Freddie Ljungberg criticised by former Arsenal striker for not helping Emery out.

Freddie Ljungberg slammed for sitting down the entire game against Eintracht Frankfurt.

After going seven games without a win, Arsenal has finally sacked Unai Emery.

The Gunners had to make the tough decision after seeing their team lose 2-1 to Eintracht Frankfurt despite going a goal up.

Arsenal have named former Gunners forward Freddie Ljungberg as their new manager on an interim basis, but John Hartson has slammed the Swede for the role he played in Emery’s sacking

Ljungberg has been Emery’s assistant this season and was beside the Spaniard as Arsenal struggled last night. However, the 42-year-old never stood up all night and Hartson has opined on how much of a help he was to Emery.

Hartson took to Twitter and tweeted: “Ljungberg was a great help to Emery last night, Sat down for 90 minutes.
“Surely you get in the managers ear if you can see what’s going wrong.. Emery had to go.”

I am not sure what Hartson’s point is here. So Freddie sat down for the entire 90 minutes, so what. Who knows if Emery even listened to him anyway.

This just sounds petty to me if I am honest, at least give the guy a game or two before you start criticising him. The fans get blamed but it is former players and pundits that are the first out the blocks having a go.

Maybe it is because Emery has gone and he had no one else to kick and just got bored.


  1. The knives are out for a manager who hasn’t managed yet? Give him a break! (+ It’s practically why no one wants to come here)

  2. It’s so easy to criticise when you’re not in the system. Nobody knows what Llungberg said or didn’t say to Emery before the match. Attacking him is ridiculous

  3. If Freddie gives all the players a clean slate! He may well lift the gloom and self confidence.
    He must make them hard to get by.
    Then keep with a system that the players operate well in.
    Use their attributes and play them in their best positions.
    Flexibility is great but only on a sensible level! Over tinkering might look good on paper but rarely works long term.
    A good unit works well when everybody knows their part within it.
    And communication with each other on the pitch coupled with a trust in each other’s ability.
    Come on Gunners! Let’s rise like a Phoenix out of these ashes!

    1. Arsenal’s defence transition to attack problems started with the arrival of Xhaka and will not be fixed till he is gone. Joe Willock Maitland Niles should be playing in the midfield with Ozil. The front three is obviously pick themselves. Maitland Niles is not a right back, his career has been ruined by the last two managers trying to turn him into Bellerin’s back up

  4. I have also had the same opinion as Hartson but I also wondered if Emery listened to Ljunberg or even sought his opinion. Remember emery did not bring Ljunberg to Arsenal. Emery met him there and he was not part of Emery’s crew. You know that feeling when you are asked to train somebody who might one day take your job? At some point I even thought Emery should stay back and let Ljunberg oversee a competitive game so he can compare his approach to Ljunberg’s. But I guess it is too late now. Wishing Ljunberg lots of luck.

  5. Pundits, pundits and more pundits. Who the h.ll is John Hartson? What does he know about the relationship between Unai and Freddie? Such rubbish!

    Good luck, Freddie, we know you’ll do your best, and we all hope that your best will carry the day. We wish for inspired performances from players that everyone has already written off.


    1. John Hartson is making up issues where they don’t exist. It will be interesting to see how Ljundberg fares.

  6. meanwhile…. yesterday at the Emirates
    UE: come here mart….. or nebermind (mutters) your English is maybe bad than mine (beckons to Saka)
    BS: are you subbing me for Özil sir?
    UE: you?, sub?, no!….. (points at an Emery Out sign) what’s that say?
    BS: Emery out
    UE: Emery is me, yes?
    BS: it is you sir
    UE: that what sent former boss away?
    BS: I guess
    UE: no wonder Xhaka gibe them the swear
    GX: (from afar) what?
    UE: nothing
    GX: I’m injured
    UE: (cups his ear) what?
    GX: nothing
    UE: (to BS) ok, go back to pitch…. (to the 4th official) out Martinelli, in Özil
    AL: what about us? (in reference to himself and NP) the team needs to score right?
    UE: no! (rubs hands together mischievously and grins as he mutters) we complicate matters before we leabe England…. tomorrow ebening

    1. His name is Freddie not Frank!
      I’m waiting for the classless people (many of whom don’t appear too fluent in English themselves), who made fun of Emery’s pronunciations to start knocking Ljundberg’s Swedish accent.

  7. Yes, I too listened to the naivety of Hartson last night. He is almost simple minded, so naive is he! Does he imagine FREDDIE did not know Emery was virtually through the exit door before last night, so why on earth would he wish to help keep the disaster of EMERY HERE ANY LONGER. WISE UP HARTSON OR GIVE UP PUNDITRY. THEY NEED BRAINS, NOT DULL WITS!

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and pundits want us to hate the manager. Nope. Will stick by Freddie and trust in him during this period of time. If he can just get Arsenal looking like a team with ANY identity again then he has set us on a good path.

  9. A very ignorant and inappropriate comment from someone who never impressed me as a player nor as a pundit.

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