Fourth-place play-off? Scenario could see Arsenal v Liverpool or City

This weekend should put an end to the Premier League campaign until August, but there is a possible play-off on the cards for Arsenal.

Our side moved to within one point of Liverpool, and three of Manchester City, and are hoping to claw their way back inside the top four at the finishing line.

This weekend we play host to Everton, where a win will push us up to 75 points, and should Liverpool fail to beat an already-relegated Middlesbrough side, we would qualify for the Champions League by the skins of our teeth.

There is the possibility however that we could end up having to play one of our rivals for a place instead, should the unlikely scenario occur that we finish the season on the same points as one of the teams in fourth place, whilst having the same goal difference and goals scored.

A play-off between us and Liverpool could occur should we draw our match with at least 1 goal scored from each side, with the Reds losing by a scoreline of 2-0 or more depending on our result. We have currently scored one goal less than our rivals, whilst having conceded once more.

There is also the possibility that we could go head-to-head with Manchester City instead however, but it’s much the less likely. Firstly Liverpool would need to win their match, to leave us and City sharing the fourth position in the table. Man City would firstly have to concede four or more goals in defeat away to Watford this weekend, with us winning our match. A 4-0 win for the Hornets paired with a 1-0 win for us would see this scenario brought to life, but we aren’t expecting City to fall apart like Tottenham did last season…

Our form of late would put us in the driving seat should there be an unimaginable play-off match, but I think my heart would much prefer for Liverpool to crumble this weekend and we cruise to victory and seal it the old-fashioned way!

Would you love to see an end-of-season play-off for the Champions League spot?

Pat J

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  1. wenger out says:

    Lol we nor pool or city deserve to be in CL, might as well give it too Everton or something. Not like we challenge top teams anyway.

  2. muff d says:

    haha clutching at straws much

    hopefully he will field kids for group games in albania and moldova
    first team will be fresh for the league



  3. Absolutely embarrassing analysis. I don’t see Arsenal qualifying for the Champions League

  4. Goonerboy says:

    How can we even think of this???

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    You mean Liverpool loose to the side who struggled against a struggling Arsenal now that they are consigned to relegation, and by two goals!?

    Yeh right,
    Like that’s gonna happen!

    Everton will be a draw or another loss.

  6. The real Robin Vanpayslip and not that other fake one says:

    Have Middleborough even scored 2 goals all season ?

    1. RSH says:

      theyve scored a total of 10 goals away from home this season. Once Liverpool get one against them it’s done

  7. RSH says:

    lmao, Liverpool will beat Middlesbrough and that will be that. Let’s not complicate things. This is what we get for being so poor most of the season.

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I just want us to beat Everton, Alexis to score a few goals and win Golden Boot and for us to win FA Cup

    A trophy is sorely needed after a season like this

    Then summer we should get Lukaku, Van Dijk and either Gueye, Romeu or Krychowiak

    1. mike says:

      Give me auba, if not, then belotti. I just don’t like lukaku. Thats just preference.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Lol?? Aswell as being premier league proven, Lukaku could still do the business whilst carrying Belotti under one arm and Auba on his shoulders ??

      2. Sir Muda of Arsenal says:

        can we try kun sergio aguero? just saying

  9. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Good news Lads,
    On loan Chambers has motivated his Middlesbrough teammates with Arsenal club shop vouchers (Sent with love from Uncle Wenger) and a day trip to the Emirates, if they keep a clean sheet at Anfield and there’s also an extra bonus for any Middlesbrough player who scores an unlikely winning goal, and that’s a 5 year contract to join Arsenal.??So fork the 4th place play off, were heading for the Original UCL play offs, because we’re good like that ??

  10. Tim says:

    No chance of CL participation next season. Liverpool will thrash Middlesbrough.

  11. Griffin says:

    What helps us against Everton is that win, lose or draw – there’s nothing for them to gain. 7th place is already their’s. The only problem would be Lukaku gunning for the golden boot award. Also, with nothing really to lose, don’t you think Everton would want to deny their Merseyside rivals a Champions League place? 😉 Also Middlesbrough only need to draw the game.
    First things first though….let’s win the game!

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