Four years ago today Arsenal signed (“The Average”) Mesut Ozil


Mesut Ozil has been with Arsenal for four years today and for me he been a massive disappointment. I always try to be optimistic with Ozil but far too many times he just leaves me disappointed. I’m always waiting for him to find his best form, but it just doesn’t happen. I see the glimpses of brilliance, he pops up with some blind passes, gives some good what.. Sanchez can do that also (remember his pass to Ozil vs Watford last season) Ozil’s good performances are too few and far between…

He still has millions of fans that swear by him but I can’t exactly figure out why… He is so overrated it isn’t funny. Fans of Ozil are quick to say its not his fault – that the players around him (Giroud) don’t make the correct runs etc…We can’t always blame someone else for his lack of consistency, at some point Ozil has to take responsibility and produce like a £42m record-buy player.

Nasri was much better for us than Ozil has ever been… And if Barca ever wanna do a swap deal for even Rafinha I’d gladly accept.. We just keep protecting this player forgetting that he is paid huge sums to do his work, we tend to look at his performances for the German team and that’s simply no excuse, you don’t see Ronaldo and Messi giving excuses about the team around them, a good player is a good player barring his team mates.. I personally feel stats are the downfall of football, they are the reason we keep doubting our eyes defending players like Ozil who keep under-performing week in and out,, a player who’s not wanted by bigger teams.. Its either I’m blind or deluded.. please me what this man can do?
-he cant beat his man
-he cant shoot properly
-he isn’t aggressive on the ball
-he is been pampered by the manager
-he gets burnt out easily..

WTF is he doing at a club that once boasted the best Number10 in the English game (Bergkamp)..

Am I wrong?

Liberty Leo

Updated: September 2, 2017 — 1:41 pm


  1. I have been very critical of ozil, however this post has left me with mixed feelings. I so want him to do well and at time hes so frustrating, however, all the blame is not his, Wenger has failed continually to support him with the right players around him. i feel the same about Giroud who need tow quality wingers to put crosses in, we dont have any. im 100% sure we dont need 100m signings just quality signings played in their correct positions. Stop forcing players into the team
    players who are/were let down by wenger

    i even believe Nelson deserves a chance to play he has some talent, if he were at Monoco he would play

    1. How was Ramsey let down by Wenger for F sake? Ramsey is the epidome of Wengers failuare at the club and Giroud besides not being good enough was our main striker for the past 4 years

      Fck me, dunno if i have watched the same Arsenal as some of you guys

      1. Ramsey is a no 10 he’s never played there maybe being uneducated in football stops you from understanding it’s ok

        1. Yet in 2013/2014 people were like “he’s an engine and has three lungs”.I for one feel his natural and best position will always be at box to box.The fact that he’s tactically indisciplined doesn’t mean it’s not his position.The problem with him is that he intentionally decides to neglect his duties.He plays like a box to box player and since he was young many of us saw him as a CM.If he wasn’t playing at No. 10 at Wales people wouldn’t have suggested in Arsenal he should be playing there which suggests that the problem is not with the position but the player himself.The guy likes to be everywhere on the pitch and that is clearly a trait of a box to box player.
          I still see him being poor at AMF in Arsenal if played there.He’s a CM and must make sure he fulfills properly his duties in the team and not neglecting his role tactically.

        2. Dont let your fanboisem cloud your mind. Even as a 10 he was and is not good enough for Arsenal. But those who want to excuse, will find ways to excuse. A chicken head playing as a 10 is simple unthinkable

          1. It’s funny how in 13/14 they were like “he’s like an engine and has three lungs”.It feels like I’m the only one who feels his natural position is at CM.The fact that he’s stubborn and tactically indisciplined doesn’t mean it’s not his best position.He’s just being stubborn which must be checked.How many people complained here about Ramsey from 08/09,09/10,10/11,11/12,12/13,13/14,14/15 and 15/16 that Ramsey’s best position is No. 10?Today we’re being told his best position is at No. 10 just because he’s putting in some decent performances for Wales.Shocking excuses all round for some of our players.

          2. Wenger holds Ramsey dear, as i think that he made it personal and his duty to force him into having a good career at Arsenal, regardless how much it harms the club, same goes with Theo

          3. You don’t need to turn on Ramsey just because someone had a pop at your poster boy Ozil, you big fanboy.

          4. Remember arsenal went through 9 years without a trophy. But since we got Ozil, we have won 3 FA cups and 3 community Shields. He may not be aggressive, but he often cover more grounds in games

          5. Thx for reminding me mr Break, but you see, the other has nothing to do with the other.

        3. You gotta be kidding about Ramsey’ the only reason he gets in the side is because he’s a Wenger pet, and that’s because he beat United to he’s signature. Should have got rid of him years ago

      2. The only player who was let down in the list is Lucas Perez.All the rest have had many chances which arguably will not have been given to them by any other manager.

        1. Say no more, but Campbell and maaaybe Gnabry to some degree as well

        2. 100% right about Lucas Perez’, the trouble there was that Wenger never signed him, the board brought him in at the last minute through pressure from the fans after missing out on Vardy. It’s also the reason Wenger got rid of him.

    2. Giroud and Perez shouldn’t have been here in the first place.We could’ve won the league if we had a better CF in one of the seasons from 12/13 to 15/16.It shocking how a player like Giroud was rated for so long.I tried to find positives in his game but watching him made me miss the likes of Eduardo,Van Persie etc.
      As for Ramsey and Ozil they’ve been inconsistent.The former is always injury plagued while the latter fails to usually meet expectation.They both may be hopeless situations.

      1. players like Ozil always present the fans with a bit of a conundrum, especially when times are tough…if you look around the sporting world every once in awhile there emerges a player with incredible skill, like Ozil, Matt Sundin or even Jay Cutler, who have a different way about themselves…their movement seemed almost too lackadaisical, so much so that it seemed to suggest indifference or even disinterest on the part of the player…their posture always appears somewhat mopey and they generally have an unflattering “sour puss” expression on their face…for some their above average skills are enough to keep them squarely in the mix, as their respective teams try desperately to find a way to get the best out of them visa vie player acquisitions or the reworking of tactics…when things go according to planned the fans usually find a way to accept their unique disposition, whereas when things go awry they become easy targets for fans and pundits alike…in the case of Ozil and Sundin, their successes on the international stage and/or with their former teams led many to conclude that if we surrounded such talented individuals with players that have those skills that would most likely bring the best of these players success would surely follow…unfortunately both the Maple Leafs and our club chose to adopt half-measures, as each were being run by corporations who valued profitability over providing the best possible product on the field…for them, they cared more about shirt sales and season tickets than doing whatever was necessary…this isn’t, by any stretch, an attempt to absolve Ozil of any responsibility for his failures on the pitch…there is no doubt oftentimes his efforts were underwhelming, to say the least, but this club has been inept when it comes to providing this prolific passer with the kind of players necessary for him to flourish…with our poor man’s version of Benzema up front, the headless chickens in Walcott, the younger Ox and Welbeck occupying wide positions far too often and the fact that Carzola, who provided Ozil with great service and more freedom to roam, was never truly replaced, the only real skilled outlet on the pitch was Sanchez…remember to be considered a world-class set-up man goals need to be scored and for much of his time here he has been surrounded by some incredibly inept finishers…in the end, I’m not sure how long he will be in North London, recent sentiments and his present contract situation seem to suggest that he will depart at season’s end, but how tragic would it be if once again we didn’t put our best foot forward and failed to make those moves that could have brought championship football back to our once beloved club…so when you think about this uniquely skilled player don’t be so quick to shift all the blame on his shoulders because he will not be the first or the last highly skilled player to find disappointment at the Emirates if we don’t rid the club of those individuals that are truly to blame for our current woes

      2. You don’t know what you talking about, go watch some netball bro!

    3. If Ozil is really a world class player, he should be able to influence the games consistently, like what Messi, Neymar and Sanchez do. Ozil needs another position and a system that are suitable for him, like Real Madrid’s, Bayern’s, Dortmund’s and Spain’s system.

      Arsenal should have the guts to bench him and try another player in his position for at least five matches, to compare them. If the other player doesn’t perform, Arsenal could place Ozil back and he would be motivated to perform better.

      Iwobi could grow better in that position, if he is given the chance. Iwobi has good close control, can beat the defenders, has a better stature and he can possess the ball with more touches because of his skills.

      1. Even if we have a player like Messi in our team, Wenger will make him be an average player by playing him out of position.

      2. Ozil does for Germany and is an integral part of the side.

    4. Every player Wenger touches since 2012 has become worse than the player they really are. The last players Arsene turned into world class were Cesc and Van Perse. The man has and is loosing touch with the demands of present day football tactics. He needs to retire!

  2. You say this but his stats don’t lie. I would love for him to be more aggressive and shoot from outside the box like I know he can. He is a very timid man unfortunately and lacks confidence in himself.
    Since he has joined Arsenal:
    164 games
    32 goals
    57 assists.
    Also with over 400+ chances created.
    God knows how many assists he would have had playing behind Henry or Wright. His body language and lack of tracking back does infuriate me but at times is awsome to watch.
    1st comment on here since I’ve this site which has been about 4+ years.

  3. Wenger can make even the likes of Messi look bad, believe me. players did leave and are still leaving for a reason. The joke is on Arsenal and not the players

  4. Guys I did a bit of research on Kroenke & I’ve got to say the future looks very bleak as long as he’s the owner.
    Fans are crying for Wenger Out & so am I but I’ve realized that we are not looking at the bigger picture…
    It’s Kroenke who poses a bigger threat to our club rather than Wenger… Even under a top manager we won’t be capable of competing with the likes of Real, Bayern etc
    You don’t become a top club by just winning the title. You need proper structured investment, planning & most importantly ambition which starts from the owner…
    Does Leicester winning the championship make them a top club— No
    Does Monaco winning the Ligue 1 make them bigger than Psg—–No
    Does Dortmund winning the bundesliga make them bigger than Bayern — No
    Similarly we won’t be bigger than Man utd, Man C even if we win the title.We’re bigger than City, Chelsea if judged by history but not ambition.
    In short Kroenke only wants to make profit… Finishing 7th or 17th means nothing to him as long as we make money…
    We’re in a very dangerous situation guys coz Kroenke won’t sell his “money making machine “(I.e. arsenal FC) anytime soon. Why would he?
    I hope you can see this.. It’s not that difficult to understand the situation!
    If miraculously Usmanov buys the club, Wenger’s departure will also be close….
    But replacing Wenger with a new manager will mean nothing in the long term if we really want Arsenal to become Europe’s elite… “Wenger Out” can only bring short term success.
    Kroenke is the root of all evil within the club.

    1. Wenger is the only one who secures Stans poz at the club. Without Wenger, even the backwards ( Wengerits) will turn against the clubs owner together with the rest of the fanbase

    2. Very true. This a pattern if you look in to kronkes other sports clubs thatbhe owns they were all fairly decent teams like at the time he brought arsenal. Theyhave all know become mid table teams in the respective disciplines as kreonke has taken theor resources and left just enough to keep them making s bit of money. We must stop buying tickets etc until he is gone. Imagine if the whole stadium was empty on saturday this will send a real message. And whilst I am stull wenger out I cant help but wonder how it would have gone for him if he had man utd resourses our madrid millions.

    3. Another manager would’ve exposed Kroenke if they were manageing Arsenal, Wenger still denies it, which means he is also complicit in dealings along wiht Kroenke

  5. This article is so one sided it’s not even a joke.It only goes to show how some of our players are not appreciated.
    As for Ozil until he starts performing consistently he shouldn’t be offered a new contract.I can’t really say much about him but the criticism he gets is really funny.
    I don’t expect him to be defending or hardworking or anything like that.What I expect him to do is to do what he’s well known for which is creating chances.He needs to get back to that form and I believe he can.Wenger must also bench him when he’s not doing enough so that it creates competition in our team and gets some desire from him.

    1. Kev….

      You don’t expect Ozil to be hardworking and defending?? Why? So that he can be creating chances I assume???..smh…

      It comes down to two things about this guy,:
      He is either overrated or,
      Not made for the EPL….

      He is so one-dimensional and limits us a lot, I will be honest and say I always force myself to like him..
      He can’t lead us anywhere, he is an icing on the cake player, not a guy to lead a team…..

      If he is truly world class, he won’t divide opinions as he does, many go the extra mile to defend him…
      Players like Cazorla, Payet, Coutinho, Rosicky, do not need solicitors every one agrees outrightly that they are good…

      Imagine a Coutinho behind Sanchez and Lacazette, Coutinho is well rounded, dangerous and also capable of spliting any defence unlike Ozil…

      When Cazorla was our number 10, the whole league was raving about him, he was dangerous and so unpredictable and makes us dangerous going forward, a complete playmaking no 10….

      I can’t wait for Ozil to leave, he is a liability

      1. He is a luxury player, if the team is already good, he can make it great But Arsenal are poor, so his qualities which make him worldclass are secondary and not needed

        Almost broke the assist record in the epl. Giroud went full donkey, losing chances after chances, 15 games without scoring, and bam, L City epl champions

        1. How some of our CF’s in 12/13 were ever rated is beyond me.It’s a good thing we reaped what we sowed.

      2. Let us not forget that he was a panic buy afterall

      3. I don’t expect him to be hardworking and defending because the best version of Ozil which is the one at Real Madrid was never hardworking or known for defending.It wasn’t any of those which made him renowned in Spain.It was his ability to create chances,deliver massive assists and being consistent with his abilities.There are a lot of top players who are actually lazy and don’t track back but it’s hardly seen because those players are consistent with their quality and output hence that side of them is ignored.I watched Ozil at Real Mardid and he’s as lazy as he is now.Nothing different.The difference with him is that he’s inconsistent with his abilities.

      4. I wish people who do not know football would just shut the hell up! Just go look at the stats before you speak nonsense. Who has created the most chances in the league since Ozil has arrived? Its not Countinho, its not de bruyne, its not silva, its Ozil! Its not his fault his teammates cant finish the chances he creates. Who has created the most assists since Henry’s retirement, um Ozil! with 19 assists. So please know your stats. Am I angry that Ozil doesn’t perform in the big games, of course but please do not say he must leave and is a liability when the stats clearly say he has been one of the best CAMs in the league for the past couple of seasons.

  6. Some wisdom finally.

    Wenger is a top manager, but he is operating within a tighter set of financial rules than we think (know). He has bluffed his way to getting good and even great players, but can only deliver based on the current money available to him.

  7. “Some of these comments are made by those who do not know me, some are made by former players — both successful and unsuccessful during their time here at the club. Although criticism is something that all football players have to deal with, I nevertheless expected legends to behave like legends — my advice to these former Gunners: stop talking and start supporting!”

    These are Ozil comments…

    1. He also has to stop underperforming and start improving his skills to avoid getting robbed a lot in the field. The legendary ex-players that criticized him are not just former Gunners, but also people like Neville and Gerrard.

      The legends performed more consistently than him, so he has to prove that he can do the same and fight for Arsenal in this season.

      1. Ozil creates chances. That is his job, not his fault if there are poor fishers in front of him.

        Ozil needs a set of players with talent, able to strike. He has one in Sanchez, and got one more in Lacazette. What he is saying is that it is time to get behind the team, rather than rue the loss of Ox. Arsenal has actually become stronger and able remove unnecessary parts this window. It can afford to pay 400K to Sanchez next summer, and also acquire another two players in one of these three areas:
        1. to take over the attack from the right wing,
        2. dominate the mid-field and
        3. help the back line,

        What Ozil does not have is a useful British support cast minding the mid-field behind him and on the right wing, and also minding the back three. Iwobi is Nigerian, and he is really useful and might fill in the right wing now. But, Theo, Ox, etc. are just the last remnants of old school straight line players now accepted to fill the domestic quotas in Liverpool and Chelsea.

        Actually, I think Arsenal does not deserve Ozil. He cannot be sold to Barca, as Real has a clause of some sort.

        What Arsenal needs is very clunky English game to show the fans there is effort, even if there are no victories. That is players able to chase down long balls, while the defense stays back in a proper back four. Of course, such ways of playing will not lead to a world cup for these players. But, the English are not interested in something they cannot imagine winning now.

        Germany on the other hand is different. Now how many cups have they won?

  8. Play Sanchez and Lacazette along with Ozil and see Ozil’s key passes will be turned into assists.
    It’s that middle of the lineup that needs tweaking to provide balance in defence and attack. But Wenger overlooks this.

    1. Wenger does not understand present day football, he feels his tactics to out play everybody is the best. Leaving defence open to the other team’s attackers and goal scorers. Simple!!! I don’t know what team will do well by playing attacking football without a thought for defence. Even present day Real Madrid is very balanced with both attack and defence. Wenger’ method is tired. He needs to retire!!

  9. Average?
    How about the guy who wrote the article go wash his face the absolute clown he/she is

  10. I just watched Isco (playmaker just like Ozil) tear Italy a new one. Unbelievable performance! That’s what a WC attacking midfielder looks like. Ozil is a million miles away from Isco’s level.

    1. Agreed talented chap is Ozil, but what a ghost in big games and now every lesser games.

      Can’t effect a game like others could and still do.

      Oh Dennis!

      1. Yes he does vanish in games I’ll give him that. But no one has had a great start to this season. Sorry but I like him, when he’s on top form he’s a joy to watch, as are the rest of the team. I just hope they all find that form…sooner rather than later!

    2. I think you mean Isco is a million miles away from Ozil. Doens’t Ozil have like over 200 career assists. How many does Isco have? Say what you want but a CAM is supposed create and assist, and Ozil has created and assisted the most since he has arrived in the league.

  11. As see it Ozil is a luxury player player who you either accept his weaknesses (not defending, can’t/won’t tackle, etc) and put a couple of defensive midfielders behind him or you should not play him. So for me if the team is not set up with the defensive midfielders he should be let go.

  12. Honestly, reading Ozil’s comments earlier today was a breath of fresh air. Quite literally every article or opinion you see or read on Arsenal these days is nothing but negativity (for awhile now). Obviously, it’s been a tough start to the campaign but who knows, maybe the boys rally around these comments and show a bit more fight, while startin to pile up some points. An “us against the world” mentality might be just what Arsenes men need right now and may have come from one of the more unlikely of people. Who knows, may just shut up some critics and fans who are all too ready to pile on as much sh*** as they possibly can. Not a popular opinion on here, I’m sure, but F it, I’m rooting for this team and it’s players!

    Or nothing happens, we lose the rest of the games on the schedule, get relegated and everyone will, at least be abe to take comfort in the fact that they can now say “I told you so”

  13. Can’t believe the one sideness of this article. Done nothing for Arsenal? Then why was he Arsenal player of the year 2 years ago. Most assists in the league as well. Last year was not a great year but still l7th in league with assists and one of Arsenals top goal scorers. Also voted Champions league goal of the year last season.
    Why is it that he performs well for Germany. Had a brilliant game against Czech the other night. If he goes missing in big games it is because our back 6 are so weak against the big sides that they can’t control possession and play out from the back.
    I have been a supporter for 46 years and yes Bergamp is also my favourite player but he did not do much tracking back. He didnt have to with Vieta petit Adams Keown Bould Dixon Seaman behind him.
    Ozil does not have that.

    1. Oops should read 7th in league with assists.

    2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      I don’t think you watched Bergkamp too carefully. If any of his team mates lost the ball let alone himself he tracked back to make the tackle and win the ball back. He had Ozil’s vision and skillful passing plus some, as well as ability to beat a man and score goals with a delicate chip, curve or fierce drive. Have a look on utube at some of the vision, plus interviews with players who played with and against Bergkamp. He was skillful and hard and Ozil is not fit to lace his boots!

      1. I think I watched enough of Bergkamp play and Yes he is one of my favourite players. He was supported by great players when he played unlike Ozil who is supported by Mediocrity. Ozil Performs consistently well for Germany at the highest level

    3. Thank you finally common sense
      The barring British pundits and English media whole world can see the above

      You don’t have specialist in other positions it makes other top players look bad also I.e ozil

      let’s not forget 2 years ago b4 xmas he was on 15 assists and only ended up with 20 at the end due to Giroud going on a 14 game goalless streak lol

  14. ozil came and the long awaited trophies followed. fans should remember that. let us appreciate our own. if any body doubt ozil contribution to the team, let that person watch him play for Germany. you will notice that the problem is with our tactics and not the players. believe me, if a modern manager manage this crop of arsenal players, we can compete actively for the title this season. Wenger lack the X Factor to push this squad into a winning team.

  15. The premier league has come a long way since the days of Dennis B, Ozil is playing in a much superior league now with a much weaker side, Dennis was surrounded by world class players Ozil isn’t that’s the facts. If Welbeck could finish he would have had two more assists by now. The infuriating thing is the ENGLISH media pick on Ozil yet say nothing about Welbeck and Walcott who have just blazed over 15 one on ones Ozil has played them through.

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