France v Croatia WC Final – Koscielny to watch his country finally win a trophy

Laurent Koscielny has made over 50 appearances for France, and he came tantalisingly close to winning the Euros two years ago but he was denied by Portugal in the Final. This would have been his last chance of a winners medal, but he was cruelly injured again before the tournament started. Koscielny could finally witness a national success in person after being invited by president Macron to watch the final today although he will be devastated that he is not taking part himself.

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England’s conquerors Croatia stand in their way, but Les Bleus are well-deserved even money favourites to beat the minnows after beating Belgium in the semis. Croatia have showed a lot of fight to get this far, but surely their ageing team will be feeling the effects of three 120 minute games in a row while France have amazing strength in depth under Didier Deschamps. Griezmann, Mbappe and Giroud kept Arsenal’s Lacazette out of the team and the choice will be justified if they fire France to the trophy, while Pogba will have to fight a midfield battle with the excellent Luca Modric to keep the Croats at bay, but I believe they can justify the odds and overcome a tight Croatian side, although a win for the underdogs would be very popular at odds of 4/1.

Whatever happens it is certain to be a great spectacle watched by hundreds of millions all over the World, but my money will be on Mbappe to score the first goal to give him hope of beating Harry Kane to the Golden Boot, and for France to win by at least two goals.

What do you think the score will be?

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Updated: July 15, 2018 — 4:03 pm


  1. That’s nice good for him……but he can’t blame himself so there’s no pain attach although he will miss that precious opportunity if France should be the winner,if things don’t turn out to the opposite direction…laccazette should have been in the world cup squad giroud d has been unproductive just only one assist to his name no goals…thuavin is not playing… Lacazette deserves to be in the squad

    1. Defense-Midfield-Attack….I said it. I’m justified after all.. Stop watching football with sentiment and hate

      1. World cup finally gone to Paris after all.

    2. Good for france that koscielney is injured. umtiti n varane did greast job.kos would make mistakes.
      do france know that they have a little stricker named laccazate? he could serve water bottles others!!!

  2. Kos very cool headed a cool leader for club and country, nice gesture from Macron as well that will lift the team spirit.
    France, African Big Brothers as I foundly call them should be wary of the Croat anyways.

    1. And I am supporting them for that name ‘African European ‘

  3. Koscielny is a true Gentleman footballer. The type of person with whom any club would benefit

  4. It wasn’t long ago that Kos was considered one of the best CBS in the PL. He was pretty woeful last year but I’ve gotta wonder just how much his achilles injury was hampering him. Maybe his lay-off will be a blessing in disguise and help him get back to close to his best. Not banking on it but would rather this than the ongoing “kids glove” treatment he was getting.

  5. i don’t get why people are still underestimating croatia.

    my prediction

    croatia 3-1 france

    perisic giroud to finally score.

    nothing special about this france team…defend for like 70 mins

    easy win croatia if they silence mbappe.

    1. Really? nothing special about this French team? from defence up to the attackers?… Lol you know I laughed each time you guys said France would lose a match, Kudos to Croatia but if they’re to stop France it’s not Mbappe n Griezmann alone they have to shut out..matter of fact Croatia should be ready to be haunted by Kante, Pogba and Matudi.. France is taking this one

      1. eddie hoyte loris?

        weak defenders.

        dont let big names fool is played on the field.

        just ask argentina,spain,brazil…

        1. Rubbish talk, the Argentina u mentioned, who knocked em out? How many goals has this so called weak defence conceded?.. They’re scoring and they’re hardly conceding and you’re calling em weak.. I wonder how most of you guys on here watch and analyze football

          1. eddie the argentina vs france ended in a 4-3…
            are those not goals conceded.
            is your head okay?


          2. your stupidity and hatred won’t make you see and say the truth.. Calling me an idiot now? For making my own view? I can see how matured you are but I really don’t care bout what you think.. If you’re just some frustrated loser hanging on here looking for who to pick fights with boy I’m not that person. I always try avoid calling people names cuz of their thoughts but I’ll make an exemption can either write your views and defend yourself and have a nice debate go on or you shut the fvck up, grab a doodle and go fvck yourself somewhere else. Simpleton

          3. eddie hoyte read your comment again then tellme who is the coward hiding behind a keyboard.

            my friend get your facts right before coming here to make baseless points.

            this site has made you into such a macho man.
            where a stupid man thinks he can get his opinion heard.

            well too bad for you we are can’t lie to us.

            state facts dont act like a spoil brat.

            i think some people really need to watch a bit of football.

            call yourselves football fans.

            football fans my foot eddie idiot hoyte

          4. I’ve never been a keyboard warrior, don’t intend to be, will never be.. I’ve been a member of this site for years and everyone who’s been on here too including the Admin will let you know I don’t do this whole insult shit you’re pulling on here, I make my posts, make debates, post articles and let others state their views. But it’s so clear you’re just a poor miserable sod looking for who to keep into your circle of frustration. I have nothing else to say to you, watch your ball, make your comments and be a civilized human and move forward, I’ll stay away from you and fellow twats like you. Do have a lovely day and enjoy the rest of the football season, you and I have nothing to discuss so Good luck

          5. God bless you, Eddie

      2. God bless you Eddie my friend….nuff said!

        1. Goonerboy?? I call you blood

  6. France will hammer them with Mbappe, Giroud and Griezmann up front.
    Prediction, France win by 3 clear goals with all three scoring.

  7. eddie hoyte i refer you back to the euro final when your stars bottled it up against portuagal that even didnt have cr7.

    1. That was then this is now!

  8. they are a weak team.
    playing belgium 70 mins on the back foot.
    drew against denmark in the most boring game ever.
    beat uruguay by stuoid goals conceded by muslera.

    eddie what kind of world cup have you been watching.

    you clearly know nothing about football.
    you are just a france fanboy.

    after they bottle it up today as they always do in finals..
    i will come back here and remind you of your shallow footballing knowledge.

    thinking like a 2 year old.

    1. Your Majesty, you’re entitled to your thoughts, I’m not a fanboy of France, matter of fact I’m a Die Mannschaft fan boy but they got knocked out and while I watch football and use of my brain I chose to support France who has the team to win it while others chose their teams also and I’m sure you had your team but simply cus your team got knocked out, your brain got reset back to it’s factory settings, empty so you come on here insulting me for saying my view and supporting a French team that with how bad you claim, they’re in the finals.
      Look for someone else to waste your time with, you’re irrelevant to me

    2. They fcvking winning it by 4-2 now.

    3. Poor devil… for sure u are u think the england team is better than france team…stones better than varane, steeling better than mbappe, etc

      Stop talking nonsense and pretending u know all about football boy…

  9. 1-0 to France!

  10. GOAL!!!!!!!
    France 1-0

  11. Nayr, N for Nasty is it? Try harder pal.

  12. Great goal from the Croats.

  13. GOAL!!!!!!

  14. Game on, but France will still win.

  15. GOAL!!!!
    France 2-1

    Come on Greizzy. Score 3 more and make Kane cry lol

    1. I would love that! 3 more is all we ask!

  16. Wow what a game so far!

  17. A Greizman dive the difference so far.

    Croatian has been the much better side in the
    1st half but terribly unlucky.

  18. France is playing pathetically with all the attacking talents they have. Their 2 goals are the highlight of this world cup goals , set pieces and penalties , tactical goals with team work has been very rare this world cup.

  19. Cant believe Kane could win the golden boot with three of his goals penalties and one of his goals off his heal he knew nothing about. He should be embarrassed if he gets it.

    1. Grizemann and Kane have been the biggest cons of this tournament. Only look good on goals and assist charts, but from open play they have been disasters

  20. France has been average, but Croatia switch off during set pieces, really a shame. If France win from a flop FK, and a penalty that’ll be disappointing. Controversial final to say the least.

    1. Meanwhile some idiots were arguing with me that France has nothing and nothing special about them… watch ball like kids, who’s laughing now? loser

      1. 4-1…Haters can hate but can’t stop them

  21. C’mon France but Lloris, what a knob

  22. Lloris hahaha what a howler! Tottenham’s in the genes ??

  23. Damn, even Lloris can’t hide the fact he’s a spurs player

    1. If France win this, then i think is safe to say Kante is one of the luckiest players on the planet, winning the EPL against all odds at Leicester, move to Chelsea and wln it again, now a World cup winner…what a lucky charm to have in your team, i guess he will do the same even on FIFA…???

      And congrats to my darling Giroud, you deserve it, eventhough he didnt score all through the tournament he is undoubtedly important in that team, a hugely underated performer in my opinion…

      As for Kos and Lacazette, what can i say, what an unlucky lot….congrats to France

  24. Giroud off now but although not scoring has been pivotal to France winning the World Cup, which they will.

  25. giroud with world cup will be a nice sight. Slightly disappointing final, but overall a very entertaining tournament. Now we wait for EPL season

    1. RSH,

      Giroud in my humble opinion has had a good career altogether…
      These are the trophies i know he has won;
      The French league
      4 Fa Cups
      2 community shield
      The F**king world cup!

      I stand to be corrected if miss anything….

      And finally France wins!!! Congrats Le blues….

      1. yup, nobody can say he’s not a great player. And he played a vital role in every one of the trophies he has won too. Probably the biggest try-hard striker, and even when things dont go his way, he still helps his team out. Well deserved Olivier

  26. Well done Eddie Hoyte, you were right all along ?

    1. Sue massive respect goes to you also, I enjoy discussing football with you… This France team has it all. Now let’s all get back to discussing our beloved club and next season

      1. Will definitely look forward to that ?

  27. It said in world cup winner language : la fotball rentre a la maison (football is coming home). Viva France ✌✌✌

    1. Oh boy! France has one hell of a team! Seeing the likes of Rami, Mendy, Lemar, Dembele now, it think they can form another formidable team
      Dont forget Lacazette, Payet, kos who are not even their
      while the most of the starting eleven has age on their side
      Bright future this nation as far as football is concerned!

      1. Goonerboy you forgetting Martial and Rabiot and Kingsley Coman..Lol this France team is the future bro???

        1. Exactly! Eddie
          France all the way!

  28. delighted to see the sloth giroud get the boot .

  29. The way football should be played.

  30. i hope john ibrahim was watching football going home to its rightful home. france are the best team by far. just imagine if they had a striker who could score goals, nobody, but nobody would stop them .

    1. they do have strikers that can score. Giroud is their 4th highest scorer ever. And France without a targetman are absolutely terrible. Dechamps knows Giroud won’t always score but is willing to sacrifice that because he brings out the best in the attacking players around him. (Yes! Modric got golden ball. Well deserved! )

      1. What about the bad boys of France;

  31. Kane can shove the golden boot where the sun doesn’t shine!

  32. RSH, remind me please just how many goals giroud the sloth scored at this tournament . better still , while you are at it , can you please tell em how many shots on goal the ploughhorse giroud had. scoring is a strikers trade, dont you agree ?.

    1. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t score, he was pivotal on his hold up play and lay offs that France won . Not saying they wouldn’t have won without him but he was an integral member Of the team. Give up with your hating.

      1. thank you. Not saying France won because of Giroud, but he is a player that compliments the likes of Mbappe and Grizemann. It’s not just about putting on a bunch of goal scorers. Ousmane Dembele got very little game time ahead of Matuidi but Matuidi did exactly what Dechamps wanted him to do by helping out defensively and allowing Grizemann and Mbappe to look for counters. Obviously you want your strikers to score, but if they are still being effective and helping you win, then in the end you have to be satisfied.

    2. I must admit he didn’t have the greatest tournament, but still ended up with a winner’s medal! I wish Laca had been picked, reckon he’d have done alright

  33. GB, excuse me, i dont hate anybody on this planet, how dare you assume such things , shame on you . i dont think giroud is a good player, i have never thought that , but , i , like you , am entitled to my opinion on here.n so please dont go assuming that anybody hates anybody, that is a very childish trait. i would ask you to withdraw that remark immediately, thank you .

    1. Childish? Like calling someone a slough? You mean childish like that?

      1. trudeau, i do not recall ever calling anybody a slough . can you tell me where i am supposed to have said that dear sir/madam, thanks .

  34. Better team lost … One lesson of this World Cup for emery … 3 of last 4 teams all had quality in midfield exception being England … Nough said

    1. Rkw true.

      tell them

      1. Don’t talk crap mate ,you were in on slagging someone off and calling him an idiot ,saying you knew for sure France would lose ,and that didn’t happen did it ,France were by far the best team in that tournament and also have the best individual players of any team
        Annoys me when I have to read fans on hear calling people idiots and saying stuff like go support another team .you came unstuck maybe you should apologise –

    2. exactly. England just had no ideas. That’s why despite me not rating Wilshere highly I would’ve had him on the bench. England just have zero creativity in midfield and Wilshere is the only player with even an ounce in him, even if he’s not the greatest. He did have RLC on bench and I thought he should’ve been used more. Underrated by Chelsea and England.

      1. but also I see why wilshere didnt come because he had a poor season. But just zero diversity in midfield options was the problem with England. Taking Henderson off and putting Dier on… doesn’t really change anything.

  35. eddie idiot hoyte and sue.

    your team bought the referee.

    croats hold your heads up high.

    the soo called tight defence conceded two.

    lloris bottler.called it

    1. Sore loser, cry all you want.. you still seeking more attention? you never got attention as a kid? That why you a sadist? Man I don’t deal with errors like you… this is the last time i’ll reply you..Next please

      1. calm down lads….its only a game

      2. What are you talking about eddie? Him not getting enuf attention as a kid? He is still a sh*tty kid…i hope he grows out to be a better human being…or else its an utter waste of space/resources on the planet earth.

  36. France conceded 2, they scored but it wasn’t as if all their goals were own goals or penalties. In the end who does enough to win the trophy is what matters, and France did that. Croatia did well to earn recognition, but it wasn’t theirs, better luck next time. France are deserved champions, they were in the finals of Euro 2016, it is not a fluke that they’ve won the world cup. Hard work pays.

  37. The last three(including this one) topics on this site, called JUST ARSENAL news, are about the world cup. In the commercial world a site deliberately talking about a completely different subject from what it is supposed to and even called by- JUST ARSENAL- would be derided and ridiculed . So I do exactly that right now. I say this so called Arsenal site is actually a fraud and should clearly now be called Just England/ Just world cup instead. If and when – though I am not holding my breath – this site EVER reverts back to what it used to be about, JUST ARSENAL, I will return . Til then I will look for a PROPER Arsenal site to be on instead. SHAME ON YOU MR. ADMIN FOR ALLOWING THIS TAKEOVER and abandoning what we SHOULD be talking about, ie JUST ARSENAL. PERHAPS ALL THE ARSENAL FANS ON HERE HAVE ABANDONED OUR CLUB? HAVE YOU?

    1. Did you not notice that there was a WORLD CUP FINAL on today_ Most football fans in the World watched it and we won-t see it again for another four years. Take a chill pill for a day Jon….

      1. Pat As I write this reply, the final was , now, yesterday. Can I NOW hope you will not allow any MORE world cup and non Arsenal articles on your JUST ARSENAL site?

  38. So Thomas Lamar is of Nigerian descent…

    How Interesting…

    1. No, he is from Guadalupe just like Henry and Lacazette.

      1. He is of French-born and is of Nigerian/Guadeloupe descent. Plays for Monaco. His grandfather is a Nigerian while his mother from Guadeloupe from the Caribbean islands. He was eligible to play for France and Nigeria, which is the country of birth and Nigeria of his father’s descent.

  39. congrats to France and Africa for winning the WC

    in 4 years time we will hammer them…

    its a good experience for the boys to learn

    they are young

    least we won the golden boot

    now its time for Arsenal to win

    with auba and laca guarantee goals plus 5 signings to strengthen the defense….top 3 is a guarantee…we need a pacey winger if we want to challenge City

  40. Err, shouldn’t there already be another article?? ??

    1. where’s muff diver? – bring back some humour round here

      yes and the next article too please and thanks

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