Freddie Ljungberg reveals his future plans following Mikel Arteta appointment

Freddie Ljungberg has given a huge hint over his future at Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta has been announced as the new Arsenal manager taking over from interim manager Freddie Ljungberg.

The Spaniard has been given a three and half years deal and will officially begin work after the club’s game against Everton this weekend.

Freddie Ljungberg has been the club’s interim manager since they fired Unai Emery and he is set to leave the role after the Everton game, but he has revealed that he would still be very much around.

The Swede took time out to Tweet that he would remain at Arsenal and assist Arteta as a member of his backroom staff.

Ljungberg has been helping Arsenal’s youngsters move into the first team, but he seems to be hinting at a more important role under Arteta.

Arteta however, refused to commit to making Ljungberg a key member of his backroom staff.

When asked his opinion on Ljungberg’s Tweet, he simply said:

“I will sit down and have a coffee with him first,”


  1. I hope Ljungberg can focus on improving our young English players after the Everton match

    They have a lot of potential, but they need dedicated coaches to monitor their progress on daily basis

    1. What about including ALL of our youngsters gotanidea, don’t they ALL have potential and need dedicated coaches monitoring their progress on a daily basis?

      1. I just remember the ones who got promoted. Such as Smith-Rowe, Nelson and Saka, who happen to be English

  2. The Management game is ruthless.
    Freddie is 43 now 6 years older than Arteta.
    Surely the fact that Arteta got the job with no managerial experience
    has taught Freddie that nice guys get left behind.
    Emery missed top 4 by 1 point and made the EL final but got sacked in 6th = place.
    If Freddie wants to manage its not happening at Arsenal.
    The club turned him down for some one 6 years younger with no managerial experience.
    So if Freddie really desires to be Manager/Head Coach he has to leave.
    Only tough guys survive management.
    Mourinho gets a new club,fat salary,has one good season, leaves and then starts gain.
    Ancelotti is doing the rounds again.
    Freddie is being professional by speaking about loyalty.
    But if Arteta does not offer him a significant role Freddie has every right to move on.
    But what role is there?
    Freddie is better than U23 coach besides he has done that already.
    Assistant manager? Like Steve Bould? Freddies better than that.
    Move on Freddie your ready to manage.

    1. Ljungberg has to gain some experiences at smaller clubs first, like what Solskjaer did

      Arteta got lucky because he just worked closely with Guardiola, one of the best managers under 50 years of age

      1. If Arteta does not retain Freddie Lundberg in some capacity, it will be a mistake.
        I would prefer he continue as U23’s coach in lieu of Steve Bould; however it is probably in his best interest to seek a position elsewhere.

  3. I love this comment from Arteta in an interview today, “I have my ideas that I would like to keep for myself. I have to corroborate
    myself when I see them act and behave. thanks
    “I want to do things my way by convincing them that this is the right
    way. I want people who are comfortable with what I’m asking them to
    “I want people who deliver passion and energy to the football club.
    Anybody who doesn’t buy into it is not good enough for this club and
    “I need to understand how they’re feeling, what they’re lacking. If I
    reach that point I can help them, they will trust me and follow me.”

    So there You have it… He’s not a yes man… He also said Pep taught him how to be ruthless… I guess the lazy player are in for the hammer.

    1. Luckyville, a great statement that we, as fans, must hold him to over the coming three and a half seasons.

      I believe he will be a terrific coach/manager for us and WHOEVER he identifies as not being the player he wants at the club, he will have my support – let’s just give him time to make his own decisions…they will be correct!!!

    2. … and Pep was comfortable with him. He trusted him and was almost always cuddling him even to an uncomfortable degree for some “eyes” ( perhaps there was more involved than just football). I hope not.

      1. On so many levels that is perhaps the most ridiculous post I’ve read in ten years on this site. I’m embarrassed for you Gily.

  4. I will have no time for any arsenal fan on here if they can’t get behind the team and manager now. We have to give it till the end of season at least, can’t be doing with any negative shite or people thinking they have a point to make which brings things down. You don’t have a point you just have a negative opinion

  5. Every manager comes in with “vision” and great long term plans.
    Yet in the football league the average management stay is 2.5 years.
    What managers say half an hour after they are sacked is more revealing.
    Most drive out in their cars with the windows wound up.
    That about says it all.
    Passion, energy, commitment, pride.
    Yes we have heard it a million times before.
    It all comes down to results.

  6. Emery could not speak English and knew nothing about London or the PL.
    Yet in his first season he missed top 4 by 1 point and made the EL final.
    Arteta has massive advantages over Emery.
    He has played in the League been assistant manager in the League
    He speaks English and already knows the league and all the clubs players.
    If he gets reinforcements in the critical central defense in January
    which Emery did not get then that will be even more advantage.
    For me Arteta must win the EL this season or make top 4 from the league.
    Anything else is a failure and he should be sacked in June if he does not make CL.

    1. man STFU please! Every single person on here who never wanted him are giving their supports and saying good stuffs trying to be positive and everything you’ve posted about Arteta seems too negative or too dumb. Jesus!! Do you suck Emery’s cock for a living?

      1. Eddie, why be abusive to the comments Adu made? He was not critical of Arteta. What did he state that you disagree with?
        I disagree with his performance criteria that Arteta has, as a minimum make top 4 and win the Europa League, in his first season. Top 4 is extremely difficult given Arsenal’s present position and points deficit. Winning EL is difficult due to the quality of the opposition, including teams dropping down from the European Championship.
        Both are made more difficult because of the lack of quality and depth in the current squad. As Agu states support to Arteta in the January window will be essential.

  7. Freddie must go back home and assist Koeman at Ajax get his coach degree then take over and show what he got,

    Credit him to help youngsters make transition to first team is non sense, Wenger started these kids transition…

    To have been an Arsenal player with success doesn’t gives you all rights nor at all means you can be a top club coach or manager. Arteta is younger but ahead of him as his fellow Viera…

    We do love him same for trying & failing, but Kroenke is the one manipulating, playing us all, he does not have a top coach needed because they all have ambition and will ask to put money down to fix this team as of January window beside costing twice more than an assistant coach infront of such opportunity!

    Until we get Kroenke out, he will play us, make sure we in stadium, theredt doesn’t matter for him! Maeks no difference , lose 3 millions form CL won’t fade the bikkons he is making but an empty stadium kills all his incomes, ads, sponsors,TV rights as nne of them as any interest to communicate in or show an emoty stadium!

  8. I’ve read the same remarks over and over again about your view on Emery and then Arteta having to prove himself by the end of the season to at least equal Emery

    I’m sure Emery was a decent and utterly well intentioned man but he wasn’t quite able to take Arsenal to the next level and I only wish he had been that man because we didn’t move forward and are now in a difficult place

    I’m giving my backing to Arteta

    1. Why get a new manager to get you the same or worse?
      And that’s why Arteta must go beyond what Emery achieved
      otherwise as you said we are not moving forward.
      Top 4 or sack was the ultimatum given Emery so same for Arteta.

      1. Emery had 18 months and it didn’t work for him. Certainly the players didn’t respond. Sure, if there is not a distinct improvement after the end of next season then questions should then be asked.
        Arteta would be a miracle worker if he won a trophy or made top 4 this season

  9. All the very best Freddie Ljundberg for your future, where ever it may be. Thank you very much for your service to Arsenal in stepping up and filling in as Head Coach.

  10. Arsenal should be grateful to Ljunberg for agreeing to take over on interim basis when the team was on a downward trend and with no support whatsoever from the management. His takeover, unlike that of Everton lacked ambition from the high ranks. Still, even after the appointment of Arteta as a permanent manager, he is still willing to assist when call upon. Kudos Freddie…A true legend

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