Freddie Ljungberg urges Arsenal to hurry up and make a decision

Arsenal has been urged to clarify their managerial position by their interim manager, Freddie Ljungberg.

The Gunners named the Swede as interim manager after they fire Unai Emery earlier, however, things haven’t changed at the football club and their latest 3-0 loss at home to Manchester City has pushed them closer to the relegation zone than they have been all season.

Ljungberg has won just one of his matches in charge, after their loss to Manchester City, he insisted that the club needs to clarify their managerial situation by naming a new permanent manager.

Ljungberg has been touted for the job and the club had such high hopes that he would do well, but his output hasn’t helped his cause and it seems he is more than willing to relinquish the position and head back to the club’s academy.

“I think, as I’ve said to the club, it’s a great, great honour to do this,” he said, as quoted by Talksport.

“Of course, Per [Mertesacker] is the academy manager and he’s doing two jobs in one go. I think it needs clearing up to make a decision so that everybody knows.

“That’s something I’ve said. It’s totally up to the club.

“I’m very honoured and trying to do things as well as I can, but I think that it would be good to make a decision regardless of what it is.”

Well, if the news today about Mikel Arteta is true then Freddie may get his wish sooner than later.


  1. I would be surprised if we get a top manager to sign on. Who would want to have Raul choose players for them, rather than picking their own? What top manager would come and take the job of “coach” over manager.

    Arteta is cheap, some in the fan base want him, and I doubt he’ll stand up to Raul or the Kronkes. The reason it’s taking so long is probably the top managers told the club what’s exactly wrong, how much money and control they need to fix the club.

    Unfortunately, Kronke isn’t going to invest, and Raul is not going to give up power and control.

  2. What is this hype with Arteta, he has no proven record as a manager aside from being Guardiola’s assistant. I would be surprised but not shocked if the board settled for him. His experience at best is as good as that of Ljungberg who is struggling to have any meaningful impact on the team. Anyway, we should be prepared to expect the unexpected these days at Arsenal.

  3. Arsenal should have sticked with Ljungberg until the next two EPL games. If he loses any of those two away games, then they can get a new manager

    Because I can tell the players like Ljungberg and he has given the senior players some chances. If Ljungberg benches some of them at the Goodison Park, he can justify his action

    Arteta would be worth to gamble on, but he would have to give the senior players a clean slate again. Therefore we could have the same motivation problem if those underperformers start again

    1. I think the club needs to be decisive and solve this immediately. If Freddie is not the man for the rest of the sseason then they should make it known. We’ve been in limbo for long enough now. In all honesty these decisions should’ve been ready to go weeks ago. But it’s very evident this club did not even plan beyond Emery getting sacked, even when he was losing matches and the fanbase was quickly turning against him. Really makes me think they were more than satisfied with what Emery was doing and only sacked him because of us fans. If so, it’s very bad news that hierarchy and fans are seeing things from completely different planets.

  4. The Board is the problem. Can’t take a decision.
    Freddy has surrendered what else? Get a top manager that will recruit in January. We don’t have personnel that can play. Need six additions from midfield to the back.

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