French club prepared to sign Arsenal man permanently

Olympique Marseille is refusing to give up on their pursuit of William Saliba after his stunning loan spell with them last season.

The centre-back has not played a game for the senior Arsenal team yet, despite joining them in 2019.

He has spent most of that time out on loan, and his last temporary stint away from the Emirates was a great one.

He did so well that he earned a France national team call up, and that should earn him an opportunity at the Emirates finally.

However, Foot Mercato claims Marseille is still very interested in a move for him, and they will try to do a deal with the Gunners.

They are preparing an offer which they hope will entice Arsenal to sell, and it could reach as much as 40m euros.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba has shown while on loan at Nice and Marseille that he is a top talent, and it makes little sense for us to sell him now.

We might eventually cash in the 21-year-old, but he deserves to get some playing chances at the Emirates when he returns in the summer.

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  1. It’s pretty simple, either WS signs
    an extension with Arsenal this
    summer or you sell him by the
    end of the window.

    WTS £50M would be the where
    the bidding would begin.

  2. we told you that this boy is not for sale we need him in our club, we will give him the chance to challenge his wing we can’t sale him now please go and find another one some where

  3. Siliba doesn’t want to come back, he has been treated badly by Arsenal. He has been made welcome and treated fairly at Marseille. He knows he has a better life at Marseille, i fail to see how people couldn’t see this coming. Blind or what!!!!!!!

    1. I did tell you weeks ago, Marseille have been talking with Arsenal about Saliba and in the conversation, loaning Tavares was discussed.

      1. Treated badly by being given a chance to establish himself with consistent minutes and valuable experience? Seems like his loan spell couldn’t have worked out much better. How is that poor treatment???

      1. You call him an idiot for laughing at your face? You want him censored for doubting information? Are you mad ?

            1. it’s refreshing to see that you can laugh at yourself on occasion…it shows some real growth on your part

                1. I was responding to another post, but it’s very interesting that you felt it was directed towards you…how fitting though LOL

    2. Maybe you need your eyes tested ,he has already said he wants to play for Arsenal and will fight for a place

    3. Aww, let’s all feel sorry for Saliba because he was sent out on loan to a club he enjoyed playing at. A lot of players are loaned out throughout their career.
      Treated badly? Was he imprisoned? Oppressed? His rights taken away? Did Arsenal refuse to pay his wages? Did the club abuse him physically and psychologically etc?

      My goodness, todays privileged, over sensitive and triggered snowflake mentality is annoying.

      I wish I was paid £50,000 a week and loaned out to give me first team football.. What a mistreated person I would be..

      Normal people are struggling to make ends meet while you lot are busy trying to assure us that multi millionaires are being victimised just because they were loaned out and still making £10’s of thousands a week?

      I wish i lived such a privileged life..

      1. Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better. I’m sure the person saying he was maltreated would gladly take half of what he’s been paid and accept a 3yr jail term . People are just ridiculous. A 21yr old we spent a premium dollar on, sent on multiple loans to get him where he’s now and People are talking trash.

  4. Personally i’m not sold on this guy yet.

    I’m still one of those who judges based on what I see rather than reading stats and on what I have seen he will be still third choice at Arsenal behind Gabriel and White. His not very calm in possession and not as physical as most make him out to be.

    Being a WC year he deserves to play more, hence if we got Martinez and he wishes to go on a good price I wouldn’t blame the club if they accepted that deal.

    1. Am with you mate. The guy can’t win enough aerial duels, his decision making is not the best for sure, he needs a lot of extra touches before passing and he often safe passes.

  5. This is a good news for the apprentice. He will discard saliba in exchange for a slice of bread.

    Saliba is not even good enough for arsenal in Arteta’s head. Why should we bring him when the apprentice can easily deploy his preferred almighty Xhaka to play in the defence if we fall short of defenders.

  6. Arteta is trying to pretend he had great WISDOM in sending Saliba for loans. Saliba’s understudy at Saint-Etienne was Wesley Fofana, who went to Leicester and was immediately put in the first team. When he got injured Leicester went downhill. Saliba had to endure a different manager. A jealous manager who had to eliminate the legacy of Unai Emery to exert his micro-managing ego and annihilate the work of Emery. So without even giving Saliba a chance he waved his eraser and sent a young boy packing. How brave Arteta (not)!!!! Karma is certain according to the Buddhists and Arteta needs to repay Saliba to earn any chance of making a successful name for himself. The ‘Process’ is a pile of you know what….just a way of excusing failure. I really hope the young lad William Saliba, unfairly treated, proves what a selfish man Arteta was (although Arteta will claim wisdom).

    1. Why not just say you do not like Arteta ???? so if he does stay and plays for Arsenal and is useless will you blame Arteta for that as well ???? Just say you do not like Arteta and want him sacked !!!! Trouble is its people like you who hounded Wenger out of a job but gave no idea who Arsenal should get instead.If you want instant success support the State Run Citeh !!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Mike R.

        Actually young boy, people like me, did not hound Wenger out. So you are stuck in your mind game/projection. ‘People like you’ is what the Germans said to a whole bunch of people and then killed them. I care about people.

    2. @Seam william
      My goodness, you guys need to relax, you seem to be too emotionally invested in your dislike for Arteta.

      The guy has not done anything to put the club into disrepute.. He is being a normal manager focused on the job the club’s higher up asked him to do. The majority of our fanbase seems to be optimistic and trying to give him as much time and support as possible so that he has not excuse if he fails.

      Some of you need to take a deep breathe when it comes to Arteta. Your personal grudges against a guy that has caused Arsenal no harm, no disrepute etc is too much. The obsession is not healthy for you..

        1. @Reggie
          That’s 100% true. We all should listen and consider different opinion, but that does not mean we have to accept or respect that actual opinion. Right? Not all opinion is equal..
          And on top of that no one is stopping you from having an opinion. Just know that we are all entitled to our own opinion but also opinion is there to be challenged..
          @Sean william aired his opinion on a public forum, so then that opinion was countered by other opinions.

          We all have opinions but there surely must be a more objective template that we can all use to guage whose opinion is much more Objective and more in line with the unbaised reality..

          You can say that Arsenal is the greatest club in Europe, then a Man United fan say Man united is, then a Madrid fan say Madrid is etc..
          But all those 3 opinions can’t all be correct or equal. One of them is much closer to objective reality than the others..

          Isn’t it @Reggie?

      1. Trust me the life expectancy of some people here decrease with every day Arteta spends as manager.. the hate is overbearing..

      2. @NY_Gunner
        Aww, our American friend bringing that much needed logic, rationality and maturity into the conversation.. Who would have thought?
        USA USA USA USA…….

  7. Selling WS will be one foolish thing Arsenal might do this summer. But if apprentice decides that he will not give him some playing time, then he should allow the young man to go but we should do all things possible not to sell to Masseille or whatever they call themselve. They are the one putting things into his head. It’s clear hearing from Gundozi. But if we decide to sell to Masseille, it should not be less than #50 million pounds. Period.

  8. And if Marseille really want Saliba then they should be willing to pay at least £50 million. Can they afford thar sort of money? That’s the real question.

    Pay up or put a sock in it.


  9. Not having seen much of Saliba, I shall reserve judgement until he performs in the EPL ,which he will do next season.He seems to me a good bit short of the finished article ,but then again, the same could be said in respect of White and Gabriel.In my opinion, Tomi is our best out and out defender who would do a great job for us at CB where he usually plays for Japan.He has all the attributes I look for in a CB, quick, physical , good in the air and on the ground where the fact that he is assuredly two footed, stands him in good stead when defending in one against one situations.While he and Tierney are excellent full backs, when they are fit, Tomi would be even more effective in a CB role in my view.Clearly Martinez would provide great cover at left CB and as a conventional left back, but I cannot see him leaving Ajax to fulfil a back up role at Arsenal.Plenty of food for thought when it comes to the make up of our back four?

  10. Let them cough 50ml + add on according to his performance and cup wins or else let them 4get him. Other wise he is fully going to be in our plan for now own words full stop.

  11. Playing well at Marseille is not the same as being ready for a top 4 challenge in the PL.

    The French league is not the PL, as many French players have found out in recent times – Laca and Pepe didn’t exactly perform at the same level as they did for Lille.

    Some have done well, such as Gabriel but it’s a case of being ready for the step up. Saliba can play well at Marseille and get in the French team as much as he likes, but he’d always be wondering if he could have cut it in the PL.

    Having Wormtongue Ghendouzi whispering in his ear has not been good for him.

  12. Saliba has been treated very shabbily by Arsenal. He apparently said recently that he wants to return and fight for his place, which he ought to allowed to do. Marseille should be told to feck off.

    1. But he is saying differently private, whate he is saying out to the press. He isnt an idiot. People may not believe it, may not like it but Marseille have been trying to get Saliba and he wants them too as that is his prefered option. That is fact, what the outcome will be now one knows just yet. Why people get so upset that he may want to leave after what has happened to him is rediculous.

      1. That’s very possible but bottom line, he’s got 2 years left on his contract and Marseille haven’t got the money to buy him.
        If he really wants to stay in Marseille perhaps he can extend his contract and be loaned out again one more season.
        It’s not my preferred option but at least Arsenal can keep him under contract

  13. It is impossible to know what plans Arsenal have for Saliba, but given his success at Marseilles and his call up to France, he is going to want to play regularly. If Arsenal plan to use him regularly and perhaps sell Gabriel to Juventus as was rumored earlier in the window, keeping him makes sense. If Arteta does not intend to play him 30-40 times over the course of the season, Arsenal should sell him this summer, because anything less will result in a really angry player who will not sign an extension unless Arsenal offer upwards of $160,000 per week.

    Being deusional about the fee will lead to another Ozil situation where Saliba is benched, banished, and eventually moves on for nothing.

    Saliba’s performances on loan, his call up to the French National side, and being named young French player of the year drives deamnd for him and the price up. Arteta’s statements that he’s not ready, he will have to earn his place, and Arsenal’s refusal to use him suggests to potential buyers that there is something wrong, which puts some potential buyers off and brings the price down.

    As a result, Saliba is worth between $33m-45m. Without the negative statements coming from Arsenal, more teams would want him and Saliba’s value would be higher.

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