France have the best defence at the Euros now Saliba is playing – Is that just a coincidence?

William Saliba’s reputation is on the rise, as more football fans begin to appreciate why we Gooners consider him one of the top defenders in the game. France took on Belgium in the round of 16, and William Saliba once again impressed with a solid 90-minute performance, confidently anchoring the defence in his side’s 1-0 win.

The only thing I can say about the Frenchman is don’t underestimate him; he really showed off his defensive skills by winning 100% of his tackles. In addition to his tackles, his passing accuracy was quite impressive. He managed to complete 64 out of 66 passes, resulting in a remarkable success rate of 97%.

In addition, he made a number of important interventions, such as 4 clearances and 2 interceptions, demonstrating his skill in understanding the game.

Any fan of the game, no matter which Premier League club they support, would definitely agree that Saliba’s performance was outstanding. He didn’t let anyone dribble past him, which only adds to his reputation as a top-class defender.

When we were approaching this tournament, Saliba wasn’t exactly a first-choice centre back for Didier Deschamps’ France. But his brilliance was undeniable; he has won over the French boss, who now undoubtedly depends on him for his top performances.

While Saliba has started for France, they haven’t conceded in open play. Could it just be a coincidence? I really don’t think so; Saliba just exudes world-class, and that’s exactly what he’s turned both the Arsenal and France defence into.

Our ever-present super ferencer could be the reason that France end up with these Euros….


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  1. The most heart-warming part about Saliba’s performances for France the European Championships is that he has been playing as a left-sided CB, whereas at Arsenal he operates from the right hand side.
    This shows his versatility which should stand Arsenal in very good stead.

    1. I raised this point a week or two back CM and since then Saliba has improved in the left slot although he is more comfortable and progressive playing from the right.All in all France are very strong in defence aided by a powerful midfield trio and I expect them to win the Euros if their front three start to click.

    1. Should point out that France have got to last two World Cup Finals so think they have done okay ?

  2. He’s now the worlds best defender valued at £200 million, with his value likely to increase even further. He’s signed a contract with lucky Arsenal to keep him untill at least 2028.

  3. Really?

    So some esteemed posters in this site who said Saliba is not a good defender when playing for the national team (implying that his World class performances at Arsenal is due to the magical abilities of the manager he is playing under) were spouting nonsense as usual?

  4. Without doubt, Saliba is one of the best, if not the best, defender in the world. He has carried forward his form and quality for Arsenal into the France squad. His presence will be very important to France if they are to progress further in the Euros.

  5. I think Arteta and Deschamp saw the same flaw from Saliba that made them not eager to promote him but Saliba won them both over so this boy had determination and maybe, he can captain france or even Gunner.

    1. I very much see him as a future Arsenal captain, he has the composure, passion and leadership qualities to make a good captain.

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