‘Frank Lampard’ role bringing out the best of Arsenal’s Ramsey

Jamie Redknapp has claimed that Aaron Ramsey is thriving in his central midfield role for Arsenal, likening his impact to that of Chelsea legend Frank Lampard.

The Welsh international has been crying out for a central role for some time, but injuries have set him back on a number of occasions, and he has struggled to hold down a regular position due to those setbacks.

Ramsey is thriving in his new role since the change in system at Arsenal, with him forging a partnership with Granit Xhaka in front of a back three, and the Welshman has been in great form this term.

Jamie Redknapp believes that he has now found his best position, and has likened his role in the side to former Chelsea star Frank Lampard.

Redknapp said: “Aaron Ramsey is thriving for Arsenal at the moment and it is because he is playing in his best central position.

“Arsene Wenger needs to keep Ramsey in this ‘Frank Lampard’ role.

“Whenever the ball goes wide, Ramsey’s priority has to be to make those runs from deep and get into the box.

“He is tireless in midfield, covering more ground than any other Arsenal player in each of his last four starts.

“Time and again he digs this team out of holes.”

Ramsey has been one of our best and most consistent players this season, alongside Sead Kolasinac and Nacho Monreal, and there is no doubt that his new position has helped him become a key player within our side.

Likening him to Frank Lampard seems a bit of a push considering the amount of goals the former England international used to score on a regular occasion, but Ramsey’s importance to our side should not be discounted this season.

Does Ramsey deserve the comparison to Lampard? Has his best position ever been in doubt?

Pat J

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  1. Guneal says:

    Everyone knows the central field is Ramsey’s strongest position except the deluded arsene (notice how I spelt his name with a low case).

  2. ramterta says:

    but Ramsey will never come close to lampard

    1. Tom selleck says:

      Judging by thumbs down
      He will?!!

      Tell me when I’ve been waiting since dinosaurs roamed the earth

  3. Durand says:

    Ha, thanks for the laugh. If we had competition for that role (santi or goretzka) Ramsey would grow roots sitting on the bench.

    Ramsey is good player to have coming off the bench; like Giroud and Welbeck.

    He is no where close to super frankie, different planets son. Maybe you never saw super frankie play, or just gassing up Ramsey.

    Its ok, just never compare them again, ever.

    1. Declan says:

      Competition? Santi injured and Gorezka not even a gunner, like saying if we had Ronaldo and Messi then Laca and Alexis would be on the bench.

      1. Durand says:

        That is my point, Ramsey is it no other options.
        He’s getting time at CM because Santi is injured. If we had other choices Ramsey would be on the bench.

        Comparing Ramsey to Frankie is insane, really. What’s next; comparing Wilshire to Beckham? Giroud to Drogba? Walcott to Titi?

        Arsenal fans are biased. If Ramsey played for Swansea we would never think on him.
        However he plays for Arsenal so he is the “Welsh Jesus”
        Stop it, sheesh

        1. Nothing changed says:

          Have to agree with you. Ramsey is OK for Arsenal but Santi is another level both in terms of football brain and skills. Lampard was a very intelligent and effective player, to compare Ramsey to him at this stage is childish IMO.

          Ramsey is no spring chicken if he was going to be WC midfield player he would be that by now. He has had one excellent season but the fact that he never came close to repeating that shows me it was a fluke season.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I was watching Ramsey after the 80th minute, he carried the ball a long way forward joining in with attack, eventually we lost it but he then absolutely busted a lung getting back into position. It was late and he done that for most of the game. He played very well, dragging players to create space and being another threat in the box, but he got back into shape. People are always quick to mention when he can’t get back or if he he’s careless with it. Not one mentioned the miles he must of put in in that last game. Ramsey’s been one of our better players so far, not every game of course he had a shocker at Liv, but Oxlade and Ozil played a part in that, the whole team did. Redknapps not the only one who gives Ramsey credit, Caragher has said many times that Ramsey is one of Arsenals best players. Fergie has Ramsey down as his biggest regret when he was asked – which deals he rues missing out on. I don’t think the lad is as bad as many will have you believe, some of them cannot put Ramsey and good game in the same sentence, unless they were feeling creative.

    1. jon fox says:

      Nicely put, if I may say so. There is little doubt that Ramsey has talent and is also one of the hardest workers at Arsenal, over his career thus far. He has shown inconsistency, largely due to injuries and a tendency to go for personal glory and re-run his two cup final winning goals when a pass would be more sensible.He is however the only one we have , barring Sanchez, who can run , late and unnoticed into the danger area onto through balls. This tactic that Dele Allii does so effectively, (sadly), is so rare and Aaron is starting to approach his regular good Wales form for us. Fergie was not a bad judge of a player; some understatement there of course. I actually feel that the wonderful half season Ramsey had in 2013-14, has done his standing since no favours, when we all thought he was reaching a different level that has not been maintained. But he is still a good player and must be nurtured, so as I say, nicely put.

    2. Nothing changed says:

      I think Ramsey can be ok for Arsenal particularly if he is played in the center, out wide he is much less effective. But in and of itself working hard and covering a lot of distance doesn’t make you Arsenal’s best player.

      I respect him as a player but don’t see him as a key ingredient of a PL winning side.

      In his defense, our entire midfield lacks “it”. Xhaka is just off, Elneny is just off, Coq is just off, in fact it is hard to see a midfield combination without Santi at his prime which could be considered PL best.

  5. kklin says:

    Everton planning a surprise move for Alexis Sanchez…dont see it happening though

  6. TheGrove says:

    Ramsey is shockingly bad, the most wasteful player we’ve had in years. He should be bagging at least 2 goals a game judging by the chances he gets and then f**ks up. He passes sideways and backwards and embarrassingly skies at least 2 balls a game.
    I don’t understand how he gets so many starts. I love AFC and despise Chelsea but Ramsey shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Lampard.
    This article just shows you how deluded and how mediocrity is aplauded under Wenger.

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