Francis Coquelin injury worse than expected

There were no negatives to come out of Arsenal’s victory against Chelsea yesterday, in what was a fantastic 3-0 win! The Gunners put in a stunning performance, both as a team and as individuals on the pitch, to return North London to the top of the bragging rights. There were no disappointments for Arsenal fans at all, besides one small matter of midfielder Francis Coquelin’s injury.

It came to many fans surprise when Wenger decided to stick to his guns and continue to play Francis Coquelin ahead of summer signing Granit Xhaka, despite the Swiss international’s great start to his Arsenal career. Coquelin was picked ahead of Xhaka to start, but the Frenchman had to be withdrawn midway through the first half due to injury and he was replaced by Xhaka in what turned out to be yet another fantastic display from the new signing.

It was hoped that despite the eagerness to see Xhaka in a starting role with the squad, that Coquelin’s injury wouldn’t be anything too serious. Coquelin has proven ever since he returned to the Gunners in a state of desperation a few seasons back, that his role is vital on protecting the back line of defence on the pitch. His efforts for the Gunners have always been 100% and although he can occasionally get himself into a bit of trouble, Coquelin has dramatically improved Arsenal in my opinion. His latest injury however will of course mean that he misses at least the next few matches, although today Arsene Wenger reportedly revealed that it’s even worse news than we originally thought.

It is being reported this evening that Francis Coquelin has suffered a similar injury to the one he sustained last season. In the 2015-16 campaign, Coquelin missed several months with a knee injury and now according to Arsene Wenger, the defensive midfielder has sustained a knock in the same place. This means it is highly likely Coquelin will miss at least another two months of the campaign, potentially more given that it is a reoccurrence of a previous injury, although both reports and recovery expectations remain unconfirmed.

It’s very unfortunate news for Coquelin if this does turn out to be the case, because the French midfielder has clearly put in some well recognised performances to keep Granit Xhaka out of the starting eleven. At least this season we are well prepared and capable of replacing players in like for like cases, because instead of having to bring on a player such as Flamimi in place of Coquelin, like we did last year, this year the likes of Xhaka, Ramsey and Elneny will all be capable of stepping up to the task.

Whilst we wait for official confirmation of the expected duration of injury, I’m sure all Gunners will be thankful for him putting his body on the line, in front of Kante’s powerful force. All the best Francis, make a speedy recovery!



  1. Jimbeam says:

    I am very sorry for Coquelin as recurring injuries are the worst kind – Ask Jack.

    At the same time I cant wait to see Xhaka start bossing the middle of the pitch.

    1. muffdiver says:

      yes but 60 games in such a important position for us, xhaka is not robocop
      was buzzing to know im going basel game on wednesday, but this has ruined that buzz

  2. mkgooner says:

    We’re gonna have to play flamini for months! We’ve got no chance this season now. Oh wait…???

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Flame held his own. His midfield partner was the problem…

  3. Jerick says:

    Coquelin is the best we have in that position. He always gives 110%. Yes we have good enough players can fill in his position (Xhaka/Elneney) but Coquelin gives us the steel. Speed, agility and aggression.

    I remember the Chelsea game, they (Chelsea) did not look threatening or comfortable in the middle of the pitch until Coquelin got injured.

    He will be missed big time! Speedy recovery LeCoq

  4. jonm says:

    And earlier today we had a ridiculous article titled “Why Coquelin injury is NOT bad news for Arsenal”. Any injury to an arsenal player is bad news.

  5. Dennis says:

    ughhh he was doing so well too, full of confidence, even playing high up the pitch sometimes. The boy was on fire, then this happens. Speedy recovery for him.

  6. AndersS says:

    It’s bad for Coquelin and it is bad for the team. I don’t necessarily think it always was going to be a choice between him and Xhaka. Especially in away games against top teams, I think they could play together. How he recovers soon, and we don’t get too many other injuries.

  7. goonerbri says:

    Get well soon coq. The team is better wiv u. Granit will hold the fort till u return. Then the pair of u will take us to a title challenge. Man shitty are our Only real contenders. Up the arsenal

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    He was one of our best on form players at the moment. Very reliable, full of confidence and very effective. Sad news.

    We can cope for a couple of months with Xhaka and Eleney, But Coquelin is one of our top players who we don’t want on the sidelines. We don’t want any players on the sidelines

    Let’s hope Coquelin is back ASAP fully recovered. We need him.

  9. Aditya says:

    www . express. co. uk/sport/football/714608/Arsenal-Arsene-Wenger-Francis-Coquelin-injury-boost-news-gossip
    have a look

  10. Wilshegz says:

    Coquelin ll be back after the international break

  11. Dmyers says:

    Coq is more experienced than xhaka and more solid an will be missed but xhaka will do a great job i am sure. He will lear the league quick as he very intelligent.

  12. millerfan48 says:

    L’Equipe is reporting that Coq will be back after the International break so not sure what sources you’re quoting for this article but L’Equipe are pretty spot on…

  13. butters says:

    Le Coq knows how to boss deep in our own half, stopping those through balls and counter attacks. Xhaka and Cazorla is another different player. I think coquelin is our only DM.

    I can tell Wenger is not happy with losing Coq. Losing Xhaka will at least have a number of back up for that role, but Coquelin?

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