Four observations from Arsenal’s 4-0 win over Chelsea this morning

Observations as Arsenal humble Chelsea – and is the puzzle finally coming together for Arsenal by Nonny

It was an electric performance from the Gunners last night as they completely outplayed Chelsea, here are few things WE LEARNED as Arsenal THUMP Chelsea 4-0 in Orlando’s Florida Cup final and as the upcoming season promises to be an exciting one.

1. Zinchenko earns standing ovation

Oleksandr Zinchenko, Arsenal’s new £32million signing, was given a standing ovation from the Gunners end as he emerged for his warm-down at the end of an encouraging first 45 minutes in red and white.

The Ukrainian started at left back – in the continued absence of Kieran Tierney – in what looked close to Arteta’s first choice XI.

Zinchenko was rarely tested defensively, instead operating very high up the left flank. He played one delightful crossfield pass to Bukayo Saka and drew whooping cheers from the crowd with some neat feet.

The 25-year-old had an early chance to shoot, too, but took too long. A decent start, nevertheless.

2. Ramsdale teaches Mendy a Lesson in Ball distribution

It feels cruel to single out Edouard Mendy, who’s been such a massive influence since arriving at Chelsea. Last night, though, he did nothing to assuage concerns about one area of his game: distribution.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JULY 23: Aaron Ramsdale of Arsenal claims the ball during the Florida Cup match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Camping World Stadium on July 23, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Or to put it less politely, Mendy’s kicking was calamitous. One early pass went straight into touch, another went straight to Granit Xhaka as the goalkeeper panicked inside his own area.

Later, his wayward kick handed Arsenal possession and from the turnover, Martin Odegaard doubled their lead. Another awful touch almost handed Gabriel Martinelli an open goal. It was all the more striking when compared to Aaron Ramsdale’s long-range passing.

3. Jesus keeps on firing

Don’t let Chelsea’s charitable defending detract from what was another impressive performance from Gabriel Jesus.

In this, something nearing a first proper test since arriving from Manchester City, he was electric once more. It wasn’t just his goal, which he took brilliantly – nonchalantly lifting the ball over Mendy to make it four from four during pre-season.

There was also a sumptuous turn on halfway which left Trevoh Chalobah looking rather silly, and a lovely flick into Martinelli shortly after. Safe to say Jesus outshone all of Chelsea’s forwards until he went down, and Arteta wasted no time sending for Eddie Nketiah.

4. Classy Saliba

The return of William Saliba, meanwhile, has given Arsenal interesting new possibilities, as he was once again very solid and reads the game so well. Ben White started at right back – with Takehiro Tomiyasu out – alongside Saliba and Gabriel Magalhaes at centre back.

That’s one way of getting all three in the team. White has been used at right back by Arteta before, and his inclusion allowed Arsenal to occasionally switch to a back three with the ball. Saliba looked classy once more – his pace and positioning will be a real asset.

“The way we played, the intensity we showed, the way we were trying to show who we are as a team. But at the same time, it’s just a test match,” Arteta said at his post-match press conference.

“Don’t get carried away. There are still a lot of things that we have to get better at and do better.

“But I think it’s good to get some momentum, finish the tour in the right way, give some enjoyment to our fans and everybody that’s been contributing to make this tour happen. Now it’s time to go back to London, to focus and keep making improvements and steps forward.”



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Mikel Arteta meets the press after incredible 4-0 destruction of Chelsea

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    1. I’ve been saying this for a long time, with the long term doubts over Tomiyasu and Tierney, I can we’ll see White becoming our 1st choice right back, Tierney will be our 1st choice left back, but I can see Zinchenko and/or Tomiyasu/Tavares also playing there.

      When everyone is fit I expect to see this line up and bench.

      White Saliba Gabriel Tierney
      Odegaard Partey Zinchenko
      Saka Jesus Martinelli

      Turner, Tomiyasu, Holding, Sambi, Vieira, Xhaka, Pepe, Nketiah, SmithRowe

      Cedric, Elneny and Balogun will be added for Europa League purposes

  1. What hasn’t been said yet is our tactics in which MA has been questioned about.
    I feel it was that which made this game look so easy , plus we looked like we wanted it more.
    So it’s looking good and let’s hope it keeps up.

  2. The early signs are very good and we need to take this momentum to Sevilla and then at Palace . My concern in this team is do we get enough goals from Martenelli and Odegurad to complement Jesus and Saka . My 2nd concern is Partey’s injury . We do not have good cover in that position.
    I am looking at Spurs and they also have a pretty good window . May be little bit bette than us at the moment . But signing Telemann would change that equation

    1. Far too early to suggest such. We have to see how the Europa league Thursday games followed by short rest before PL games affects the squad.

      Also, has the mentality improved, or are they weak and capitulate too easy like last year.

      Waiting to see them step up and grab a game by the scruff, or to snuff out opponents momentum late in games.

      Chemistry and cohesion looks good, hopefully we have improved against a low block.

  3. Agree with all four points.
    Personally feel like Jesus could prove to be one of our best signings for the Emirates era.
    Edu said we’re yet to see the best of GJ in the EPL, and the player himself said he’s playing with much more happiness now, and that his mom called him to tell him so.
    When then comes from a mother, you know definitely she’s seen some huge upliftment in her son.
    Aside that, he got disrespected a lot by our fans saying we paid a huge sum for a striker who couldn’t make it into City’s 1st eleven.
    All these came from fans who know Pep to be a mad man when it comes to tactics and how the man is always switching things and deploying weird tactics and line ups. (Worked for him so far though.)

    It’s also mental how people used to say City’s B team can challenge for the league and will walk into most teams, but the moment Arsenal started signing them, they are suddenly branded average players and City’s rejects, even by our own fans. Well anybody knows if City have more rejects for us to take? People ignore the fact that City’s team was filled with mad quality all over the place so it’s hard to be a standout player in that squad. It’s easily to be overshadowed.
    More City reject? Is Bernando Silva available? De Bruyne? Waiter, I’ll take two or three more rejects please.

    Finally it’s mental how much different Jesus will be here. Under a different team where he’s allowed to be more flexible and express himself with that Brazilian flair we all know of.
    A free Jesus is already looking like the perfect complete striker in every game he’s played so far.
    Long may it continue.
    May this squad continue to grow with the manager.. lastly, it’s gonna be scary, but not for us ☣️♨️♨️♨️☣️

  4. Good analysis but glaringly xhaka who was probably (being kind it was obvious) motm gets no mention. Biases and agendas run deep with people in general and with xhaka it can’t be clearer. Even when motm he gets no mention, moment he missteps slightly headlines everywhere.

    1. Waited for someone to point this out.
      KM in the two previous articles still took shots at Xhaka.
      I’ve come to accept he’s one of those players people will never appreciate no matter how much he improves.
      Let’s all pretend the Xhaka of the last 2 years is still the same Xhaka that was terrible, and the delusional thing is Tielemans isn’t better than him.
      Tielemans scores from long shots, Xhaka used to, I don’t know wtf asked him to stop taking those outside shots of his.
      Except the player will be a massive upgrade on him, (Savic or the likes of Thiago)
      he’ll remain here and will start games, and I’m here for the moaning and tears that will follow it from people who will never appreciate what he brings and does to this team. 🤡🤡🤡

      1. I get why people get annoyed with xhaka when he loses his head it’s silly weirdly though that’s resulted in 2 reds I believe and the 1st was shortly after he was signed and when he gained the rep despite not repeating that again until recently. Refs treat him unfairly he should of had yellow against city max last year or 20+ players should of been sent off in other games for other teams including 2 on the very same weekend that both actually made contact with worse challenges. No if’s or buts it’s one or the other. We probably lose to city anyway although I thought our performance prior to the red despite being down was quite good.

        1. He will have 10 good games and no one will say anything but one mistake and most will come out condemning him of holding us back since he was in the Bundesliga.

          1. Xhaka has always been pretty good in games where he is under little pressure and has time on the ball.

            When he doesn’t get time, then he is quite poor and makes mistakes. Personally I rate players when they are under pressure and ask “can they win a game for you when the rest of the team is below par?” or at least inspire a come back. For me Xhaka does not do this so he is a good squad player but we can do better.

    2. Two assists too. I have been reading articles and comments about that game since morning waiting to see who will praise but no one stepped up especially those most critical of him. The only one who mentioned him is Konstantin and mentioned him negatively.

      1. I humbly disagree sir. I for one have posted a couple of times after the Chelsea game that Xhaka can/will/currently does bring a lot to the gunners table and should not be sold. Additionally, Konstantins article was not negative regarding Xhaka, he seemed to infer that Xhaka would need to be replaced by some serious quality/upgraded were he to be let go…my interpretation anyway

        1. Arteta has found the best way to use him and limit exposing some of his weaknesses (for example, in transition). He provides some balance to the left side of the team and his progressive play is good.
          He is clearly playing better than he is often given credit for. However, he still loses his head at times in games and has fundamental weaknesses that have to be compensated for.
          The issue for those clamouring for him to go is that they have not, for the most part, identified a suitable and realistic replacement who would be clearly better for Arsenal.

  5. Not taking anything away from the result because we looked very good and maybe apart from the full backs positions that will probably be our staring line up next Friday ,but it was a game where there was no pressure and it was just a warm up for what’s to come next week .
    I’ll start getting excited if we do that in the league against Chelsea .
    So the real pressure starts next week ,highest spenders in Europe for a second year running 350 million spent in Arteta la time here so there shouldnt be any more excuses (we must have ran out of them by now )I still think that we will fall short of top 4 and if we do then that should be seen as a massive failure because we can’t say money hasn’t been made available ,time for Arteta to start earning his 8.8 salary .

    1. Still the 5th most expensive squad in the league. The cost of your squad not your summer spending will always be the measure of expectations. If we can improve our sales ala Liverpool then we might bridge the gap but the gap is still there, no matter how people try to manipulate the figures.

        1. Technically yes but man utd are above us in squad expense and have been poorly managed so I think 4th is a reasonable target. Just pointing out that the squad is not the most expensive in Europe it’s 5th in the league which was the point you were making so entirely relevant.

  6. As fans we overreact a lot, those of you that came up with different negative assumptions without a clue about the situation- Saliba and Mikel, you can all see how the decision has paid off big.
    If he had stayed with us their is no guarantee he would reach this level because we can’t rely solely on him

    1. Exactly!

      All the ridiculous moaning about his “mistreatment” being sent out on loan once (other than the contractual loan-back) – instead of noticing that the loan worked exactly as intended, turning him into an excellent player.

      1. That’s your assumptions
        There is no metrics that shows he would not have matured had he been with us. Maybe I can make a case that him and Gabriel would have been more solid and gotten us over the Line with the top4 race
        Arteta mistreated him, he seems to have learned from his past, I see players who in previous seasons may not have gotten a chance to play all having a good preseason…
        Saliba doing well is surely on him and have nothing to do with Arteta

        1. Thing is everyone that shouted negative on Saliba also declared that Arteta had ruined the relationship and we’d lose him. All trying to save face with the if only wed had him last year line and not spent 50 on white (hg that you need regardless.) They were wrong Saliba was happy to play week in week out (he had stinkers as well in France and they failed to win 1 Europa group stage game if he’d done that last year for us it’d of been his fault we missed 4th according to the sages or he’d of bench warmed and everyone would complain about that.) Love the fact you still say he was mistreated and yet he wants to sign a new contract with his star higher than it’s ever been, it’s almost like he wasn’t mistreated at all and was agreed plan.

          1. Strange thing about the agreed plan is that Arteta and Saliba repeatedly stated it was the agreed plan which noone with a negative mindset bothered to listen too.

        2. It’s an observation, not an assumption.

          The coaches observed him and decided that he wasn’t ready. They devised a plan to get him ready and it has worked.

          No-one can ever know what would have happened in some other scenario – and it is certainly not for me to prove that that might have worked or otherwise in order to observe that what did actually happen, certainly did work.

          And – that he has not been mistretaed in any way, in fact he has been matured well. If you want to expound on what you think might have happened in a parallel universe then it will be you in fairy tale land, not me.

          It worked – be happy.

          1. Really
            Saliba came back as one one the finest young CBS yet he (Saliba) was not ready to play in Europa league even against all mighty Malmö, he wasn’t ready to play in the league cups, he wasn’t ready to be registered, he was only ready to be frozen out for a whopping six months. Arsenal is only trying to protect their asset having lost many for close to nothing, saliba is making waves, in France national team they have realised that he is very good and could become the next Van Dirk, arsenal will be doing everything to have him sign a new contract even if it means offering him a major role in the squad, saliba is a professional footballer also contracted to arsenal so I don’t expect him to publicly criticize the club.
            For Angus Marseille failed to win 1 Europa group stage game please how then did they make it to the quarter final
            Saliba has been good not just his loan at Marseille even in his six months loan to nice he made the team of the season, he did just started playing well at Marseille he has been good all along

        3. @GD
          There are many reasons why Saliba went on loan and played in France. Losing both his parents after we signed him is one reason. That’s a heavy burden for a young person in a foreign country.

          Claiming that Saliba has been mistreated by Arteta/Arsenal is nothing but balderdash. If he was mistreated I doubt he would have signed a new contract with us. Saliba has been playing every week on a decent level and is returning as a much better player. How he could have developed if he stayed with us is worthless speculations.

      2. I’D, the discussion was, why send him out on loan and then buy another CB for a reported £50,000,000 plus fee, while we needed more pressing replacements up front and in midfield, I respectfully suggest?

        The problem was that the fans, media and pundits didn’t listen to the Arteta and Saliba explanation but, instead, chose to be negative regarding this issue.

        Mind you, after watching Holding in the spud game, one might question that second loan deal.

        1. Hg CB we didn’t have and Saliba clearly not being ready. Anyone that actually followed Saliba in France would know he had multiple bad games that if he’d had for us he’d of been slaughtered for it. Frankly he was overrated in awards because he’s french in france by far one of of if not the most xenophobic country in the world. Plan was that he would not start regularly for us without Europe in particular and had enough talent that we wanted him to be starting regularly. It worked perfect, the complaints are childish at best and mostly just trying to save face having been so wrong about the entire situation with looking to sign a new contract.

          1. As I kept saying look at what the two people involved were saying, I’m not one trying to “save face” as you put it – but why are you taking this stance of knowing more than anyone else?
            I don’t understand why voicing one’s opinions should become such a personal thing Angus – didn’t you get it wrong regarding our finishing 5th?

          2. Wasn’t he also voted young player of the year? Didn’t he also earn a call up to French national team, and actually start games? Also earned praise from Dechamps.

            Overrated in awards? Really? All the interest from other clubs would argue against you.

            Seems as if you are minimizing Saliba’s accomplishments, or am I mistaken and misreading your comments?

            The plan concerning Saliba worked. He got experience, seems to have matured, and rejoins us a solid CB, better than White I would argue.

            Good for player, good for manager, but most importantly good FOR OUR CLUB. Let’s be happy and celebrate!

        2. It is a question of opportunities too. even if last year saliba was not that ready. Lets say he was. Ben white was for me an apportunity. Fits arteta style, young, english, no injuries issues … Even if we may have pay a bit of extra money, i think he was a great addition. I am not sure we lacked funds last year. Just arteta did not find someone adequate in midfield. I think that was more a decision from him, to go with partey/xhaka/sambi/elneny/amn (remember that he did not let amn leave)

          1. BW was a good and reasonable addition to the club even if somewhat expensive.
            Those who are claiming that Saliba was mistreated are simply being unreasonable.
            There are a number of fans who seem to have something against Arteta as they rarely and even then only grudgingly give him any kind of credit for decisions that have gone in our favour.

            1. I don’t get why people are trying desperately to cover up for Arteta.
              Arteta himself said, he regret not registering him for Europa league.
              So leaving out Saliba from Europa and League cup games, then playing Sokratis and Mustafi is a good thing right?
              So leaving a young player out of the squad entirely for 6 whole month is great for the player confidences right?

              I remember people here saying Arsenal should sell Saliba because Saliba was making an interview on how he was treated but so surprised this same people are claiming if he was mistreated he won’t sign a new contract.
              Why not wait till he sign a new contract before you claim he agrees to sign a new contract.
              Do you think he will just sign a new contract when is place on the team is not assured?

              And about the guy who said we only loaned him out for a year is having a laugh.
              He was signed in 2019 and loaned back as agreed to a contract which covid played a part of. But the 2nd loan wasn’t affected by COVID, not playing for 6 months is all on Arteta and then loaning him for the remaining 6months and then the 3rd loan. So stop claiming we only loan him for 1 year.

              And to Angus
              Who is now downplaying Saliba’s achievement because he’s so desperate to defend Arteta. Please how does playing White a whole season improve White performance compared to his previous seasons?

              The defence you guys called a good defence conceded more goals than David Luiz, Bellerin defence, so what is so special about the defence?
              And if you don’t know, Ramsdale and Tomi saved there blushes till Tomi got injured and Ramsdale lose form.
              How do you think White will play if he had (the then) Bellerin by his side? I believe much worse.

              So instead of blindly defending the coach for what is obvious for all to see, let just be hopeful that, things has change with Arteta and he’s learning on the trade and man-management and hope Saliba sign.

              When a player is loaned out and never perform, it’s the players fault but when he turns out good, it’s the coach fault and not the player or the coach who build him up. Jeez!!!

        3. The lad needed to be in France to deal with his personal issues, also that video he got in trouble exasperated the need to stay in France rather than runaway.

          He responded and dealt with things perfectly just as Arteta and the club had hoped he would. That chapter is now closed and we should allove on and be excited for the future.

          A back 4 of White Saliba, Gabriel and Tierney is perfect with the likes of Tomiyasu, Zinchenko and Holding being first choice to slot in when necessary with Cedric and Tavares providing further depth.

  7. Tuchel’s post-match interview was interesting for a few reasons.

    He claimed that Chelsea had a number of players who were not 100% focused and he believed this was due to ongoing contract issues to be resolved (welcome to our world!).

    It adds fuel to my thoughts about the future for Chelsea as a club. Abramovic may have put the club £1.5bn+ in debt to his holding companies via loans, but he also gave them a fair amount as gifts too.

    Can the new owners do that? The’re a big difference between owners who can scrape together the financing to buy the club and an owner who can provide billions as financial injections into the club’s operations.

    Just before all this “financial doping” (to borrow Wenger’s phrase) started, Arsenal were top of the pile in 2004, but they were lumbered with spiralling stadium costs and no rich owner – so players (RVP & co) started leaving for richer pickings elsewhere (MU, Chelsea, City).

    Now I wonder if Chelsea’s days of financial doping are over – the new owners may be no better off than Everton or Leicester’s owners. I expect Newcastle will eventually replace Chelsea in the “big six” but next season… I can see Chelsea having the same problems as they had last night in losing 4-0 and their players eyeing a move to a club with a rich owner.

    They just about held it together at the back end of last season, with a few notable bad results after Abramovic went – but doing that for a full season under new ownership… that’s a different challenge.

    I’m not convinced Chelsea will be top 4 next season – or the years after that.

    1. I totally agree with, the third spot is available and ready to be grabbed by us 😉

      1. Idon’tknow etc (!!!) a really interesting opinion that gets the grey cells thinking!!

        Tuchels whole body language was one of resignation and, if your correct, puts chelsea back where they belong – couldn’t happen to a more deserving club and its supporters…. in my opinion.

        1. Thanks Ken – and yes, he did look both frustrated and somewhat resigned.

          I also think Spurs are no better than a dark horse at this point. Conte is a volatile creature who may flounce off mid-season.

          I’d be interesetd in your thoughts re my post in this thread:

          See my response to Koss.

          It covers/analyses the financial changes after the Invincibles year and the differences between Koenke’s financing of Arsenal and his financing of the LA Rams (and how other rich owners have financed their clubs over the years). And how that “financial doping” gimped Arsenal ever since.

  8. Admins – have you done something to my account? If I try t write anything longer than one sentence it disappears.

      1. Errr… actually my reply to Ken above just disappeared – it went to moderation, then disappeared completely.

        (Does a post automatically go to moderation if it contains a link? Even if the link is to an article on this site?).

  9. “Zinchenko was rarely tested defensively…” Lol. James was having his way with Zinny down the left flank. Nuno put a stop James marauding…IJS

  10. I wanted to type bunch of negative fan base on here, then I remembered, we are all just being humans.

    The arsenal fan base I know during the days of the invisibles will not place spurs ahead of arsenal no matter what.

    Maybe it was because under the invisibles we were used to winning, but over the last 10years, we have been let down times over. I understand.

    Certainly, i know this current arsenal team, either with more addions or not will do better than purs in the upcoming season.

    I hope by then, some of the negative fans, who choose to place arsenal behind, even before the season begins
    will learn to support the team.

    At least give the team the chance to begin the season.

    Though, these players are professionals. Therefore, they should be mentally strong enough, not to let the negative stuffs we throw at them affect their game.

    But we should all Know that this guys are not robots, they are humans like you and me; meaning, they can be affected by the negative environment we create at times.

    Put yourself in their position, if your are being castigate time and time again without any word of encouragement, would you feel loved enough to get better? I don’t think so.

    So, don’t let us make this current management, I mean Edu, Mikel and the boys suffer for the crime they didn’t commit.

    Because, the problem of arsenal didn’t start now or 3years ago, it all started long before now.

    Please, give these guys the chance to do their best this coming season, show some faith in the team even if you don’t have it at the moment. let’s make them feel loved with positive comments and if we most come with criticism, let it come constructively in form of feedback not abuse.

    I love and respect everyone here, your dedication as fans is second to none, which is why I love to read your comments, all to the very last.

    But, this negativity is becoming unbecoming. Lol…

  11. Please, forgive and forget some of the typos. My phone is on auto suggestion. You know when your smart phone is proofing to be smarter than you. Lol…

    1. Liked reading your opinions Rowland – agreed with some and not others.
      We’re all Gooners and shouldn’t forget that simple fact, so well said.

  12. The Saliba issue shouldn’t be used as a weapon to discredit Arteta. He was sent out on loan to have more game time and gain valuable experience. It was not because Arteta was against him. I have said it elsewhere that using conspiracy theory to discredit our manager is a very cheap gimmick! Let us be objective and logical or as Jon Fox puts it “realistic.” We should avoid hyping young players like Saliba because they might get pampered and lose focus. Let us allow them to develop naturally and mature into strong players.

  13. Hard to get a word in because Angus seems to have an answer for everything. So Saliba looks like the real deal but what exactly does it have to do with Arteta?and as Ken Burns points out why did we waste so much chasing Ben White when signing a proper wing back wou.ld have given Arsenal more options. Also why so many articles on this site over the past year focusing on how Arsenal didn’t need Saliba. I think one of the reasons Saliba is being given a chance now is that the powers that be have realised that with his contract expiring in a few years they cannot afford to let him go freely. Afterall if Ben White is worth fifty million then what might Saliba soon be worth. Van Dyke numbers I would say. Angus is also blowing his horn over Xhaka’s amazing feats on the practice pitch. But what has he given us over the past six seasons that another player also couldn’t have done if given the opportunities. I don’t care that Xhaka is a hot head. Roy Keane was an animal but he could lead and inspire and take a game by the horns. Xhaka has never done this at Arsenal. Slow, ponderous, unimaginative and so far, predictably has never shown up when it’s counted. Bring in Tielemans or reorganise the midfield so that others such as ESR and Viera can play a more prominent role otherwise stop making excuses if Arsenal don’t make top four.

    1. Tielemans is no where near xhaka. I have followed him in Leicester and he is a bang average player. Gives possession away frequently and does not have passing range of xhaka.
      Please don’t compare both

    2. I might not agree much with Angus but I think I agree with him and Arteta on Xhaka.(don’t get me wrong, I won’t have him start in my first 11 but 100% a squad player.

      Just think about it…
      If no one can bench Xhaka in our current team, why not let the bench player go and buy a better player than Xhaka and bench Xhaka?
      Nobody believes Partey will be this injured, so we re not sure about the player coming either

      And people shouting Tieleman as if his the 2nd coming of Viera.
      Why buy a player who is slightly better than Xhaka and not buy player like Savic or go all out for a good defensive DM and let Partey play upfront?
      If I’m to choose, I will Ndidi ahead of Tieleman.

      And about Spurs, I don’t believe they can outperform us this season(the only thing special about them is Conte).

      I hope Arteta has learn more about his failings last season and ready to eradicate those blushes. I will hold my breath and support him till December like I did last season till he fumbled against Man U and Everton.

      I hope this season will bring Joy.

  14. I prefer to wait for the game against Sevilla next Saturday to give my opinion on the chances we will have on the near future (game against Cristal Palace) because the Spanish team will present a very different opposition of what we had up to now.This game will be very similar to play against CP team: low block,rockoso and very physical;luckily well have a few days to prepare it.

  15. This was the first real test in the preseason and Arsenal came out with flying colors. Although it is only preseason the signs look very encouraging and looking forward to a great season. By the look of it, Jesus, Saliba, Ramsdale and Odegaard were very good and on the whole the entire team looked excellent and Zinchenko already looks like a great signing.

  16. Yes, placing White as RB is perfect and Creative Mr. Coach
    Let Belleri go with the new concept.
    1) It gives room for Tommy to get fully healed while White keeps the defence and transition still solid .
    2) It is a demonstration that our backyard is well covered at the start of 22/23 Campaigns with the Zinchenko’s arrival at LB while Tierney is also getting fit. Perfect!!!!
    This is great foresight Edu Gaspar and Mike Arteta. Bring in Youri Tielemans , so that we can be assured too of a prepared Midfield Raid at the start of season especially with free kicks complementing Odegard . while we get a replacement for Pepe, AFC is prepared for all competitions in the 22/23 Campaign
    We shall not also hurry to bring in Fabio Vieira when we have brought in Tielemans. Then our project is 75%
    Complete and we can go for more Trophies after the introductory
    Pre-Season Trophy. Let Vieira too get reall fit before starting.
    If Chelsea had won AFC, you should have heard all Sports Channels singing to the highest Tone. “After all it is just Pre-Season, now that Arsenal beat Chelsea 4-0”.. Couragev AFC!!!

  17. Bring on the new season. Real football and the only way to test out our hypothesis. The only stats that matter; where Arsenal finish on the ladder and the wins losses column.

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