FOUR talking points from Arsenal’s win at Swansea

Luck, Resilience, Ozil and Campbell. by MH

Hi Gooners!

How you all are feeling after our fifth consecutive win in the league ? Well I am feeling pretty high ! I still can’t believe we got the 3 points considering our poor first half display. So let’s talk about some points….

1. Clearly we were little lucky in the first half. Gomis is out of form an, old Gomis of last season would have buried those two chances. Defensively we were looking out of shape and giving space to Shelvey, and as usual Montero was having a good game. But in the second half we became stable, were our our usual selves again and played like Arsenal! Now we need luck in some games, not to win the game but at least stay in the game, so it was good to see team sticking to their guns and not going gung ho as old Arsenal, in previous seasons, would have done.

2.Resilience! This is one of the most improved cells in our DNA over the past few seasons. You need resilience to be champions you need to have that attitude, because the real test of our character starts when we are down, when we are not playing well, and Arsenal are learning to respond to that brilliantly. Gone are the days when we would surrender after a bad start. This is the new Arsenal! Resilience and Attitude separates a team on a good run and a true winner, With all due respect even Leicester City and West Ham have shown brilliant resilience this season – but are they winners ?

3.Ozil. What can you say about him? When he told us all that he aims to win the Ballon d’or in next few seasons I didn’t believe him, as Ozil performances of past seasons have not been at that level, but what a player he is turning out to be! He is truly showing the faith of the boss in him. His confidence is growing every day and he is looking awesome! Seriously, at present form, he is the best no #10 in the world. The way he controlled the game in the second half was a joy to watch. I am noticing this trend of Ozil demanding the ball more. He is realising that he is the man and when Sanchez is not playing well we need him to stand up for the team and boy he did.

4.Finally Campbell. First I would like to mention that we should not write off any player. Over the last few days many Arsenal fans were calling for Bellerin to be played at RW and Debuchy at RB. They had totally given up on Campbell like we all had given on L Coq, but after the L Coq incident one thing is sure – we should never give up on our players. This is the difference between us and other teams. Why let a player go when he has not been given chance to play for us? Why give up on him when he has not been given the opportunity? Are we like Chelsea (Mata, De bruyne)? It was good to see the boy getting a goal but what was more interesting was the work rate he put in. The Ox needs to learn this. Joel was all over the pitch like Sanchez, helping Bellerin and others. In my opinion he had good game but don’t jump on him and create unwanted pressure. Let’s give him time to shine!

The feeling when a one million euro player becomes worth 30 million is priceless and Campbell has the potential to be one.

Mir Hussain

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  1. Bellerin.. what a player he is.. if PSG paid 50 million for Luiz then Barça should pay £100 million for Bellerin… ooh plus Neymar

    1. I am not sure about luck at our level but certainly confidence. Lucky and unlucky are 50/50. This is what is hitting Chelsea right now and it has hurt us in previous seasons when attacks on Wenger wrecked morale as a team and force. We have to beat Bayern to put us level on points and above them. Confidence will do this as we know we can beat them even in Munich. And quite honestly to win the CL we have to beat the best. To win PL we need to win away in places like Swansea who are tough. Fine result yesterday.

      1. I would be quite content with a draw in Munich, that will mean that if we win our last 2 games against Zagreb and Olympiacos then we will be guaranteed qualification, provided Munich beat Olympiacos in Munich of course!

    2. 100 mil? Bellerin shouldnt be for sale no matter how much they pay, he is the best full back in the league at the moment and is way too valuable to us. Give him a new contract Wenger. COYG

    3. The article is about Campbell but all I see is comments about Bellerin..however he is truly talented n we should keep him as long as possible.. Campbell has always been talented n I hope he can finally show it with a good run of games

  2. Campell is going to face a hard test against bayern in munich i think if he had a good performance his trust in his abbilities will be over the moon and no one could get him down again and he will be ready to take epl by storm

  3. I’m not afraid of bayern.
    They have Douglas Costa… We have Joel Campbell, they have Ribery… We have Alexis, they have Nuer… We have Cech. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnd we have OOooooooooooooooZil and i can’t compare him with any mayern Midfielder.

      1. “They have ledowanski … Who we have? Giroud?”

        They had Lewandowski When we last played them too and we won. We will still have the same back four available that we used when we kept a clean sheet against Bayern in the last game. Have faith in your team.

      2. you think lewandowski can score that many in EPL you must be joking. he can score in EPL but can’t score many goals.

    1. Wow is all I have to say some Arsenal fans are truly delusional. Player for player we don’t get close Bayern. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      Neuer > Cech
      Lahm > Bellerin
      Bernat Mertesacker
      Alaba = Kos
      Alonso > Coquelin
      Vidal < Cazorla
      Thiago < Ozil
      Muller =>> Campbell
      Lewandowski > Giroud

      these are to me the most probable line-ups, saying that of course we have a chance.
      and sure we have injuries but so do they, Ribery and Gotze most notably.

  4. Joel played well. at least I saw something different on that right wing. somehow, I feel he might be the robben type cos he’s left footed and can’t cross the ball well. he’s likely to cut in from the right. a very good defensive showing from him. I wish him well at arsenal. coyg

  5. We dug deep and saw this one out, swansea troubled us but we weathered the storm and got the 3 priceless points! Coyg!

  6. Quite an impressive EPL debut showing from Campbell yestreday. All he needs now is a good outing against Bayern then his confidence will be sky high which will give his a game a great boost. And with the likes of Cambell claiming his stake in the squad i think its about time Wenger begins to play a proper winger on that right wing instead of playing Ramsey there. Cambell did not only give our attack some dynamism he was also a great asset defensively at the right back position giving Bellerin a defensive partner when we were attacked from the flank. And i think Campbell can also be a back-up for Alexis on the left flank as well since he is left-footed.

  7. arsenal is ready this year for the BPL the previous season with our record injured we would have been incapable of playing but this year no matter who is on the pitch(with coq ozil cazorla all on the pitch) we will win match by match.and it is what happen yesterday with campbell who come in and play well bcoz now we have a very good spin.thanks wenger!!!now go for krychowiak anyway to rotate sometimes our midfield.gunner for life.

  8. I like the word resilience. And on top of that Arsene will always protect the players and find positives in the game which make the players to rise after a defeat. Unlike someone who during a post match interview says “I’ve no comment” to almost all the questions put to him. LOL….

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