France Euro 2016 woe makes CB and striker VITAL transfers for Arsenal

Just because the home nation France lost out in that surprising Euro 2016 final against Portugal does not mean I am blaming the Arsenal players Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny. Far from it in fact, because I think the two French Gunners have acquitted themselves admirably for Les Bleus this summer.

What I do think, however, is that the disappointment of losing when almost everyone expected a Parisian party is likely to hit the pair hard, especially when you consider that Arsenal also blew a great chance to win the Premier League last season. The timing of the final last night and the start of the Premier League season was already putting pressure on Arsene Wenger to do without Koscielny and Giroud to begin with but I reckon that our boss needs to go a step further and give the two just a little bit of an extra summer holiday.

The last thing we want is for our main centre forward and our best central defender to come back in a bad frame of mind and I think it could happen if they come back to club football too soon. On the other hand it is a tough call for Wenger because Arsenal have a difficult start to the season with Liverpool and Leicester up first.

There is an obvious solution to the problem though and that is for Arsenal to sign another top quality striker and defender to strengthen these key areas and take the pressure off the likes of Walcott, Mertesacker and the manager himself. The big question is, will he do it?

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  1. Like it or not this is not Arsenal football club, but really Arsene “Wenger” football club… This our fault as well as the board fault… We let it happened… We thought we could not do better… We have now the oldest manager in world football (may be) stuck in the 80’s… We cannot win us trophies because he does not know how anymore, simple as that…

    Be ready to wheel him to the touchline because the “fool” is going nowhere.

    Win trophies, major trophies are not objectives at the moment (well until Wenger DECIDES to leave). Last season was a “freak” season and even then we managed to finish 10 points behind Leicester…lol (I am laughing because I cannot cry)…!!

    Can we win it this year?
    Not a chance even if we get 20 gracious points in advance…
    Again we will barely make it from the CL group stage and be kick out on the next round…

    Easy to predict and you don’t need to be a football analyst…

  2. I do not think signing a new striker and centre back now will help our home game against liverpool and away to leicester. By the time they have been through the transfer process there will be insufficient time to properly integrate them into the team. It is teams that win matches, not a group of star players thrown together, as shown in the euros.

    Of course signing a top quality centre back and striker would help us greatly over the whole season.

    1. I will add that signing a top striker with pace is essential, theo is not up to the job and his play governed by not getting injured, and welbeck is injured.

      1. Yes I agree just 33 days till
        Liverpool Aug 14 is not
        enough time to integrate
        any more new players.
        The new players might not even
        be here by the 14th of August because
        Wenger often signs on deadline day Aug 31.
        Mertz Gabriel and Chambers
        just have to step up at CB. No excuses.
        Up front ten year 144k p/w veteran Walcott
        simply has to show he’s really worth his salary.
        Sanogo Campbell Sanchez Ramsey Iwobi
        Akpom Oxlade Asano available also.
        Surely these 9 strikers can hold the fort for 2/3 games.
        And Wilshere and Cazorla can cover for Ozil if need be.
        We should be fine .

        1. Ramsey, Iwobi and Ox are not strikers in my book but more wingers or midfielders. And Campbell isn’t really either.

          Can’t recall Wenger ever playing any of them in the striker role.

      2. Why pace? We practice all week with a target man. You simply can’t change players around. When you are used to playing with someone that plays back to goal you look for that outlet. Theo could possibly do it for 10 minutes or so but as soon as he does it a second or third time he will get a knee to the thigh and be done for a long spell.

        1. I think we are much better when we play with a striker with pace, particularly against better teams. I think Ozil and Sanchez are also much better when they can play at high speed. Give defenses time to set up and Ozil’s passing and Sanchez break away skills are not utilized to the max.

  3. It’s going to be difficult selecting that first team v liv. Remember last year with Alexis, was not a smart move. But can we afford to rest our best players. I think the defenders are all fine, CBs don’t use as much energy. Our fullbacks did not play. I believe we can use Xhaka, he did not play a grueling PL season before tournament. Cazorla think god should be ok, we need to wrap him in cotton wool for now. Alexis Ozil Giroud Ramsey are who I’m worried about, if we can get a new striker (Icardi be nice) that would sort Giroud out. Ozil we could use Cazorla and play Coq Elneny. Alexis simply will be missed, allot. Lets hope Iwobi can step up. Ramsey is one of our casualty dangers, he needs to be rested. Lets hope Jack can show us why he is still with us. It’s not as bad as some of the injury history we had put up with, hopefully we’ll manage.

    1. @ Trevor….

      Spot on mate!….
      For me, we have an almost strong 11 to start the season with already…


      The CF is slightly weak, but Liverpool play high pressing and so Walcott can have some space to exploit when we counter attack… I’d say I fancy our chances @ the Ems…let’s hope they all step up!

      1. Sanogo??? slightly weak???
        christ almighty have you read through what you just typed???
        Walcott ??? put some effort in? when did you last see that ???
        Im asounded at the fact that you consider the combination of Iwobi, Walcott and Sanogo as “slightly weak”

  4. A C.B and Striker signing have been vital to us since ages

    How could u not have known this?…..Ridiculous!

    Acting like premier league kids for far too long….we should grow up mehn!

  5. For me it has always been important for us to get those players in those positions….

    When Mert won the W/Cup he said he lost a little bit of motivation….so winning and not winning will have some effect..
    Eventhough not winning will have more negative effect especially when you are the host and you made it to the final…

    However, not winning it has made it even more paramount to sign a CF and a CB…I hope Wenger realises this and do the needful….

  6. 33 days left to make these transfers….
    ot wenger fires thierry Henry from coaching staff for not giving up Sky TV gig.
    plz tell me this isnt true??

    feel let down

    1. @muffy…..u feel let down?……. Been Let down since time before remembering


      Recall that window when Wenger signed an injured kallstrom as cover for an already injury ravaged midfield

      it shows anything is possible with wenger in charge….

      But wait until we hear he’s breaking down Henry’s stature L()L !!!

  7. Yeah. Looks like Wenger forced Henry to quit
    Henry even offered to Coach for FREE
    But Wenger wanted Henry to quit his Sky role because he criticised Arsenal on Sky

    1. If you ran a business, and one of your employees was going out into the street and telling anyone who would listen that certain other employees were crap and weren’t performing, what would you do?
      The two jobs just don’t go together, let’s see if Henry loves Arsenal as much as he says!

      1. we are a football club first and a business second… or should be … this is how all dictatorships end …the colonel of the EPL lost his marbles 5 seasons ago on my estimate… he has become a character from a gabriel garcia marquez short story …or is that just some teenage midfield prodigy he is trying to bring in from the Mexican third division …

  8. On Henry having to leave arsenal I’m gutted but he can’t do both I feel there’s a strong conflict of interest.

  9. @stubill. Much more money with sky I’m sure!. Hopefully arsene put it this way “go and see out your sky contract and enjoy it, when you’ve got that out of your system come back”

  10. The debacle with Henry getting the push is really indicative of just how bad things really are at the library. it goes to show that no matter how bad things are there can be no opposition to the “Party Line” and if there is then the Dictator comes down with an iron fist.
    We’ve only gone and got rid of one of the most talented and Iconic strikers of the last 30 years in a coaching role where he may well have made a real difference at some stage because of what??
    Oh because he criticized a number of our players who despite being paid top PL wages are not really fit to play in the first division!!!!!
    Its ludecrous that a man who cant seem to see what everybody and thier uncle can see is paid over eight million a years to systematically weaken a club during a period when he should be going all out to strengthen it.
    What will it take to get a change and get rid of this bloody clown before he destroys the clubs reputation for ever?

  11. Am I the only one who thinks Wenger should get Umititi? I felt he performed brilliantly in the euros especially under pressure whilst considering his experience . He’s young, fast, calm, and complements Koscielny well. Admin if you are reading this please get someone to write a piece on Umititi and his stats in Euros.

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