Four things this transfer window tell us about Arsenal

In all fairness, the transfer window has barely started, none of the big clubs has done any real business and the chances are that it will really kick into gear from July onwards but based on what we have seen so far it is possible to draw some conclusions.

Frustration has set in early

Tottenham, Liverpool and Man City have done no business so far, Chelsea have sold their best player and Man United have done a single £18 Million deal so in all reality nothing to speak of by our rivals in terms of huge names being brought in by our rivals but for some reason Arsenal fans are showing frustration and impatience at no business being done as of yet.

It will come, now is not the time to be getting all negative and annoyed.

Arsenal targets are not exactly inspiring

There have been some decent players we have been linked with, Hakim Ziyech, Kieran Tierney, Ryan Fraser etc but let’s be honest, none of them is world class players. Think back to when we signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, he was a top top player, top scorer in Germany, African footballer of the year and so on, he was the sort of player that could easily be linked with Real Madrid and Barcelona not sure Tierney and Fraser are in the bracket.

Youth appears to be the focus

There are a lot of youngsters we are being linked with, a hell of a lot, too many to list here but the feeling I am getting is that the club and Unai Emery are taking a long term view in turning the club around and targets like William Saliba, Alexis Claude Maurice, Gabriel Martinelli etc are more likely to be signing for us than the likes of 30-year-old Ivan Perisic.

Fans are split over who should be sold

It is quite astonishing that there are so many fans that would be happy to see Aubameyang sold for the right amount of money and to a rival as well. He is 30 but also the Golden Boot winner and weakening our best position seems strange and opinion has been divided and so if that is the case with Aubameyang then that means no one is safe.

Well, apart from Lacazette maybe and it seems everyone and their uncle has an opinion on who should or not be sold.

Just check out some of the comments on this site to get a taste of the splits in opinion.


  1. Sue says:

    Let’s face it – we’re always split over something ?
    I won’t lie – I would have loved for us to have signed someone by now, but we’re not even in July yet, the puma deal hasn’t ended yet.. so hopefully we’ll see more action after that! As Ozziegunner said if it gets to July 31 & we still haven’t signed anyone, then it’ll be time to panic!!

    So Gnabry was Bayern’s POTS.. I just saw Bellerin’s tweet to him mentioning how he wasn’t good enough for West Brom though ? nice one, Hector! I still wish we hadn’t let him go…

    1. Sip says:

      doesn’t pre-season start in 2 weeks? the more time new signings have to participate in pre-season the better.

      I am actually more concerned about the lack of selling than the lack of buying.

      1. Sue says:

        It does indeed, Sip.. July 6th.. I do get where you’re coming from, as i was hoping we’d have given Xhaka & Mustafi away by now ? I will be so mad if they both end up staying next season

  2. gotanidea says:

    If Arsenal cannot buy quickly, their rivals could overtake once they decide to make their moves

    Unfortunately Arsenal have to sell several players first to increase the transfer budget. They also have to take it slowly to avoid the mistakes, such as when buying Mustafi, Xhaka and Ozil

    New players will definitely come since we have lost many senior players and there could be more departure, so patience is required

  3. LUIS says:

    For PEA, he is not that type of striker that will weigh him self so much on age because of his tactical movements in box so two more seasons to wear off

    1. Ackshay says:

      Aubameyang best quality is his attacking positioning. A 40 years old auba will get in scoring situations more than most players. How many goals has he scored with his speed? 5,6

      1. kev says:

        Speed is a huge part of Aubameyang’s game and so is his positioning.He’s a player that plays on the shoulder of the last man and he does this because he knows he has the pace to get away from his marker.He doesn’t care about dribbling and fancy stuff but cares only about scoring hence he hardly shows his speed when on the ball unlike for e.g Lennon.
        His speeds helps him position himself quicker to finish off a chance before CB’s go close to him.
        If you observe you’d see that the strikers who are in the “very fast” bracket are known for their positioning too because their speed means that they position themselves in a way to set themselves up one on one with the GK and also helps them get to a ball quicker than most to finish off a chance.
        If Auba had Van Persie speed for example he wouldn’t be heralded for his positioning.Notice how great strikers one Van Persie,Drogba and the like aren’t hailed much in terms of their positioning ability?Pace is a key part of positioning for “very fast” players.Take this away and the player will be forced to change his game big time

  4. Jackson says:

    You can sell aubameyang if only you get zaha for us

  5. Brainbox says:

    Are we done with the carassco deal?

  6. King Henry says:

    I dont care if we get 100m for auba but selling him to UTD would be pure insanity.. infact selling him to anyone in premier league would be stupid!!

    I can’t believe we haven’t already agreed new deals for both auba and laca.. I mean the club announce any player with 2 years left are given the ultimatum sign or be sold.. well there is a lot of work to be done on that front as there is probably 10 or more players in that situation!!

    For me we keep auba get him signed to a new deal.. laca too!! We have arguably one of the best strike force in Europe.. they have to play together.. we could get 3 more seasons out of their partnership!! it’s up to emery to make sure he is building our team around both of them

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