteta needing time like Klopp and I remember you laughing and saying am I really comparing the 2 ,low and behold you are now doing just that 😂😂
    Funny old world .

    1. All one should ask for Dan, is for people (including head coaches and managers) to be treated by the Club with equity and fairness and judged by the same criteria.

        1. I will put ,that Arteta as actually won something here ,that already makes him a better manager ,the club obviously see something in him and he’s earned the right to have till end of of season ,Emery was sacked and rightly so for that shocking EL final and pathetic attempt to get 4th place ,and now the club find themselves in this mess because of it .

          1. The “mess” has been developing for some time, because of the poor financial and player management from the Board and senior management. Emery and the performances of the players are symptomatic of this. Emery was one missed penalty against Spurs, by Aubameyang of all people, or a Xhaka sending off of claiming a Champions League place. As for the Europa League final, the performance of the team, including Ozil, but without the injured Ramsey was there for all to see.

  6. Good article. Although i’m not loving our style of play as much as when wenger was in charge its definitely better than emery’s arsenal which was painful to watch . But i think a lot is down to no fans in the stadium and only when they return is it fair to judge arteta

  7. Absolute rubbish usually managers are judged by results but we have a owner who simply doesn’t care and has no ambition to get Arsenal back among the elite this is the only reason Arteta has survived the sack he has the worse results of any Arsenal manager and has not taken the club forward at all he still doesn’t even know his best team after a year in charge only decent thing hes done is give the likes of Saka and Smith Rowe there opportunities which they have taken but don’t expect them to hang around at Arsenal when not challenging for prem league or even playing champions league football they will both move on to bigger and better things and good luck to them!

  8. Pep has never built anything. He’s going to clubs with financial muscle. Arteta has inherited a team that was built with £100 million, the previous season. He’s still buying players, but the team is sinking further. Arteta lacks the basics of football management. The only thing that he’s done good is to sell Ozil. Arteta should just leave Arsenal

  9. Sure, but he must show a progress by the end of this season. We could lose EL, but we must finish in top six

    I think his job is safe though, as long as we finish in the top half of the table. Because we got hit a lot financially, due to the pandemic and our transfer mistakes

    It might be a different case in December, if we still can’t enter top four

  10. Looking at the comments, It’s funny how if someone disagrees with the opinion of the article, it’s a bad article. But if they agree, it’s a fantastic article.

  11. It’s normal, both Liverpool and man city fans were also hostile and inpatient with Klop and Pep respectively in their 1 and a half season and to be sincere, I want success too asap but looking at what is happening to the likes of Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool and many more with better squad and managers, I have to conclude that patient is needed with Arteta as grasses are not greener on the other sides.

  12. On reflection Emery’s brilliant first season cost him his job.
    After missing CL by one point and losing game 15 of the EL campaign the board became insanely greedy demanding a serious title challenge the next season despite the fact that Man City and Liverpool were light years ahead of the rest of the league. Then in the summer the board selected players while Emery did not get the players he wanted. So with an impossible brief Emery despite being a point off third after 8 games was sacked. Arteta had a disastrous first league season but was saved by covid because after the break in empty stadiums the season just died and the FA cup was won and so despite an 8th place finish EL was gained. This season despite a much stronger squad the results are no better despite some supporters seeing ‘progress ‘ in 10th position after 25 games. It’s true the league is tough but Emery got 5th with a weaker squad and the same cultural challenges. Yes we are not being hammered but not being in the CL and being humiliated by Bayern helps. Arteta unlike Emery has good English and has like a good politician been able to convince some fans that 11th place is a great achievement and that all losses can be put down to injuries bad luck and biased officiating. It all comes down to the EL. Win it and Arteta will be hailed as the Messiah despite the league position.
    Failure to win the EL or make top 4 will mean there is no logical reason to retain Artetas services…
    Yet I like others think Arteta’s will be kept in the job whatever happens this season

  13. I have to agree with the writer of this article. Arteta inherited a mess and he is slowly cleaning it up. He also has us playing much more competitively against the big teams. He needs a few more transfer Windows to find the balance he wants in the team.
    The only thing I don’t like that he has done is William. That was a poor decision but who knows if he made it or not.
    Give Arteta time I believe he has what it takes.

  14. Absolutely no more time for Arteta,he had enough.He’s just incompetent,he must go now.Enough is enough.Poor results on top of that “ sideways-backwards passing festival” is too much.I can tolerate the poor results,but I cannot tolerate the ugly,boring game we display day in,day out.Arteta out!

  15. There isnt any excuse anywhere or from anyone that can explain why we are playing such negative anti football football and why we are sliding down the league. This club is being ruined by a novice who NOBODY knows what he is capable of good or bad, the problem is we at the moment are seeing bad and nothing to suggest its going to be different. His handling as of our young prospects and the older players is very worrying and gives me very little confidence he actually knows how to run a football club. Very sad and worrying times im afraid.

  16. It is a convincing point, that we need to look at the time, it usually takes for a manager to come in and do a rebuilding job, and I am happy to give MA a year or two more to mount a serious title challenge.
    But it is time to see a bit more convincing contours of a plan, that will take us there.
    I am happy he started by focusing on making us much harder to score against. As the saying goes “attack wins matches, but defense wins championships”.
    However, there are also some things that worry me. Our playing style seem to change quite often, and also our line-ups sometimes puzzle me from a long term point of view.
    But, I am not a football manager in any way so maybe I am missing something, and maybe there is a plan.

    1. Also, it doesnt matter if we’ve “improved defensively” if we have lost 11 games already. Clearly teams are scoring against us.

  17. Emery finished 5th and took us Europa league final. Arteta has is more disastrous than Emery. By appointing Arteta as Arsenal Manager was the biggest mistake which needs to be rectified.

    1. Bollocks. The difference is Arteta has shown he can win things and Emery had his chance and failed miserably.

        1. I ain’t spinning no tale dude. Hasn’t Arteta won the FA cup ? Emery totally bollocked it in that final. Once you have proven you can win things, there will be more to come. Watch this space impatient fan.

          1. The players “downed tools” in the Europa League Final and towards the end of the season, when 4th was obtainable. Still only missed due to a missed penalty against Spurs or a Xhaka send off.
            Easier and less costly to sack the head coach, than put the cleaners through the players.

          2. Ackshay, I want Mikel Arteta to succeed, because I want Arsenal to succeed.
            All I am looking for is equitable and fair treatment. If it is believed that persevering with Arteta will ultimately deliver success, I am all for it.
            Surely though it is reasonable to surmise that Emery (given his CV) could have been given at least until the end of the season after being eighth when sacked, to turn things around.
            As I have supported Arsenal through thick and thin for 59 years I have no intention of following Villarreal and abuse from you won’t make me change.

  18. Arteta if given the whole time in the world can’t take us anywhere near our past glory. He has given us the FA cup & community shield & will be remembered 4 that. Let us move on with Allegri, a proven name in the game. Arteta shouldn’t stay beyond the summer if we still remember what ambition is.

    1. Allegri ? Are you having a laugh, with a self sustaining model and an owner who you have to squeeze money out from ? Allegri would demand 300 mil tops to renovate the team. Be grateful for Arteta and give the man a chance. Actually it doesn’t depend on your rant I forgot.

  19. No point terminate MA at this stage, let him finish this season. Arsenal can only in top 6 starting from Sunday by beating those teams above us. If he is good, we will know at the end of season. Else, a new manager next season.

    No excuse as Arsene and Emery were asked to go as Arsenal are out of top 4. Same treatment to any managers if fans want to prove that they are fair and not Fanboys. See what positivities Tucel & Carlo Ancelloti did to Chelsea and Everton.

    1. Tuchel inherited a brand new 200mil squad, Everton are pumping money into the club and still struggling to be in the top four. We haven’t won the title for 17 years and it’s all Arteta’s fault. Grow a pair.

      1. “We haven’t ………. it’s all Arteta’s fault.”- this is your statement and not from my comment. Do you know how to read?

        When you don’t sack MA if he don’t perform; you are the one who need to grow a pair.

      2. Just as it was ALL Arsene Wenger’s and Unai Emery’s faults, not the poor financial and player management of the Board and senior management or the underperformances of well paid professional footballers?

        1. I don’t know why this guy came after me. In my comments, I always blame the owner and not the managers. As compare to other owners of top 6, our owner doesn’t seem to spend a little bit more so that titles can be ours. E.g. Luis Suarez & etc if fans bother to dig out. However, MA looks to have full support of the owner but the number of defeats in 1 season is unbearable to see for a big club like Arsenal. Broken the number of games lost per season for past decade. We already lost 6 home games, we can’t even win home games against minor teams.

  20. An excellent article from someone who has a real grasp of just how far out Club had regressed both off and on the pitch.For those who can only make an assessment based on League position,you have my sympathy, as you will never again be content and happy as an Arsenal supporter.Patience is a virtue which the anti Arteta brigade clearly do not have ,and from the tone of some of the replies to this well thought out and informative article, it is a very important characteristic of life, that they will never cultivate.

    1. There’s a big difference Grandad, between you telling us to have patience and wait for better days and having others telling us we are making progress in losing more games than won.

      Those who are saying we have made progress in my opinion are mocking Arteta instead of the support they claim to give him.

    2. Fairness and equity and judgement on the same performance criteria? What are the performance targets set for the manager/head coach?

  21. Let’s hope he improves our attack in the next Europa league game.Plus sometimes I dont understand his man management players like martinelli are not getting chances.But anyway I seriously want him to succeed here at arsenal.

  22. Pep was a champions league winner and Klopp took his dortmund team to the champions league final both experienced and successful so anyone expecting Arteta to get Arsenal on a similar track is in for a big disappointment.. Arteta has no experience in management, he is and still looks like a young assistant and his style of play is not easy on the eye! Truth be told take the fa cup win away and his time at the club has been an embarrassment.. didn’t move us up the league in his first season, moved us down the league in the second… Out of both cup competitions, 11th in the league and are relying on winning the europa league to gain entry into europe next season as it’s probably our most realistic chance of qualifying! Could possibly finish behind leeds who came up from the championship but some will say our squad isn’t as strong as leeds.. but us complainers are apparently not real fans or realists because progress is clearly being made, it’s just that we can’t see it!

  23. Emery was not backed and this Saka like players were not at this level. Unai only got Pepe but he was a flop until now. 8th place and 11th place is different. No positivity this season

  24. Can anyone say what goals have been set to judge his management? Europa league trophy? Top 10 finish? Both Wenger & Emery had set goals; they failed to reach them and were sacked.

    He has organized the squad and made us better defensively, but destroyed our flair & free flowing football in the process.

    Give Arteta until the end of the year. If he has not cracked the top 10 or reached the Europa final, then he should be put on notice.

    If we get similar results at the start of next year, and out of the top 8 in December, then he should be sacked.

    2 years, 4 windows, is enough time to improve on what Emery left him. No more excuses about his leadership or state of the club.

    I would even say IF that is the case, Edu should be sacked as well.

  25. My biggest disappointment with Arteta is the way that he has treated the young talents like Nelson, Bolagun, Saliba and AMN as compared to the likes of Willian and Ceballos. These youngsters deserved more opportunities to play .Ceballos is not good enough and Willian has passed his best.

  26. Another article by Arteta fan boy so it’s obvious it won’t be based on reality but fake optimism. You campared Arteta to pep n Klopp an put an argument at front that he should be given more time so pal have a look at the stats here

    Liverpool under klopp have played 5 complete seasons, they won 1 EPL, 1 Champions league also finished up runners up in champions League once and EPL once. So his record from first to last season 8, 4, 4, 2, 1 (EPL table finish)

    Man city under Pep have played 4 complete seasons, they won 2 EPL and I think 2 FA cups as well. So his record from first to last season 3, 1, 1, 2 (EPL table finish).

    So you think Arteta is on same trajectory as any of them. You are having a laugh. It’s Arteta’s second season and he has been backed by club in transfer window still we are out of 2 competitions almost went out of 3rd as well and we sit 11 in EPL table with 11 losses. What improvements are you talking about? Our defence is better but not the best in league but our attack is one of the worst. We play dull football and we are unable to compete against good teams. We still can not win against big teams in EPL. In reality Emery achieved more then Arteta n if any one should have been given chance it should have been him because he had a proven track record as well unlike Arteta who has nothing to show on his CV apart from being pep’s second. Being optimistic is one thing but to an extent where you loose track of reality is just foolish.

  27. If Arteta could have rebuilt a team somewhere, I would understand when you say we need to be patient. My patience is wearing thin. He should by the end of this season

    1. How long do you think it takes to build/rebuild a team? He’s had 2 transfer windows with little money to spend and hardly anybody he can sell for reasonable money. Maybe think about what patience means?

      1. Do you have a clue Davi how much we have spent under Arteta that too in pendamic when all clubs are struggling?? If that amount is little then probably you must be an Arab prince in disguise here lol!

  28. This is a bit silly. If Arteta was Emery he wouldn’t be getting all these passes some of the fans are giving him. Also, there’s been progress????? Where? Winning an FA Cup is not the same as being a manager who is good enough to coach a UCL team, or a team with aspirations to be such. He is 11th! And yes, this squad has problems, but it shouldn’t be as bad as 11th place. His subs have been awful, half the games we play we look completely knocked out before things have even started. Saka and ESR have saved this man’s job twice already from the brink of disaster. The Klopp comparisons are just hilarious at this point too. Jurgen was only poor for the first half of the season he came in. Since then it’s been nothing but success for Liverpool and he’s nailed 90% of his transfers. Meanwhile Arteta brought yet another expensive problem to us in the form of Willian, banishes Saliba, him and his staff rush Partey back…. It’s ridiculous. WE ARE 11TH

    1. The clear difference for me, which was stated in the article, is that Arteta has worked to change the culture/system at Arsenal whereas Emery tried to work within it, and it screwed him over (see his comments on the Pepe transfer).
      Doesn’t mean Arteta has been perfect by any stretch, but that’s why I give him more credit and want to give him more time.

      1. Emery “tried to work within it”, because he was “head coach”, not the manager. He had to coach the players made available to him with virtually no say in their recruitment. Doomed to fail.

  29. I don’t think Arteta is a good enough manager, or even coach. We are getting more fragile as time goes by and our record is atrocious. We have no assertiveness or dominance in our play. Arteta has had well over a year and there is no clear improvement.

  30. When evaluating Arteta’s tenure so far it’s imperative to examine the following two important factors:

    (1) following our FA Cup victory, with the knowledge that there would be a quick turnaround, Arteta/Edu had to make a pivotal decision regarding how to best proceed…if they had the necessary backing, which they appeared to have, and a rebuild of sorts was in the offing, they should have got to work immediately and got rid of the deadwood in the summer, either through cut-rate deals or buyouts, then promoted academy players to fill the gaps and targeted only those players who were deemed necessary from a “needs” based perspective, like Partey…instead they chose to double-down and pursue half-measures and luxury buys, like Willian…so you reap what you sow…this was exactly the same approach that was mistakenly employed by Wenger at 3 different points since the time we arrived at the Emirates, which is why we were in such dire straits when he left the building

    (2) without Champions League and no real prospects to compete for League titles our brand has clearly lost some of it’s lustre, in fact this had occurred even before that which is why we had to offer considerably higher wages to our players, and as such when we find ourselves negotiating with players like Willian, and more recently Ode, we can’t use the badge as a way to entice their respective signings…nowadays they want to know what you can provide for them as an individual, not necessarily from a team goals perspective, so this requires us to offer them playing time guarantees, which I find very problematic and not in the best interest of the team as a whole…of course, I don’t blame the player, or his agent, for making such demands, I blame management for pursuing this course of action knowing full-well that this could have a devastating impact on the development of those players who now find themselves on the bench or being shoehorned into the lineup in non-preferred positions, which is what has happened here with ESR, Pepe, Marts etc…

  31. Given the impact Partey makes whenever he comes on I would like to believe that with a better squad MA can have a better result. Take Liverpool for instance, with just the absence of a few first team players they look a very different team. The only reason I will trust what he’s doing is the kind of business we do in the summer. I expect us to have a big summer due to the major clear out done and to be done in the summer. If we can clear out a few and buy some 2-3 quality players then he has a chance.

  32. Dear Mr Harry Lime. I agree that Arteta should be given more time, because I think he has done a good job with the hand that was dealt him. How about you write an article about the guy who dealt him this hand, EDU! What about some analysis on the players he has brought into the club. Maybe you can ask the same question; “Should EDU be given more time?”

  33. I understand the way we play under Wenger, and I understand the way we play under Emery, although I didn’t enjoyed at all. But I don’t understand Mr. Arteta.

  34. As much as I’m happy with “some” of our latest results but still I believe we can do better. MA needs to understand that sometimes the answers he is looking for are in the club and have faith in our young players instead of looking somewhere else. I can’t think of someone who wants to manage Arsenal right now because of the whole situation in the club and I hope MA will be the one who can keep us believing the our Arsenal will be back !

  35. I agree that Arteta should be given more time. He’s really shored up the defense. We’d be higher in the table if not for some really dumb individual errors and a couple harsh refereeing decisions, and then we would not be hearing from the “Arteta out” people so much. Let’s see where we end up this season. Frankly, I’d give MA another year even if we were out of Europe, but Arsenal need those extra games for our stable of excellent young talent.

  36. Don’t bother. Some people just don’t have the mental capacity to think logically and understand the points you made in the article. They will always see and judge by only a single number – league table points. Thankfully nothing depends on them but on a lot smarter people who have common sense to begin with. The progress made is eye pocking to anyone who is with IQ over 60, lets just hope that Arteta will find the solution for the attacking problems. Today’s game against Leicester had some promising moments.

  37. I will be happy if Arsenal board could echo those bunch of impatient Arsenal fans and release Arteta to Barca where he would be able to work under better environment. Some people just have to realise patience is all that is needed when building a project that would last for a long period. Rome is not built in a day

  38. Spot on. The thought of Arteta leaving sends shivers down my spine. All the premier league managers and even those abroad can see what Arteta’s doing apart from the Arsenal fans not all but the impatient I want it now fans

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