Frank Lampard success piles the pressure on beleaguered Unai Emery

Alan Smith believes that Frank Lampard is piling pressure on Unai Emery

Unai Emery is under even more pressure as the manager of Arsenal this season because of the success of Frank Lampard across town, according to Arsenal legend, Alan Smith.

Emery has been at the Arsenal job for almost 18 months. Yet there is a wider view that Arsenal hasn’t changed much since he came on board.

Some statistics show that he has started his reign poorer than the end of Arsene Wenger’s reign.

Lampard only debuted as a manager last season when he almost took Derby to promotion to the Premier League. He has been loyal to the same attacking principles that brought success at Derby and his players have thrived.

The Blues have won all their last five competitive matches so far while Emery’s side struggles on the road.
The Gunners were hopeful of qualifying for the Champions League at the end of this season and the struggles of Tottenham and Manchester United should have made it easier for them, but they have also struggled so far.

According to Smith: ‘They are going to have to sort themselves out and get some results because the opening is there. Chelsea under Frank Lampard have sorted themselves out, he’s getting his ideas across. ‘I know it’s a different situation but you’ve got a new manager there who has adopted a style of play he likes. But you just can’t see that with Emery’.

Chelsea has had to deal with a transfer ban that stopped them from signing players this season. That ban seems to have been a blessing in disguise forcing Lampard to use his impressive academy.

Arsenal, on the other hand, spent a significant amount of money bringing in the likes of Nicolas Pepe. It seems only a matter of time for Emery to get it right or he could be fired sooner rather than later.


  1. Oh well, the rest of the world will be seeing the truth about this defensive fraud we got as a coach.
    Everyone chose to ignore the truth and created all sorts of excuses like it was his first season.

    Look at Lampard at Chelsea and how his team plays the football he wants. Look at how those young boys performs, makes use of everyone in their position and you’ll enjoy their football whenever you watch them.
    On the other hand, every of our game ends up piling up negativity.
    Negative approach and all sorts of poor tactics.
    Take a look at Brendan Rodgers at Leicester City too.
    After looking at Lampard’s Chelsea I find it hard to understand why any sane Arsenal fan will will still insist this man should be given time or that he’s the solution, he’s had over 18 months now and still can’t get us to play good football.

    P.S: Jon Fox you questioned my stance on Emery last season and made all sorts of write-ups to defend him saying he has our players working hard.(Sometimes I wonder why you guys see running all over the pitch as hardworking)
    So now I’d like to know your stance on Emery now, seeing how it’s his second season.
    You shouldn’t hide from this.
    I’d like to know what you have to say about him now

    1. jon, has returned to the forum and gave his views in the Item on the “Emery out after one loss syndrome”.

        1. Jah son, just trying to be helpful😊.
          I have replied to a number of posts from Kenny Rolfe, Phil and ken1945, when accused of “going missing” with no responses. I didn’t want jon fox to be similarly treated

  2. Let us dream according to our resources. Brendan Rodgers of Leicester is within our salary range and I think he will do a better job than Unai Emery. I do not mind giving UE time but I do not think he can turn Arsenal around. Better to pay him off before we miss the Champion’s League spot and bring in a coach who can turn Arsenal into the team of our dreams.

    Emery on whether this team is better than Wenger’s last season…
    In my career, it’s normal to have criticism of our work in the difficult moments, of my job, our team, the players. On one hand, we have the supporters and their opinion, and we need to accept that. My focus is improving in the next match, seeing how we can improve on things. Also, it’s how we can little by little get ahead, doing our steps in that way, progressing and achieving our immediate target. That’s winning tomorrow. We also want to improve things. We are at the beginning of this season and we have won two matches playing very well in this competition, with very good results. We lost a very big opportunity in the Premier League on Monday to finish third in the table. We are now fifth, so we have another chance on Sunday. We know we can improve and we need to improve, so we have to get better in our way. It’s one process and here the most important thing is our strategy. Our strategy is, when I was watching the games in my office last season, we changed 10 players out of the 24 players we had. That’s 40 per cent, more or less. We are now using new players and some young players to give them chances, to give them confidence playing for the future. We want to have that performance with them. With that process, I’m happy. I’m disappointed in the result on Monday because we had a very good opportunity to win three points. We are in our way and we need to have one strategy. The most important thing is the team and the club, and also that our objective is clear. It’s about where we want to get to, where we want to arrive. We are at the beginning and I am very confident. I have belief in the players, in our work, the club’s strategy, in every player and in our way with our job.

    on whether his best back four is on the bench…
    We are improving defensively, we are conceding less goals. That’s one objective we’re [achieving]. But I don’t want to achieve that best performance only with one system or with the same four players. In the Europa League we are using different players and they are also improving our defensive moment. It’s for all the players. Above all, I want to continue to be an offensive team, but improve defensively. Our mentality is to be offensive. I am going to get that balance little by little, but now we are becoming a more competitive team, we are improving defensively and we want for the next step to be to keep our offensive capacity. I think we are going to do that. After Monday, we can be disappointed but we’ve got another chance in 24 hours.

    on whether criticism hurts…
    I remember last year at Wolves, a very similar system at 5-3-2. Different team, but defensively very strong. We spoke about that. Last year we lost 3-0 at Wolves, and we lost all our balance in 30 minutes. On Monday, the first penalty was clear and then the chances were for us. If we scored one goal, maybe the match is different. But they scored it because we conceded a lot of corners to them. We had a lot of corners, 12, but then we lost in the balance of seven corners for them, and they scored. Then we tried, and we had chances to score and get a minimum of a draw – but we didn’t do it. The 90 minutes happened but we can’t predict what will happen. Our response could be better, but we had a good attitude, a good mentality. Now we have to show in the next match that we can improve.

    1. By Odin’s fecking balls even Arsene Wenger didn’t have this much crap to say after losing awfully.
      Man it’s better to just avoid few words, keep shut a d talk less.

      “I want to continue to be an offensive team, but improve defensively. Our mentality is to be offensive. I am going to get that balance little by little, but now we are becoming a more competitive team”

      Heath Leather’s joker comes to mind, this is one crazy narrative.
      Every fecking weekend we’re always looking to balance one poor performance to the others.
      He’s been looking for that balance for 18 months now.
      He sounds like the Wenger who ran out of ideas and was always talking about “Cohesion”.. Only difference is, his own is “looking for Balance”

      He should just phuck off..
      Look online everywhere, almost everyone now know the truth about him and want him out

      1. I just want Emery to concentrate on selecting the right players and talk less at press conferences.

    2. We are at the beginning and we are very confident???? What beginning? Is he on drugs? The beginning of his reign? he has been in charge for nearly 18 months!!! The beginning of the season? A quarter of the season is gone, we are 7 points down on last year’s total at this stage and double digits out of first. If we continue they way we have been going we end up somewhere around 50+ points.

      The beginning of the end.

  4. The assumption ”Unai Emery is under even more pressure as the manager of Arsenal this season because of the success of Frank Lampard across town, according to Arsenal legend” deflects from reality. Unai is the worst enemy of himself….He had plenty of mouth watering food on the table but starves himself…..

    1. dudu, let’s all just retain some class and criticise Emery’s coaching, tactics and selections, when and if required, rather than cheap shots at his looks (hair, teeth) or his Englisb communication skills, for what for him is a fourth language.

  5. Europa League Cup competition is not a problem to Arsenal. At least not at this matchday no 3 when Arsenal are at home to Victoria Giumanae. For, Arsenal can deal successfully with Giumanae tomorrow night at the Ems beating them with a handful of goals by a fully rotated Arsenal team I suppose Emery will field for the match.

    But what is of a problem and a serious concern to Arsenal at this stage of the season’s campaign is the inability of some Gunners notably, Nicholas Pepe and some other Gunners too like Saka, Ceballos, Willock, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Sokratis, Kolasinac and Chambers to at least score a goal or two for Arsenal especially at away in the PL whenever Aubameyang and Lacazette who are the main trusted Arsenal goals getters in the PL have a bad day at the office for Arsenal not scoring or are not in the team to play. But as things stand in the team, no any other Gunner or Gunners can step in to step it up to score for Arsenal. This is a huge problem confronting the Arsenal senior team in their PL matches which they have to overcome sooner than latter if Arsenal are going to finish in one of the top-four places in the PL this season.

    In all honesty, Pepe who missed an absolute sitter for Arsenal against Sheff Utd should have scored but for his lack of goals scoring confidence for Arsenal in the PL he didn’t. Which later turned out to be a bad day for Arsenal last Monday night in the PL. I think Emery should instill goals scoring confidence for Arsenal in the PL into Pepe and the rest of the Gunners too. So that Arsenal will stop over relying on Aubameyang and Lacazette for goals in the PL.

    In the main time, Aubameyang should wake up from his slumbers for Arsenal in the PL to resume scoring goals for the club again in the PL to relieve pressure on the team and Emery. And as Lacazette has returned to action for Arsenal, I believe the pressure on the team for lack of scoring goals sufficiently in the PL will lessen.

    1. Aubameyang has been trying. We all knew he would not score in every match and this is when other players need to step up. I am tempted to suggest that maybe Pepe should sit the first half on the bench to observe how things need to be done and then brought in in the second half. However, I am not sure if this will damage his confidence.

  6. Many fans can hope for the termination of Emery’s contract immediately, but it simply will not happen as soon as they expect

    Because Arsenal will face three relatively easy oppositions at home, before playing in two away matches. I don’t count the Liverpool game, because it’s just a League Cup match

    If Arsenal can get some points from those two away matches, I believe the board wouldn’t fire Emery due to the high risk

    1. I like Emery but his away record is atrocious. Now it’s emerging he never won a single away match in his last season at Sevilla. Am revising my stance on him, he should be evaluated in January, not end of the season. If we don’t start collecting away points soon, we won’t make it into the champions league.

    2. we won’t get 9 points from our three home games. Also, I hope the board and club will evaluate the way we get our results not only results. In order for there to be some substance behind our rebuild, our performances has to become more coherent and substantive. Winning a few close but unconvincing home games is not good enough.

  7. after Sheffield’s loss I don’t think I will have the courage to watch another arsenal Game this season unless Emery is fired.

  8. Emery is the one responsible for the problem he is passing through, by starting xhaka in the team, benching Tierney , Holding Torriara when they are fit. the willock and ceballos case is understandable because he doesn’t want to build player for another team

  9. A clueless manager a crooked owner and a crippled captain … what could possibly go wrong with Arsenal FC?

  10. Chelsea will definitely finish above Arsenal this season. It’s very entertaining the way they are playing right now. Also I think Leicester will finish above Arsenal. There is no hope with this clown as a manager with no guts and flair.

  11. Arsenal are jeopardizing their Top 4 chance if they leave Emery until the end of the season, the guy is not just up to standard, they should Jess replace him sooner or we risk playing Thursday night football next season.

  12. Lampard has done wonders at Chelsea, being a younger and less experienced coach than Emery. They beat us in the eul final and I am waiting for revenge, but with Emery I don’t know how long will I have to wait. For heavens sake I cannot understand why Emery plays Xhaka. Even Petit has questioned Emery on this asking what Xhaka brings to the game, other than slowing it down, committing errors at crucial junctures, cannot defend, cannot attack. Unless Emery changes his tactics immediately I am afraid my beloved Arsenal will not even see Thursday night football, forget about Champions League.

  13. Its quite glaring we appointed the wrong person to manage our club,am 100% sure the players are equally tired of his non existence tactics which has made them look average.Ambitious clubs like Madrid,Barca,Bayern and juve would have sack this man at the end of his first season but let’s give him more time crew and the let him sign his own player first crew were always on his defence.Lampard’s success has shown how a coach can effectively utilize his available resources and also priorities winning.

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