French league cancelled… What this could mean for Arsenal

The French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 will not be continuing according to reports, but will this have any effect on Arsenal?

Our club is currently being linked with a number of transfers this summer, including Monaco forward Wissam Ben Yedder, but the cancellation of the French top tier will have financial implications on a number of sides.

It remains to be seen whether FIFA’s Financial Fair Play rules will be enforced to the fullest, but you can imagine the kind of wages that the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar are currently receiving, and despite having mega-rich owners, their club could be under threat of expulsion from the Champions League.

Manchester City are already banned from next season’s competition due to some supposed fiddling of the books when it comes to incomes and sponsorship deals, but with a number of teams set to lose out on incomes due to the coronavirus, you could imagine a number of teams offloading high earners this summer.

Arsenal may well be able to profit from that, assuming that our division is going to be completed, with all recent reports from the Premier League seemingly positive, and with the government claimed to be keen on a plan to return to action.

We may well see the value of supposed target’s Ben Yedder, Lille’s Victor Osimhen, Gabriel Magalhaes and Boubakary Soumare all drop ahead of the coming window, while some more high-profile players may even become affordable.

Will England have to take note with the French league confirmed as over? Will there be a number of bargains to come out of France this summer following this news?



  1. Unknown as yet whether there will be promotion, champions or relegation.
    Speaking of champions, it’s 30 years to the day since Liverpool last won the league…..

    1. Thousands have died

      that is already a good enough reason to end the league….

      Seems like human lifes are not as essential and important to financial gains of football

      Millions can die but football must go on

  2. More importantly, will England follow the example of France or seek to complete the season behind closed doors with the blessing of our Govt ,who have ,quite rightly, been stressing the utmost importance of adhering to “social distancing”. The French decision to me could be a very defining moment as far as this season is concerned.

    1. Will be destroy french football that is all. Germany will press ahead and if nothing bad happens Spain then us will follow.

  3. I think in the end, most leagues in Europe will follow the lead of the Dutch and French and cancel their leagues.

    1. Hey Declan! If that does happen, we’re not going to have to console all the scousers we know are we?! Sod that… 😜

      Nice to see you back btw 👍

  4. If the PL was cancelled all placings will stand.
    Liverpool will be declared champion. Arsenal would finish 9th and so be out of Europe.

  5. The French are way ahead of us in being shrewd and seeing the inevitable. No summer football here for 100% certainty, despite the blinkered few who just will never see the plaintruth staring them right in the face, eh Angus and Co?

    1. French league will not recover for decades from the legal/financial fallout if the Germans, Italians, Spanish and English press ahead. Uefa have come out and asked the leagues who have closed early to explain why they have closed so ahead of schedule which would not rule out those countries losing places in the CL/Europa. Their medical officer has come out and said they expect leagues to be completed. This was today

        1. “A UEFA working group has made a “strong recommendation” that domestic seasons are completed”

          1. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced professional sports teams can resume training on May 18 with Serie A potentially resuming in June.

          2. The Premier League will hold further talks this week, as it targets a return behind closed doors in June.

          3. Paris Saint-Germain have confirmed they will play their remaining ‘home’ fixtures in the Champions League abroad after sporting events in France were banned until at least September.

          4. La Liga president Javier Tebas responded with bemusement to news the French season will end with 10 rounds of matches still to be played.

            “I do not understand why there would be more danger in playing football behind closed doors, with all precautionary measures, than working on an assembly line or being on a fishing boat on the high seas.

            If important economic sectors cannot restart, in a safe and controlled manner, they could end up disappearing. That could happen to professional football.”

            On Tuesday Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced the lifting of various restrictions on Spain’s lockdown including individual training for athletes in professional leagues.

            La Liga will now press ahead with plans to test all players and allow them to train alone in the first of a four phase programme of return.

          5. Gets better. The Dutch Eredivisie are said to be considering a stunning reversal on their decision to declare the 2019/20 season null and void, with legal challenges against them mounting.

          6. Given your need for political sources Jon: Dutch politician Mark Boumans suggested it would be no surprise if the decision to cancel the season were reversed.

            “I even think it can be reversed,” Boumans said. “My conclusion is that if half of the clubs plus one want to reverse the outcome of this week’s chaotic decision-making, then that is possible.”

          7. Angus Interesting and revealing of your intellect”, how all your thoughts only come one by onem as this slew of your posts in a very short time span shows. People with real and DEEP intellect have their total position well thought out in advance and so do not need to do it piecemeal, as you have. REVEALING!

  6. The Bundesliga is ready to return on May 9 if the German government gives it the green light, league officials have confirmed.

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