Freddie Ljungberg needs to do the right thing and save his legacy

Freddie Ljungberg does not deserve to see his legacy ruined.

Freddie is a legend and will always remain one, however, he risks staining that legacy the longer he stays.

This is not his fault, he is very inexperienced at managerial level and has no chance of turning this situation around.

Yes, his team selections have been wrong and so have his tactics but he is out of his depth and the board should never have put him in this situation in the first place.

The Swede has inherited a bunch of players that have no desire, are an embarrassment to the shirt and simply do not care.

And half of them are just not good enough.

It is going to take huge money and a world-class coach to dig Arsenal out of this mess and Freddie is not the man for the job.

He needs to go to the board and tell them he is incapable of managing this lot. No one will hold that against him, he can come back and he may still have a career in management later down the line.

The board and players have no right to inflict this damage on a man that has served this club so well for so long.

The longer he stays the worse it will get because there are some tough games coming up, games Arsenal will struggle to get anything from.

Freddie needs to do the best thing for Freddie Ljungberg and get out while he can and retain his legacy.


  1. And then what? he tells the board and the board does what?
    Freddie is there because we do not have options. The board hasn’t prepared for this.
    His legacy will not be tarnished. Hes doing what he can. Of course he is. Our club is poorly run, that is all there is to it.
    And we seem to not have very good fans. Such as fans who decide its freddies fault hes in charge.
    Get real.

    1. I agree, as a caretaker manager he is doing the only thing open to him. The fault lies with Raul who made the original mistake in appointing UE which has cost the club a lot of money and 10th spot in the table. The embarrassing stat is that we are the ONLY team in the EPL who have not won in the last 5 games.

      1. “we are the ONLY team in the EPL who have not won in the last 5 games.”
        This is damning.
        I don’t have the stats, but I reckon if we got back 6 weeks from the last season to where we are now, we are the worst team in the league. Or close to it.

      2. Kroenke family want to fly in and sack the whole board for this fiasco. You cannot blame Freddie he is not a manager this was put on him maybe in time he will rise to be a manager. But in the meantime, we need a TOP MANAGER full stop

  2. He can only work with what he has… I’m beginning to wonder if they really gave up playing for Emery, or are they all just a bunch of donkeys?
    This really is embarrassing…

    1. But he is doing exactly what UE was doing, wrong team selection n no clear game plan. These are the situations which shows either you can be a top notch manager like pep or klopp. If it was up to me I would appoint Guss Hidink manager till end of season. He is intelligent, experienced n knows how to get the best out of players plus I think he has worked miracles in most of the teams n he is someone who will demand respect from players. This will signal an intent from board as well that they care n r trying to salvage something from this doomed season.

      1. Ok..our defence is awful, possibly the worst in the league? I’d have preferred Chambers as CB instead of one of dumb and dumber, but that’s it. Always want Bellerin to play. Kolasinac did alright again, nothing Tierney did would suggest Kola will be dropped. So that’s our defence, you can’t bring Holding or Mavropanos in as they haven’t played in ages.
        As for Pepe, well, I’m sorry but what exactly has he done? Except those 2 free kicks? Everyone thinks he’s our saviour when he comes on, but apart from a little showboating and skill, and giving the ball away, doesn’t do much else.. 72m really??
        I don’t understand what else Freddie can do?
        I think we just have to admit, we have a very average team.. and are in serious trouble and may even be relegated… that is all we’ll have to look forward to – trying to stay in the PL.. let that sink in!
        With regards to the manager, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to manage this lot! That’s how bad it is.. you could bring Pep in and we’d still be in the bottom 3!! Sorry for the long ramble.. πŸ˜‚

        1. Sue, the bulk of this squad has underperformed now for three head coach/managers. Freddie is having the same problem Emery had; there are only so many combinations and permutations you can make to select a team from these players, particularly in midfield and defense.
          The interview after the Brighton game with Tony Adams and Owen Hargreaves pointed the finger squarely at the players. Freddie Ljundberg, just like Unai Emery won’t have his reputation tarnished, because the experts believe this squad is beyond coaching and needs a total overhaul.

        2. I bet if you give de same squad to Pep or Klopp you will see what they will be able to achieve with this. Most of our players are internationals n their respective teams are doing well on world stage. They have proven track record in their previous clubs as well. So if you look at the facts you will realise it’s the only constant thing is incompetent manager. Coming back to Freddie’s selection same CB pairing, same Medfield strategy of playing Xhaka as DM n paying torreria as B2B, sticking with useless n over hyped wilock and last but not the least playing ur main players out if position Ozil on left wing, auba on right…did you not see the difference it made when Pepe came on n Ozil moved to CM. We looked way more balanced.

    2. Out! Sokratis Mustafi Luiz Kolasinac Xhaka Torreira

      January OUT!!!!

      Those that are not willing to sign new contracts OUT!!!


    3. Sue, We are 5 points off a relegation spot and I cannot see us beating Bournemouth or West Ham the way we are playing and the board must take the blame for the situation we are in

  3. Think we need to hit rock bottom before we can go back up and i think we have a few weeks back and tho not great we are getting better.

  4. I love Freddie, but bad selections again. What do you expect with Luiz and Sokratis as CB’s?

    Ozil is crap on the wing, was with Wenger, Emery, so why does Freddie play him on wing?

    Why not play Chambers as DM and PARK him in front of CB’s?

    Gotta address the holes in midfield and expecting Xhaka to cover for roaming CM’s. We are so disorganized we are bush league amateurs.

    Def con 4 now, serious trouble. Teams smell blood in the water and we can’t defend ourselves currently.

    Gotta get back to basics then worry about attractive football. Defend as a unit, hunt in packs, cover your teammates, protect the ball, and fight fight fight.

  5. We currently have the worst bunch of Arsenal players in the last 40 years. They look like they don’t give a damn and many are not good enough for the Premiership. We need to start re-building in January and try to save this sorry season.

  6. It’s all doom & gloom as per at The Emirates. This is unbelievable how far we have fallen. I cant believe we are near enough in a relegation fight…

    Teams know they can beat us or at least no lose to us AT HOME and that’s horrible to see. Where do we go from here as it’s not looking good at all.

  7. Freddie is not to blame,he has garbage at his disposal so he has no option but to make use of it,

    Freddie we need chambers, Holding and Martinali in your next line up, how u do it is not our problem.

    management is our biggest let down, for failure to invest and reinforce in the key positions. Defense and mid field. This problem has cost us trophies for many years.

  8. This January transfer window, we need to source from within the premier league. Lets get premier league tested players who can bring the fighting spirit, the physical aspect. If we dont have cash lets sacrifice Lacazete, mustafi, socretise and Ozil and get 3 or 4 players who can save us from relegation.

    Lets avoid the pepe issue, we dont need players to come and drink coffee on match day, we need to hit the ground running.

    It has worked for man city, for man u (maguire, james, Bisaka etc)

  9. Anyone who thought our problems could be fixed in one or two training sessions or weeks is not in touch with the reality of the state of affairs at Arsenal.

    To put this on Freddie shows a lack of understanding IMO.

    Freddie is helping out the club until they find the next manager. Do we truly believe there is another character at Arsenal that will do a better job as a caretaker?

    What is clear to me is that the real worry in the short term should be what manager the clowns who are in charge of our club appoint as permanent manager.

    If they bring us the likes of Ancelotti or Vieira we are in deep trouble.

  10. OT: I have not often commented on our fans but I have to say it was hard to believe they booed at the end of the first half and second half. Anyone could see the players were trying and invested there is not much more we can ask. Support would go a long way in helping with confidence.

    Urge them on, lift them up but don’t put them down.

    Sokratis is not very good but anyone who doubts his heart and commitment is blind so whilst he is on the pitch lift him up.

    Ask Raul why we didn’t buy a CD that can help us but spend big on Pepe instead. Don’t get on our current CD who can not help that they are not good enough.

    If we don’t want to end up in a relegation battle we better start playing our part as fans and support our strating 11 on game day. Save the bitching and moaning for this forum.

  11. People need to stop going to the Emirates and stop buying shirts. It’s the only way to get rid of Kroenke. To them, all AFC is – is a business. Stop the business making money and the owners will move on to the next cash-cow.

  12. Jesus… this team can’t be managed at the moment. Look at the decitions the players take during the games… Ljungberg is correct, they are afraid of the ball, and continue to make horrible misstakes on the pitch! They have 0 confidence, and this is what that looks like. No way you can expect that to change in one week, who ever you put in charge of this team.

  13. to be frank, I am not disappointed at the result, nor the with the caretaker-coach, nor with how the boys played. I don’t know about others but I saw fighting spirit, fast tracking of the ball, trying hard to win ball, tor11 was all over d place chasing down the ball, and other positives.
    However, I’m not happy with the fans, we are doing it wrong. We are gradually killing the confidence of the team, we’ve made it so hard for them on social media and joining pundits to kill whatever confidence they have left.

  14. No team ever win a match without hunger to give more. Our so called superstars are just in the past. No more fear factor as every team now believe they can beat AFC. If I am FL, I will pick the youthful players who are hungry and rather lose with them than these high earners that are just crap.

  15. He is incapable of any changes, he has all power to decide but completely wrong in his formation for all games so far.

    It is same Emery picked for ages but he finally had it right in last game with 4-1 back, until Luiz got injured, the team was flying, in control, attacking football! We were coming as waves, camping in their half, running, so fast ; they couldn’t brieve!

    If Freddie did not noticed that obvious difference, it is end of it. Emery finally had it better, gets fired! But it is beyond coach, management hires and manages club, makes transition between coach and board/Kroenke but also manages players, secures transition from academy to first team.

    Wenger was a coach and Manager which shows now how good he was, with NO MONEY, Emery had more than he had in 5 years!

    Then beyond football, he kept great values and spirit in the club for decades. From Ozil, Xhaka, giving captain to Auba is wrong when it should be Ozil in first place, then Laca, Bellerin who been here for a minute! That’s how it is in Football clubs.

    Look how he reacted on Willock! That is not Captain way, he accepted to take this role but not his. Coach picks captain, not players, not in football or any sport!

    Never under Wenger this club was such a catastrophy, shows how much he was doing in protecting players & club!

    You simply can’t replace him nor make transition to another coach without Wenger!

    Kroenke vampire is taking all Arsenal profit, but his 100% share will not be worst much soon. His 100% share was worth 3 billions when Wenger left, Arsenal worth billion when Kroenke came in with 100M, share of 10% or so then. He never had to put a cent, buying shres with profits he made of his share and value Wenger raised Arsenal FC, +2billions in a decade!

    He has no choice to bring Wenger back, he was too demanding since 2013, when it was agreed to raise transfer budget when stadium paid for, July 2013! Tricking Wenger means doing so to all of us, Arsenal he was serving! Kroneke blowing Suarez deal that year was embarrassing, unreal, Arsene convinced Suarez who had agree on contract terms. Same for KANTE in 2015! What a team with this two transfers, Ozil, Alexis!

    He had it so perfectly timed, keeping us in CL all these years; his plan was to be Champion and win CL in this new stadium, a new era of trophies we would have secured with Suarez and Kante alone! Instead Chelsea were crowned with Kante and Reds passed us by!

    Today, we need Wenger urgently for players first, get their spirit back in right place, then get him Koulibaly and Lenglet or Ulmtiti, a RB to compete and back Bellerin.

    We will then win EL and finish top 6, a miracle looking at today and games coming up!

    Simply impossible to find a new manager who will himself need to adapt to EPL football and or to club and players! Arsene knows these players and his home, has unconditional love and dedication for Arsenal. They ruined Wenger plan as of 2013, he had to keep up with no money, mocked with kids on the pitch! People seem to forget or not aware of key facts and turning point of these 2013 to 2015 with money and stadium paid for. That should have been a very successful one but Kroenke ruined it, wanted Wenger out who was demanding too much! 50M for Suarez and 40M for Kante, salary included! Squeezed him up and had Fans, (his kids like) kicking Prof out of home he built and secured payement with CL every year!

    Bloody Bastard now gets boomerang back! Management has been a pity, must be fired with Emery they brought and worked with! Let Wenger get back coach Viera into transition for 18 month and to manage of course! That’s how it should be done and only way to make transition from such a 2 decade coach manager! Then he must be in stadium as Sir Alex for Arsenal to look right, this is a shocker in football world, how Arsenal treated this amazing Prof, a living legend, making and part of Arsenal legacy! Reality, stadium should be The Wenger Emirates, then Henry statue makes sense! Kroenke is a low life!

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