French midfielder flattered by Arsenal interest – Thanks but no thanks!

Sissoko wants Arsenal Move!

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are believed to be true, then after looking out for another striker, we are also still identifying midfield targets to follow newcomer Granit Xhaha into the club. Considering we have lost both Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky this summer there could certainly be room in the squad.

Speaking to SkySports, the French international Moussa Sissoko was quoted saying that he was looking for a new club this summer, deciding that it is time for him to move on from Newcastle. Arsenal are supposedly one of the interested parties in Sissoko, although it seems more of Sissoko’s own imagination rather than an actual desire from the Gunners to sign the 26 year old. He certainly seems to believe we have had scouts on his trail.

Sissoko said: “It is very flattering. Arsenal is one of the best European teams. To be watched by that sort of club, that proves that you are a quality player.

“Everyone knows, I often said it when I was young, Arsenal is the club of my heart, because there were quite a few French players there like Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Sylvain Wiltord, Patrick Vieira who was my idol…

The beautiful Arsenal. We will see. I cannot tell you if I am going to go to Arsenal. For the moment, I am focused on the French national team and the Euros.”

Despite Sissoko having a spectacular run in the Premier League during his debut season with Newcastle, he has never truly managed to have the same kind of impact for his current club as he did then. Having signed for the club back in 2013, he has become well experienced to Premier League football, but is he Arsenal quality?

Unlike many of the wingers and attacking midfielders that we are being linked with including big names of Mario Gotze and Isco, Sissoko just isn’t in the same category and i think it would really show a lack of ambition from the club if we was to sign him. It’s not to say he is a bad player, I think Sissoko would fit well in this Arsenal team and he would certainly be available on the cheap! However he just isn’t that top quality player that we are looking for.

The thing is, our midfield is already jammed packed as it is, that last thing we need is another ‘average’ player waiting in the wings and instead of a big name first teamer!

What would you think if Arsenal signed Sissoko? I for one would be disappointed but i don’t think Wenger is even that interested in the Frenchman. If anything it is more Sissoko interested in Arsenal, rather than Arsenal interested in Sissoko!


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  1. Well your wrong mate!
    Wenger made a statement within the last few weeks, about how he admired this player!
    And how he followed his development.
    I’m sure that Wenger even hinted about enquiring about his availability, since Newcastle got relegated, which got a angry response from his club.

    As for Sissoko not being in the same category as the Big named midfielder’s, that we have been linked with!
    Hahaha ? ? I’m guessing that you think that Vardinho is in the same category as the Big named striker’s, that we were linked with? … Suarez, Higuain, Benzema, Aubameyang and Lewandowski ??

    For the Next time, Please do some research, before posting your Article!

  2. When I first heard the rumour, I thought he might be a decent squad player. Height, power and some pace, very direct. Now though, after hearing allot of what newc fans say about him, I don’t want him anywhere near the club. They reckon he’s a big reason for them going down. Of course this could be them pissed with him linking himself away from the club every season, but they did go down all the same. I know allot of fans are happy with our options in this position, but if we can get Kante, we should. We haven’t even seen Xhaka play yet, we don’t know what he and Elneny will be like next to Cazorla. Then Cazorla is getting on too, Wilshere and Ramsey are a little bit iffy. Kante would be a shrewd move if you ask me.

    1. So you admit to following the crowd, instead of sticking to your own, original opinion? ? ? Which was a good and accurate assumption of the player!

      With the amount of new (and some being quality) players, that Newcastle bought to the club, it is absolutely ludicrous to point the finger and blame Sissoko for their relegation.

      And you chose to believe that bull?, instead!!! ?
      Unbelievable! ? please don’t try to belittle everyone of my comments, in the future! … your false accusations are rather tiresome.

      I personally couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your comments!
      But as always, I like to return the favour! ? I’m considerate, in that way. ?

      1. I just give an honest opinion dude, if you cant handle that well then maybe you are in the wrong place. I will listen to others opinion, if I feel they may have a better insight to a certain subject, I am big enough to take it on board.

  3. Citeh has Aguero, Bony, Iheanacho but are still on point to sign Aubameyang

    why Arsenal wait on Jamie bloody Vardy to make a decision…….. What a life!

    1. Oh, so You haven’t heard about the Spuds signing Jansenn for £12 million ? ? The player was in London with his agent, agreeing terms.

    2. @Fatboy………sure i dn’t wanna talk bout Janssen’s move for peanuts

      it will only get me extra p*ssed enough to blow up the Justarsenal servers and Admin will have me hanged .

  4. woke up to the news of Citeh making Aubameyang a prime target…… This is a team that already has someone like Aguero

    what a day to be a gooner!……how many months has guadiola spent in the EPL?

  5. we need a quality striker for now, somebody better than what we got currently, more than Vardy!!

  6. Nigerian legend,former player and coach Stephen Okechukwu Keshi is dead. R.I.P the big boss.

    i get sick each time i hear the passing on of someone with great personalities. Sleep well

    1. yea it really is unfortunate…… A big loss of one of Nigeria’s finest tactician in african football

      RIP stephen keshi

  7. The footballing world has identified Arsenal as the global scout for all clubs. If Wenger is interested in you, interest heightens from other teams. It is a gift and a curse. On one hand it is a compliment because if our scouting team were rubbish, people wouldn’t go after our targets. On the other hand, teams now use it as a ploy to get more money for their players. The moment we bid for a player, they open champagne, not because of the money they will be getting from us but because they now have the perfect opportunity to start a bidding war. It is terrible but that is reality. We bid a similar sum for aubameyang months ago and Dortmund immediately went the route of starting a bidding war. After all that noise, they are now selling him to man city for a similar fee and yet just months ago, they were bragging that he was not for sale at any price. People may ridicule us but how is it our fault that we did not get aubameyang?

  8. first of all im already getting tired of people writing that SANTI is getting on that he is nearly done,i find this unbelievable especially in today,s context,everybody knows or they should that improved diets,sports sciences players have longer playing careers only today it was announced that francesco totti had just signed for one more season he is nearly 40 years old,also i don,t see how Sissoko on his own could be responsible for newcastle,s relegation??i could be wrong but i haven,t read anything confirming arsenal interest in Sissoko,it looks like it,s all coming from the player,s side and his desire to join us ,having said that he could be a useful squad player!!

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