Four reasons why the Arsenal midfield will do much better next season

The Arsenal midfield was a disappointment last season no one can argue with that and it is understandable that a lot of the fans will have very little confidence that there will be an improvement next season but I am not so sure that should be the case.

I believe there are good reasons to be positive ahead of the new season and while I accept that a lot of my fellow Gooners will disagree with me I hope that they will see the reasoning behind my confidence.

New signings

It is inevitable there will be new signings, we do not know yet who they will be or how effective they will be but we do know that some of the midfielders we currently have are not fit for purpose.

Mattéo Guendouzi

He is just 20 years old and while he is a work in progress and a bit of a rough diamond he will come on massively following his debut season in the English Premier League. Make no mistake, the English game does need adjusting to, it is far more intense than any other league and very few players adapt quickly and that includes some world class players. Guendouzi will be a far better and more effective player next season, of that I am absolutely convinced.

Lucas Torreira

Torreira started great and then faltered badly but for me, that was down to fatigue, he played far more games than he has ever done in a single season and when you add in how much more demanding the Premier League is, it is a wonder he did as well as he did for so long. His body and mentality will be much stronger next season, the first year was always going to be difficult for him but watch him go from August onwards, he will be a better more experienced player I assure you.

Unai Emery

You have to think that Emery will have learned enough from his first season in charge at the Emirates to understand what is required to master the middle of the park in English football. I doubt he will persist with players that are not consistent enough like he did last season and he will have a far better understanding of the demands of the English game and just like some of his players he will improve for his first season in charge, he is too experienced and has been too successful not to adapt.

Now, I could easily be wrong on any of the reasons I have outlined above but I firmly believe that I am right in my analysis and if I am wrong, well, it will just be one utterly rotten season then won’t it?


    1. His ship to Inter has already sailed, because Nicolo Barella has already stated he will go to Inter

      Maybe we can offer him to Real Madrid as Kroos’ replacement, in exchange of Isco

      Or to Barcelona as Rakitic’s successor, in exchange of Malcom, Sergi Roberto or Rafinha

      1. Hope you’re joking gotanidea about Real and Barca because you’re not usually known for your humour. Regarding Xhaka, as I’ve said many times, he should never wear an Arsenal shirt again.

    2. Or may be Emery uses him further forward instead.Xhaka can not defend and he is immobile therefore he can’t be a DM.Most of the goals we conceded were outrightly his mistakes. We can’t fix our defensive frailties regardless of who we buy if we still use Xhaka as the DM next season. However he can occasionally unleash that thunder bolt and he may be a great asset when playing behind the strikers.

      1. “Most of the goals we conceded were outrightly his mistakes” Wow that’s some statement. Does that include the games he didn’t play? Who knew our defence could be fixed by just getting rid of Xhaka.

  1. Guendouzi: His age, skills, composure and height could turn him into a world class DM if he is nurtured by good coaches. He had the most interceptions and tackles at the club, until Emery decided to start Torreira ahead of him for the rest of the season

    Torreira: He looked weaker in the second half of the season, because of his inability to fight against the shoulder charges of bigger opponents. But he was actually very influential in the games, due to the high success rates of his interceptions and tackles

    I wish we can get Doucoure or Ndombele to complement those guys, but unfortunately their contracts will only end in 2023. If Emery wants Praet or Veretout instead, it might be because of their defending stats

  2. So I think I should let this out, I’m always following articles still, everyday I just don’t bother commenting for now, but I saw something yesterday that each time I remember, I just can’t stop laughing.
    I mean how silly and delusional people can get, saying we should sell Torreira, saying all stuffs he’s not good enough and blah blah blah and that he’s not good enough.
    For years people on here insulted and called Wenger names for different reasons and for failing to get a DM, we got one, suddenly everyone sang praises of how Emery would fix everything and welcomed LT11.
    So after a season people actually delude themselves into thinking we should sell him?
    Why? Emery’s allowed to struggle in his first season and LT11 isn’t allowed the same privileges?
    I really don’t know if people actually watch our matches with intent and observations or they just do it for the thrill,
    before the season ended, I pointed out how things changed with Torreira after Emery started pushing him upfront, starting of the season, LT11 was always staying in deep, protecting the defense, Halfway through LT11 starts doing the job of a B2B, always seen up field while Xhaka or Guendouzi sits back.
    I don’t know if people ever observe situations at all.
    That being said, I have high hopes for MG29 and LT11.
    Only if Emery won’t mess them up again with his constant tweaking this coming season.

    Pat how are you doing? and the babies are really kicking I hope?
    Sue, hope you’re good too? haven’t seen you battle anyone lately because of Ozil.. LoL
    You ladies should stay safe

    1. Hi Eddie, how are you doing? I’m well thanks & no battling for me – I’ve been a good girl ?
      I don’t think it’ll be long before the babies are born ? exciting times!!

  3. It is all about having better players but coaching, tactics, shape and players fitting together are also factors. The fact remains though that sub par players like Xhaka and Elneny and the non performing and non interested OZIL and MKHI MUST ALL be got rid of first. No mere human being , as all managers are, can put determination in a serial non tryer. Emery has a number of them at the club but Ozil and Mkhi are by far the most lazy and harmful to keep around. WENGER WAS UNIVERSALLY LAUDED AND RIGHTLY SO, AT THE TIME Walcott came. But neither he, nor anyone else, could put bravery, workrate and determination in the fraud WALCOTT. NO ONE EVER CAN,IF THE PLAYER IS THAT DEEPLY FLAWED IN CHARACTER.

  4. Torriera is a good player, he’s very useful, but I think in the long run we’ll be going with someone better than him. When we try to bring in more players and beef up the midfield, Torriera will become competition for one or two others similar to how Ramsey was viewed. Basically, I don’t look at him and think we’re set, CDM now sorted, the entire midfield needs to be DM, the team needs to do it better, because eventually I believe our midfield will look very different to how it is now.

    Guendouzi, if he has the passion and really puts the time in, he could be the one continuent, he has the ability to dominate if he can improve on his focus and commitment per 90. A long way to go, I just hope that all those millions in his youth don’t go and derail him, he needs to want to be an Arsenal legend. I think Wenger would’ve sought Guendouzi, he reminds me of a Wenger signing, has a huge ceiling like Diaby but was gotten on the cheap. All depends on the players mindset now though, it doesn’t matter how naturally talented you look, you gotta be a competitor where it counts.

    1. Saliba is said to be close. I like the idea of looking at up and coming French players or French based players. He’s 18 and he’s 6 foot four. The Andersen guy is also tall, not sure if these rumours are true or what but the height and agility of VVD would be good if we can get the right pair. Also a young German keeper who we are loaning back is said to be close. I look forward to seeing how we recruit in this area. One good thing about going for younger players, they know there is a path to our first team, we need first team players. We are probably one of the few big clubs that they can get the game time, at other clubs they’ll be on the bench quite a bit. So it’d be a good idea to look for the next gen of French internationals or up and coming ligue 1 players.

  5. The problem with Torreira is that he’s playing with Uruguai in Copa America, he should be resting now

    1. Used to love watching the Copa America when Eurosport used to show it, purely for the technical skills of the South American footballers. Once saw Valderama, possibly the most gifted technical player I’ve ever seen, the Columbian with the massive curly top nutmeg an opponent from five yards away. I think now being shown on Premier 1 HD, a channel not many people subscribe to. Anyone gets the chance, not to be missed.

  6. that midfield is very weak. It can’t win you EPL. We need to add more steel. Buy Thomas Partey. Play a 433. Guendouzi should be a sub at most. 3 man midfield of Torrera, Xhaka and Partey. We need hardworking midfielders with energy to run. Composed on the ball. You need a very strong and mobile midfield. Stamina, strength, closing up spaces, high pressing. You need all these in midfield. So top priority is to buy Carrasco and a player like Thomas Partey. Then get a Central Defender.

    1. Dont even think about winning EPL in next 5 years. City and Pool are miles ahead and even if we get 200mil budget, we wont make it there in a year. Goal is, when United are weak and Chelsea are unstable, make sure we can get back to top 4, and go from there

  7. We need a player like Cazorla Viera, Rosicky to team up with Torreira.
    Xhaka isn’t that guy.

    1. Emery will have no alternative than to persist with “inconsistent players” if funds are not made available to upgrade the midfield as the creative engine room of the team.
      I am sick of Arsenal being bullied off the park by teams with physical, determined and committed midfielders

  8. We conceded too many goals last season (51 goals) and season before (51 goals). We should focus more on improving the defence. We need talented 2CB, LB and probably a DM also. We could sell Xhaka Mustafi and Elneny to raise funds.

    Am not in support of selling Ozil nor Aubameyang but if need be, we need to buy players in their quality for replacement.

    Bring in young stars
    Reiss, Saka (debut was impressing), Smith-Rowe (I’ll like 2 see him play this season) and Folarin Balogin

  9. Only few days ago Torreira gave an interview in his home country where he said he and his family didn’t like living in London!!

    1. Really
      Or did u just listen to the back of ur tv cause u seems to be the only person who heard that if so I would like to hear the interview too….

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