France keeper reveals Tottenham feeling pressure from Arsenal

Arsenal have got a lot more to do than simply catch and overtake our north London rivals Tottenham if this season is to be seen as anything but a disappointing one, and with 11 points to make up on the current Premier League leaders you would have to say that Leicester City are big favourites to finish above the Gunners and complete an amazing campaign by being crowned champions of England.

It would still be a big thing for Arsenal to finish above the spuds once again, though, and hopefully the next few weeks will see the current six point gap considerably reduced if not closed entirely. This really is crunch time for Tottenham, as their next two matches are very tough looking tests, against Jurgen Klopp’s rejuvenated Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday and then they play host to Louis van Gaal’s top four chasing Manchester United the following on Sunday.

And to make their job even harder, we hope, is the pressure coming from Arsenal breathing down their necks. And although he did not say it in so many words, the comments in a Sky Sports report from the Spurs and France number one Hugo Lloris tell me that the Tottenham players are worried about the Gunners catching them.

He said, “We can talk a bit about Arsenal as well. They are behind us but have played one less game so I think the key is to be focused on ourselves, don’t think about the other teams.”

But you clearly are thinking of us Hugo.

He went on, “We have two tough games ahead with Liverpool away and Manchester United at home and maybe we will see a bit more after those games.

“In football anything is possible so we just need to play games and enjoy it with our fans.”

Assuming that the spuds are already starting to feel some pressure from Arsenal, we really need to keep applying it and with our next two games against Watford and West Ham kicking off before their games we have the perfect opportunity. Can we take it and will it have the desired effect on our north London rivals?

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  1. As a red blooded gunner, we should really dig deep and put out all the stops to finish above the “spuds “! Gunner pride is at stake! Coyg!

    1. Fellow gunners if the board decides to give us the power to take just ONE DECISION in the summer what would your decision be , Just ONE each plss..

    1. I don’t disagree, but right now that we have Cech, I don’t think we’d need him at all… Surely when Cech is way past expiry date, but that is another time…

  2. we have our own pressure to deal wid starting with ineffective tactics, goal drought for most of our strikers, wrong/late unnecessary subs and many whether spuds r under presure or not it wont count anything if we dont adress our own issues well.

  3. Although PL is pretty much secured for Leicester, we can still catch up and go past Spuds, and that is what the team should focus on. Stay realistic.

  4. That loss to Man U’s kids and 2 losses to Chelsea THIS year are inexcusable, just simply inexcusable.

    Wenger has to go, the season was lost the day we lost to Man U’s academy team.

    1. I had to log in to reply you. This is a load of rubbish. The two defeats to Chelsea came from bad officiating and a cheating Diego Costa. Nothing to do with Wenger. We played very well in both games but referee’s decisions cost us. Looking for all possible means to blame Wenger is really a mental illness. Besides your opinion is your right but if you think it has any bearing on Wenger’s future then you are really deluded

  5. Lloris has made a factual statement about position of tottenham and arsenal in the table, plus he has said that playing livepool away and manu at home are difficult games. To twist this in to “tottenham feeling arsenal pressure” is just wishfull thinking.

  6. OT I’m curious, Walcott is on 140k/wk right? How does that compare to how much some of our greatest players (Henry, Dennis, Viera) were getting in their prime at arsenal. obviously because of inflation it was probably less but were they cashing in at that time like Theo is now? Anyone know?

  7. Last ten PLGames
    Arsenal won 3, drawn 4, lost 3
    Tottenham won 8, drawn 1, lost 1

    Tottenham england players performed excellently in recent international friendlies. Arsenal trail tottenham by six points with a game in hand.

    Lloris makes a statement of the obvious and this article says that it is tottenham who are feeling the pressure!

  8. Overtaking tottenham, let alone leicester is not an objective for the club, despite what officials may say. Kroenke has stated that we do not try to win championships.

    We have achieved our first main objective to reach last 16 in CL. Next objective is third place in PL to guarantee CL football next season, however fourth place in PL is OK.

    So main objective now is to maintain our current third spot.

  9. The results from the next two games will obviously set the tone for the remaining premier league fixtures.
    It would be nice if we can win both of ours, whilst Leicester and the spuds lose both of theirs, That would give Arsenal a psychologically boost and an advantage over these two rival’s… Things can quickly change in football, a winning run turns into a losing one and vice versa!

    We all know what we need and if Wenger truly wants more than just to qualify for next seasons champions league then we could just end up seeing the mission impossible happen.
    The next two games will set the scene.
    Roll on Saturday!

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