From bossing Barca to oblivion in six years – Jack Wilshere’s wasted career….

Whatever happened to Wilshere? by Precious Evovo

Hello, everyone. Sometimes I retrospect about some classic Arsenal games over the years, and one of such games which always come to mind is the 1st leg Champions league round of 16 clash at home against Barcelona in the 2010/2011 season. I remember how we defeated a team which as at the time was undoubtedly the best in the world with such execution and passion in our performance. Many players produced the goods on that day, and chief among them was Jack Wilshere, who in the midst of an astonishing personal season produced such maturity and composure beyond his years, churning out an unforgettable midfield display against the Spanish midfield maestros- Xavi and Iniesta. At that time, many (myself included!) saw a future Arsenal and England captain, maybe, just maybe, a future Ballon d’or winner- but fast forward six years, and, Jack, now 25, is slowly fading into oblivion and the annals of history.

In hindsight, it all started going downhill in the summer of 2011 when Jack suffered an ankle injury on England duty in June, and in an attempt to avoid surgery, had to wear a protective boot to guard the right ankle. Having been left out by Stuart Pearce (with pressure from Wenger) for the under- 21 European championships in Denmark that year, It was thought that a summer rest in the close season would be enough to cure the problem, but it didn’t suffice.

And he eventually aggravated the injury, suffering a stress fracture ankle injury playing for Arsenal in the Emirates cup against New York Red Bulls and since then has gone on to develop an unenviable Diaby- esque injury record, experiencing not less than 20 injuries, with the latest being a leg break whilst on loan at Bournemouth. Poor Jack. His troubles are reminiscent of Abou Diaby who never recovered from his injury nightmare, and was eventually released in the summer of 2015.

Albeit naïve, I really hope next year, Wilshere manages to have a full season devoid of injuries and returns to those levels he showed in the yesteryears, but if there is anything I’ve learnt from Arsenal, it’s that: the more things change, the more they remain the same. Notwithstanding with Santi’s recent injury problems, and with Coquelin and Elneny having turned out some suspect performances this past season, it wouldn’t be imprudent to have Jack in the squad – his obvious talents isn’t of the type you let go off too quickly.

Only a few years ago, we seemed to have a future club captain with immense passion for the shirt in an era of conditioned enthusiasm. Whether he’d want to stay when he doesn’t have a clear enough path to the first team remains to be seen. Recent reports suggests Italian side Sampdoria are seeking to lure Wilshere to Serie A. Perhaps Jack might see this as a viable option – a different country where he would hone his craft without incessant criticisms. If it does go through though, It would be a shame, because his talents deserves far more. Far, far more.

Precious Evovo



    “People have a big imagination. What we know now is that Mbappe is over £100m and after that it’s free to imagine what you want.

    BUT WE HAVE NOT MADE ANY OFFER. I think he will stay, it looks like that. One more season. Maybe he has too much choice. In the end, people don’t move.”

    1. Im begining to think this is another dissapointing window on its way. One decent player and a free doesnt inspire confidence !

      1. John0711, I don’t know what reports your reading mate but if the Arsenal Keep The Ox, Alexis and Ozil and with Lacazette and Kolasanic coming in I think it will be the best transfer window in years.
        Yes it would be really nice to also add Goretzka, Lemar and Mahrez but the club has still done a great job so far. Lemar I think is close and if we can get a B2B midfielder with strong defensive quality then we will be ready to fight on all fronts. 2 more would be perfect but even if we don’t add anymore I think the quality of the squad is good enough to challenge for the EPL. I think last year’s squad was good enough to win the league with the right manager calling the shots but they extended Wengers contract and I think he needs all the help he can get to win it .
        I’m one off the biggest W.O.B’S out there but the gaffer has impressed me so far this summer with being able to act quickly in the market and his refusal to sell our best players to rivals. I have been saying he needs to go for years now but you must give credit where it is due mate.

  2. i would offer him a new contract with the same or lesser salary even (he wont get more in other clubs) and sell him asap if he performs in 2-3 games at the end of a season for like 30 mio pounds (british bonus, and he still has a name on the market) to everton westham or something

  3. well i also would love to keep wilshere as he is a lovely player and i think if he could perform upto his potential that he’s the closest player to cazorla out there closer than isco and everybody, but i just dont believe that he will perform, probably he will stay as a talent forever but if and thats a big if he could stay injury free, he should role himself after cazorla, bring the ball out of the defense with superb ball control and playing short and long passes to the attacking players

    1. What you say is all true, but Santi is arguably the most 2 footed player I’ve ever seen, and Jack isn’t far off being the most 1 footed.

  4. I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but I don’t even think of Wilshere as an Arsenal player anymore, he’s so rarely seen playing for us. He’s pretty much become the new ‘Diaby’, and I can only see his injury problems worsening over time.

    Such a shame because out of all of the young players coming through, he was the one I was really looking forward to watching for many years.

  5. Jack is not talented leave alone injury problems, same to Gibbs, welbeck, Walcott, Apkom,chambers, But since we are true Arsenal fans our ego can’t allow as to say as it is

  6. I have read that the lamppost is not happy to see lacazette around, he was also jealous about Sanchez and some years back he said Arsenal doesn’t need another striker,Giriod now you will not drag our great club to your mediocre level, but I know how fans will start treating we will deal with your attitude proper you better ran to Westerham

  7. some times i wonder it we human some how had been program are we are just following the script now you can’t tell me if i was the manager of arsenal and i want to win the premier league are the champions league because I’m Jamaica i have never smoke i don’t religious beliefs an i make decision based information observation Fact not influenced by religion race emotion back to foot ball. what if the manager bought these players Riyad mahrez or thomas Lamar William Carvalho jean Michael Siri leon goretzka. serge aurier Virgil Van dijk keep Sanchez that we can’t compete for the league how easy it that

  8. Wilshere is fine box2box player when he is fit. But we need a CM who is very strong defensively

    We need a CM who have an excellent level of these attributes
    1. Tackling
    2. Precise passing
    3. Positioning
    4. A leader
    5. strength/stamina
    6. holding on to ball

    Wilshere- is weak on tackling
    Coquelin – is weak on holding on to the ball and not good enough defending
    Eleny – weak in tackling
    Ramsey is overall good as box 2 box player
    Ox- box2box
    Cazorla- box2box

    Xhaka is the closest really to what i am looking for but if we lose Ox and due to injury prone Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshere, I wish Wenger would get an excellent holding/defensive midfielder

    1. Iv never heard anyone say coquelin can’t defend that’s like say messi can’t dribble lol and he’s quality on the ball! I thought coquelin and joe willock were the better midfield pair on tour and I hope wenger plays willock in the prem coz he’s got it all just needs to put weight on! Don’t think ox can play CM either he’s just not technically good enough

  9. This article is very harsh.All he needs is an injury free season and he’ll do it.Don’t you remember Van Persie?Why are we speaking like the last time Wilshere impressed was 2010/2011 season.Anytime he gets a run of games he begins to show what he’s made of then injury takes him away.I think he’s still worth keeping because it’s not like he’s shown he can’t do it with a run of games.The guy still has it in him.He’s the one player in the team that if not for injury he’d be running the show.At top form he’s as good as any CM in Arsenal so I think he should stay for this sesson.However,if the injury continues then he should be sold to realise his potential and possibly free him from this injury curse.

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