Fresh legs with desire made the difference for Arsenal

Wenger’s changes have given Arsenal extra qualities by Sam P

Is it a coincidence that Arsenal’s last three goalscorers were Danny Welbeck, Alex Iwobi and Mohamed Elneny, all of whom have only been drafted into the Gunners first team recently? Could it be that they have more ambition and desire to do well, as compared to some players who may have already played 30 games or more this season?

Arsene Wenger thinks that these three have given the side ‘more balance’ as he said after yesterday’s game: “I believe we have a game based on movement and mobility at a technical level with attacking football. We have to balance that right and sometimes it is not always right.

“Let’s not forget that some players have been out for the whole season so players like Danny Welbeck are just coming back and has not played. Iwobi is just coming into the team. Mohamed Elneny [as well], we brought him in January and he has settled very quickly. They have given us a very good balance in the way we want to play football.”

But more than balance, I believe they have brought the desire to succeed, the desire to keep their starting place in the team now they have the chance. Danny Welbeck has certainly been out to prove a point after a whole year out of action, and he has quickly made himself first choice striker, while the jaded Walcott and Giroud have been practically anonymous since January.

Alex Iwobi has come out of nowhere and seems to have become a favourite of Wengers very quickly, keeping much more experienced campaigners on the bench. And Elneny looks like a Wenger “moneyball” success story. He has settled quickly and looks hungry for success and a permanent starting spot.

Perhaps you could call Wenger lucky that these three have all emerged as we are desperately in need of a return to form, or perhaps you could call it good management?


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  1. Yes and no

    Giroud and Walcott have played a lot so i can understand them being tired but they haven’t performed at a top level for months, ever since they came back from injury

    Welbeck has performed very well since coming back and better than the two aforementioned players.

    Yes iwobi and Campbell have been well rested but they consistently perform well or at least better than giroud and Walcott have since January

    Alexis hasn’t performed at his best for a while but he is still valuable out there. He doesn’t need to score goals for him to be important. He looked really jaded yesterday. At one point he sat on a seat next to Everton fans.

    Eleney has performed very well since coming here. Seems £5 million well spent.

    Anyway tired or not they need to stick with it for 8 more matches.

    1. I want to see Welbz start, he has the same movement capability and we seen how he can get on the end of balls to score. Tall and getting better with his strength, better than Giroud who might act like his size or might fall over after a breeze touched him… Stronger than Theo so Welbz could also be a target man when crossing the ball.

      Welbz and Theo could be good competition for the CF role and I would like to see how well our attack could perform when they are use to having pace upfront again instead of Giroud, I’ve tried my best to support the guy but he makes it hard 🙁 This season he has proved me wrong and I am also questioning his effect on the team, he does moan a lot to the other players when he was the one who should of done more… If it was Alexis moaning then I could understand it as that guy plays with 200% passion but Giroud… Only time he shows passion is when he feels his starting spot is threatened.

      Previous seasons I had hoped his form dips was due to playing too many games and because of our injuries… Well his bad habit was hidden better.

      Irritating as I really did try to support the man, defended him blah blah blah… Time for Welbz to be given some of that Wenger trust.

      1. Boll ox welbeck has better physical attributes but techniqual giroud is better than those.
        How can u support Theo when he has been garbage ? At least welbeck works hard

        1. I can support Theo even though I recognize he hasn’t performed ON THE LEFT.
          I have supported Arsenal since way before this season, he has scored and created a LOT for Arsenal over the years when he played on the Right. When he has been given games as a CF then he hasn’t shown enough to get an extended run, he did score in the CF role though.

          Giroud is better than Welbeck technically?
          You really think that?
          Welbeck is still developing but I think he has much better technique already and he will only get better, I think he just lacks a bit of confidence and once he gets that… Welbeck is more like TH14 than Theo will ever be.

          Giroud is a great player when he can be bothered to, it is his work rate that gets him the goals and no wonder they dried up when he couldn’t be bothered to run as much!

          “At least Welbeck works hard”
          Of course he does, I like his movement, I meant to say he has the same movement capability as Theo but I must of cut more out then I meant 😛
          I start off by saying that I want to see Welbz start, don’t know why you felt the need to bring a comparison between Theo and Welbz into it.

          We need to keep Welbz fit, what is the harm of using Theo as a sub in the last few mins of a game we are winning so Welbeck doesn’t get injured?

  2. A bit too late, he should have done that since. Our chance of winning the league is very slim if it exist at all.

  3. I really missed Joel Campbell and his good workrate on the pitch yesterday, I thought Wenger would have given him some game time but to no avail. What has Joel done wrong?

  4. Star gives Arsenal incredible ultimatum: If Wenger stays then I’ll leave the Emirates

    MESUT OZIL is ready to leave Arsenal if Arsene Wenger remains in charge, according to reports in Spain.

    Spanish news outlet Don Balon claim the midfield maestro is fed up with the Gunners’ failure to mount a serious Premier League title charge.
    And if Wenger is not replaced, the German international is ready to leave.

    1. bye ozil, my favorite player but cant have players dictating the manager, and by the way, hope wenger is finally gone…

      1. more like its ozil potentially putting his arsenal career at risk when he realizes that getting rid of the milquetoast wenger is the only way AFC is going to win anything. ozil should be congratulated.

  5. Sorry OT but we need to get Koeman in as soon as season ends, wherever we finish.

  6. Well done the Arsenal for an impressive win but methinks it’s to little to late.If Wenger is here for one more season I hope he’s got in mind who he’s to offload and at least 2 stella signings +his usual ‘bargins ‘.One other must is keeping the Ozil and Sanchez happy with a non insulting new contract.

  7. its a fight between LC and the spuds, we have to climb over 2 teams in 8 matches, looks like we can lock third, maybe overtake one club for second, but in my book, the thought of Spuds winning the league is too much to handle, so its go LC, and AFC… the season ended in a dump. seems to me, the injury to carzola was the beginning of the downfall, we were first and favored, been a struggle since. just an observation…

  8. btw, how does messi have a complete ACL, and get back on the pitch in 7 weeks, seems like our injuries last a whole season, maybe we need to buy barcas physio?

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