From hero to villain to hero to villain the life of Unai Emery

I kind of feel sorry for Unai Emery, the way he is judged time and again depending on a single result makes ones head spin and it will happen all over again this weekend.

When Emery joined Arsenal he was lauded by all and sundry, there was patience after he lost his opening games last season and that grew into a form of messiah worshipping when he went on that tremendous 22 games unbeaten run but that was probably as good as it got for the Spaniard.

Once the end of season collapse came about the fans did start to turn culminating in the fiasco in Baku but a successful transfer window saw a renewed optimism among the supporters and after winning the first two games of the season Emery was being hailed once again, then came the Liverpool loss.

Perspective was lost and anyone reading the comments on here and there is 100’s of them cannot fail to see who most of the fans blame, not Luiz, not Pepe for his miss but Emery.

The fact that Arsenal was playing a team unbeaten at home for over 40 games, who are European Champions and simply a far superior team seems to have passed most fans by.

The thing is this, if Arsenal beat Tottenham on Sunday I assure you that the loss against Liverpool will have been forgotten and Emery will be applauded once again, if Spurs win then the chorus of criticism aimed at the boss will smash through the sound barrier.

Emery has been in charge for just over a season and yet the rollercoaster of applause and criticism that he has endured is something I have not seen elsewhere, it did not happen with Guardiola, Klopp or Pochettino, they were all given time and bad results were accepted but not it seems for Emery.

As I said, I kind of feel sorry for him.


  1. emery has no pattern and that is forgivable….no first team. starter apart from.Leno,xhaka and style…too defensive away even when you can’t defend…..I don’t know one thing he is better than Wenger with?… I doubt he can reach wenger level…for all of Wenger weakness.. at least he is no coward

    1. Exactly. Wenger used to loose with style. Today we loose without style. We loose without efforts to score but to defend for 90mins(something we can’t either do) I don’t blame Emery for the losses. I blame him for the way we loose.its painful. As I said, as far as am concerned, it will take a while for me to forgive him for what he did
      at Anfield. Arsenal Fc is not a club where a manager come to experiment with. I say no to try and error methods. Emery wants to watch videos of the opponents and adapt to their tactics. Why can’t we have our own plan and let our opponents try to adopt to our style? For how long will we do this? A man without identify is equal to nothing. Second, wrong selections is something we can’t accept at all. Am very afraid of the future.

      1. Where is the style in loosing 8;2 at old Trafford 10:2 aggregate to bayern 6:0 to chelsea going out in round 16 of champions league season after season like bunch of amateurs
        Did i need to continue the list

        1. When I say style I mean we had an indentity. In many of those occasions our squad lacked depth.esp that squad that lost by 8 goals to man Utd (injuries we’re too much) We can not compare the players Wenger had in his last 4 seasons with what we currently have.
          Lastly, am not saying Wenger was good but by bringing in Emery we expected a change. We expected an upgrade. Of course it doesn’t come at once but for the last 18mnths, there is no signs of anything positive. No positive change. Actually we are deteriorating in all areas despite the players we’ve got especially in attack .Emery should not expect to get all the players he wants in one season. He atleast got players in whom he should use to show that indeed he is Worth it. At this rate, we are doomed.

        2. Arsenal’s loss to Bayern is 5 – 1 twice and not the 10-2 you guys bring up to make it even worse. Besides, no one mentions that in both games Arsenal played with 10 men against and at times in both games dominated play. In the first half of the second leg against Bayern, Arsenal completely outplayed them and won 1 -0. Until the penalty and dubious red card against Koscielny in the second half, it was Arsenal’s game to lose. The red card and goal resulting from the penalty was a demoralising point because Arsenal stopped playing since they needed to score 5 goals and not concede to salvage the game. This if fact.

          Against Man U, Arsenal had about 4 teenage debutants and had not made transfers with windows still open. They conceded 2 penalties and 2 red cards, missed one penalty as well. At a point it was 1 -1. It was a bad game but context matters and the way the season panned out tells more about the quality of football that season. Arsenal ended the season in 3rd place ahead of both Liverpool, Spurs and millionaire City.

          Reference Arsenal’s few bad defeats and not talking about classy performances like the 3 – ) electric performance and drubbing of Man U (Alexis-Ozil-Walcott) and of Chelsea is just plain dishonesty. Arsenal played far better football before now whether in victory or in defeat. That at least, is incontrovertible.

          1. This exactly is what the present Arsenal fans fail to notice whether for lack of knowledge or hate for Wenger.

    2. Simon
      I find your comments t pretty laughable
      I was on of Wenger supporters but like all good things they all come to an end
      Let’s judge Emery at the end of the season
      I have a theory… max allegri is available and I could see him coming in if Emery fails..why do we want him to fail..I certainly dont
      So let’s see how he does rather then question his methods for now

        1. My first was and still is Leonardo Jardim. I am giving Unai a chance to do his thing but I’m not seeing much progress under his tutelage.

      1. If you are a football fan you should look at the manner in which the 8:2 came about. There was pride in arsen Wenger type of football. We might have fallen over and over in the champions league but that was the manager who won the epl in his second term. Do you think arsenal can reach that level now?
        How on earth can he explain why he wouldn’t play Ozil? a failure looks for escape n Ozil is a good escape route for UE

  2. It’s how he sets the team up. He rarely sets up to our strengths, but rather to styme the opponent defensively.

    I would like to see him be more attack minded with our current roster, and less pragmatic. Try PAL a few games, with Ceballos, Torreira, and Guendouzi/Willock in 3 man midfield.

    If they struggle to score and transition thru the midfield to attack, then sure try a more pragmatic approach.

    1. “It’s how he sets the team up. He rarely sets up to our strengths, but rather to styme the opponent defensively.”

      Heaven bless your soul Durand, is it a crime to ask that we play to our strength? Is it evil that us fans don’t see why we should be the ones switching our games when play against opponents?
      Mourinho was insulted time and time over again for being defensive, Yet the same people see no problem in how Emery sets us up whenever we play away.
      Can you imagine playing away to those mid table teams and we were being defensive? I don’t pray that bullshít continues this season please

      1. Eddie I think most fans see it that way. It took Emery 13 games I believe to start Laca and Auba together.

        Many managers would have started with that pairing, and build team and tactics around those two.

        Just seems naive to bench Laca and start Xhaka. He was just off injury, plays 90 min, but Emery questions Torreria and Laca’s fitness? Huh? Wait, what?

        Seems Emery out-thibks himself on tactics sometimes. Why should we adjust to opponent when we have deadly trio of PAL?

        What other manager would pass up on that trio up front? I still believe his setups and selections last 6 games last year cost us 4th and CL.

        He gambled everything on Europa final, and $hit the bed in spectacular fashion to a departing Sarri and Chelsea facing a transfer ban.

      1. Be realistic guys, if Emery had lost at Emirates then I would support this criticism…. even the almighty Barca got smoked at anfield…. I’m not happy with the result but we gave a good performance

  3. Not sure what he’s been a hero ,unless it was when we made the EL final to then get humiliated .
    Think fans are starting to notice his limited skill sets now ,he’s been given what he asked for in this transfer window so no more pathetic excuses like injuries should be forthcoming .
    He’s here till the season ends so will have to get behind the team but I can’t see him being keeped on past this season.

    1. Dan kit, So you think then that he did not even want one or two proper CBs and willingly settled for LUIZ, warts and all at a mere £8 million? “Given what he asked”? Nonsense! He wanted Ozil out and many of the other Wenger failures out too but Kroenke would not release PROPER replacement money, so UE had to make the best of what he was allowed to spend,. I say he HAS spent what he WAS allowed wisely overall. But you are wrong to think he was given what he wanted. No way! Ever heard of KROENKE! Ever contrasted his lack of interest in the team with SHEIKH MANSOOR AND FENWAY SPORTS AND THEIR PROPER SUPPORT?

      1. So you insinuating that all managers have all the players they ever wanted in their team? Emery has at least 90% of the players he would have wanted. What specific areas would you say we need a replacement apart from defense which also with our injured players back in two months time, there will be Zero excuses. Keep talking of Ozil who hasn’t even played a single game this season just to defend failure in the making

      2. Jon Fox. I say this a smart manager works with what he has at his disposal. Look at J.Klop with all the players he inherited he stack with henderson, chan and milner. Have they repaid the faith he placed on them? Look at arsenal Which midfilder is better than Ozil? You look around and you cant a player with the best attacking prowess than ozil. Now bringing conflict with such players who you will need in the long run dont you think it will backfire on him? lets say we judging him harshly but doesnt he think he should trust players n give players chances that he himself is being given?

    2. His no hero but not long ago we were praising him ending united unbeaten run winning Napoli at italy beating valencia everyone was happy then things started going south all of a sudden he is clueless yes we lost the final and also top four but never forget he also put us in that position to challenge till the end.

      I see a tactics yes his trying to play out from the back even gadiola’ s city was skinned uncountable times trying to play out from the back when he 1st arrived this things don’t happen over night and it’s not like we are city who will just go out and get players that can do what they want at any amount and even change those players if it doesn’t work out. Am not saying Emery is a saint but all this nagging is just not called for after 3 games into the season what the hell is wrong with we fans

      1. Nonny We have always been there. Actually there is this season after the 8:2 thrashing where we played seven games with 7 points but still managed a top four finish and that was the magic of wenger and with a much weaker teams than unai has

        1. Stop talking down to/about people Jon Fox, that will be good for starters. If you can’t handle contrarian opinion, you shouldn’t even debate, because you may be surprised to know there are fans more passionate than you. Peace out.

  4. PAL
    Enough of this rubbish we have a whole season of football this so called pal has been here for three games yet we ring pal like we have already played 10 games, Emery wanted to go with players that have pace up front thats it, he may be wrong or my be right the only thing that is wrong about hid tactics was that we lost.

    We will see enough of this so called pal and am confident we will loose matches with pal too, willock,pepe,cebellos,Luiz Nelson are all introduced into the xi and are yet to get going what is all this crap. If it’s up to me I would like to sack Emery and see how your messiah will fear.

    Wenger who many wanted to go is now suddenly not a coward did I need to remind you how many trashing his bravery got us, champions league humiliation after humiliation.

  5. Next season I believe Arsenal should go all out and get a winger.
    If Arsenal had good wingers I believe Emery wouldn’t have been employing his bizzare formations and lineups.He would likely have played them because of his love of attacking from the wings.
    However, all his mistakes are on him and he’ll have himself to blame.Pepe hasn’t even played many games yet you can see what a proper good winger can do.I couldn’t care less if Aubameyang and Lacazette sign new bumper contracts
    They should just make sure none of them are starting on the wings next season for us.We need to be aiming higher.Even Zaha is light years aheaf of both as a winger

    1. I said I would sacrifice either of auba or laca for a good skilful winger and people starts bashing me look how nuisance pepe was at anfield if we had another like him at left wing it would have been too much for Liverpool to handle, laca and auba are two center forward even thou they both should play because we have limited options at left wing but sometimes they don’t give us great team balance. how i wish we had signed EVERTON of Brazil

      1. I agree with you but relative to the team now we have no choice than to play PAL.If next season we don’t bring in another winger then I guess we don’t win to win anything major.Sick and tired of watching players out of position because of no other options

  6. The loss against Liverpool might be an early season wake up call and a blessing in disguise.
    Imagine we go on a 30 game unbeaten run and finish the season well that will better our last season performance and we will end up at least 3rd place

  7. I’m 40 and have supported Arsenal since 87 so I don’t class myself as immature and a unthinking hothead .
    I would class myself as a passionate surpporter who sees very clearly what limitations this manager as and you can use all the excuses in the world Jon about injuries ,wengers players ,Stan kronkie but that does not wash with me .
    I started seeing what he was about last season and more so now ,I would love to be proved wrong but i can’t see it I really cant.
    You say once the intelligent people leave this site ,your Site is a rabble full of fools.i don’t class my self intellectually far from it ,very average at school but I can hold a debate on here without sounding like a complete moron .
    All you have done in that post Jon is make yourself look like your above everyone and we are all wrong for having a different opinion.
    To be honest I stopped reading your tripe months ago and only really started again recently because if all this wenger and Ozil garbage you spew out daily .
    Maybe if you made more time for other posters and those low IQ you could have better debates

    1. Exactly dan anyone who thinks we will win the premiership with this man in charge doesnt know much about football,
      Ok people are going to say give him time bloody hell he has a full season behind him apart from beating spurs and Leicester admitting we played brilliant that was it,
      Give him this season and if we dont make top 4 , then he has to go and bring ozil …xakai..mikhi with him…..

  8. Emery has been in charge for just over a season and yet the rollercoaster of applause and criticism that he has endured is something I have not seen elsewhere, it did not happen with Guardiola, Klopp or Pochettino, they were all given time and bad results were accepted but not it seems for dear when these people u call came they have style of football but emery claimed to play high pressing of football but I don’t understand what he is doing,I noticed it last season….we can’t play good football or dominate teams we struggle to win match…earlier the better he goes.Spanish morinho.

  9. Whatever he does, he’s not going to please everyone! I mean on Saturday, all i wanted to see was PAL & Torreira, to play our strongest, available 11…
    In all fairness though, i wouldn’t want his job!! The stress of it all!! It’s bloody hard – at times – being a supporter!

    1. Lol… Sue, don’t tell me you’re giving up???
      Aaaaaaw ma’m you’ll have PAL, Kolasinac and Ozil all on the pitch some day, so please don’t give up now.
      There’s a lot of meltdowns ahead of us, I need the you, Ken, Pat and Phil to stay strong so we survive those meltdowns together?

      1. Hiya Eddie.. imagine that – PAL, Kola & Ozil, now that really would be sweet ??
        I’m not giving up, Eddie… besides, how would i get by without at least one meltdown a month?! ? Once a gooner, hey?!
        Hope things are all good with you btw ?

        1. Yea I’ve been good, asides the stress I had to go through last week at work…Losing sleep and getting little rest… I missed the Liverpool game, and that day I was glad I was going through the stress instead of sitting 90 minutes through that game??.
          I got concluded everything yesterday BTW, guess who got out of bed late today because he took the day off??

          1. Well i think you made the right choice on Saturday ? if i knew then what i know now, i would have steered clear of it too hahaha!

            Sounds like a perfect day to me, Eddie ??

    2. I don’t think PAL will be used in big away games against teams where we are not expected to dominate possession

  10. “and that grew into a form of messiah worshipping when he went on that tremendous 22 games unbeaten run”

    First of all Admart can you please use the right words? Not all us got carried away or worshipped him as you claim, though I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it since you were yet to take over this blog fro Pat at the time.
    But I’d let you know now, Yes we were happy when Emery signed, I was, I knew what he was capable of, he lost the first two games, not a single person judge him, few us on here started calling him out during that so called unbeaten run you guys keep yapping about.
    I can recall Kev also being very vocal about we were struggling and getting Lucky, Dan started noticing it too..
    Few of us saw the crack, saw how we got lucky in games, how we won games we played poorly, even at home, how many games we struggled to win for a team of our stature. So please speak for the rest who got carried away, It’s not this season or towards the end of the season I started questioning the man’s influence.
    Few people on here would bear witness, right before Mid-season I was questioning Emery and pointing out how poorly we were playing, all these started during that unbeaten run.
    I was being told I was judging the man, I simply explained Emery isn’t doing what I know he’s capable of, how boring our games were, I was told he inherited a crap team, yet that crap team got to the UEL finals, UEL semi finals the previous season, yet Bellerin and Holding from that crap team are the reasons Emery doesn’t have a first eleven according to fans on here.
    Why should two out of the crappy players he inherited who got injured be important? Ain’t they Wenger’s crap?
    still I supported him till the season ended because he’s the coach.
    Fast forward to this season, none of us can still name our first eleven confidently, none of us can confidently say this our style of play, none of us can comfortably say we’ll win even at home to lower teams.

    “the way he is judged time and again depending on a single result makes ones head spin”
    That statement is wrong on all level, he’s not being judged based on one game.
    He did this same shît over and over again in every of our away games last season, so I don’t know how he’s being judged based on one game

    1. Thanks Eddie for ur honest assessments, much much respect, well am waiting for ozil to play his first match for us this season, then some one have to make an open apology here, if we win the next match emry takes the glory, if we lose, Wenger craps comes into place, what a bunch of hypocrites we have here!,

  11. The Invincibles for many will, quite rightly, always epitomise the ‘Arsenal way’.
    A team built on pace, overlapping runs from full backs, inside runs from wide players, and forwards with constantly drifting positions. It pressed and defended smartly, but without the intensity of say the current Lpool, and above all it was tactically flexible…..a 4-4-2 could intuitively change to a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-3 instantly.
    Now Emery is not Wenger and the current crop of players are not the Legends we had, nor am I suggesting that we can repeat the feat, but a lot of the basic building blocks are finally in place (including some of the intuitive play to a lesser degree) to getting us back to playing the ‘Arsenal way’ again. We just have to give it time, and most importantly our support and see what we can make of our potential, remember this is the start of the rebuild…. Not the end.

  12. It’s not right for you to question fans loyalty , abuse fans and call them names as well as give threats simply because you feel that criticism of your favorite ” Emery” is wrong. This is an interactive forum and we have equal rights of constructive respectful opinions. It’s not about age, it’s about what I feel as a fan. Young people have got brains. They play soccer and they are the managers of tommorow. Many of us are Arsenal for life fans and we are not willing to continue suffering in the wrong hands. Many of us have never seen Arsenal lift an EPL trophy and it pains. We can’t assume everything is right so as we can be called true fans. In every healthy and successful institution, criticism and opinions are vital. So please respect everyone’s opinions.

  13. Losing 3-1 to Liverpool at Liverpool isn’t the end of the world. THEY ARE BETTER THAN US AND TITLE CONTENDERS! It was expected

    No matter what, we will finish behind City and Liverpool.
    Our goal is Top 4

    We need to buckle down, get a better lineup sorted and get a positive result against Tottenham

    Liverpool and City are miles ahead of us. We need to accept this and fight for top 4

  14. The media, spuds fans and Arsenal haters in general must all love when ‘fans’ of the Arsenal do their job for them.
    Get behind the team, judge Emery at the end of the season. Some of the ‘fan’ comments on here are embarrassing. Shame.

  15. Time has come for Arsenal fans to demand value for there money and value for there association with the club. If you ask me to give you an example of a person who exercises PATIENCE in life, surely i would say, it’s an Arsenal FAN, talk of loyalty etc. Arsenal is THE CREAM OF LONDON. We’ve been subjected to heavy defeats in the past. 8:2 thrashing by Manchester FINISHNITED.
    So what we are saying as fans is that we need to start competing and demolishing the top 6 teams home or away it doesn’t matter. Spur lost to New castle, Manchester finishnited lost to Crystal Palace. Why should it Always be difficult for Arsenal to Win them. We deserve better.

  16. Exactly dan anyone who thinks we will win the premiership with this man in charge doesnt know much about football,
    Ok people are going to say give him time bloody hell he has a full season behind him apart from beating spurs and Leicester admitting we played brilliant that was it,
    Give him this season and if we dont make top 4 , then he has to go and bring ozil …xakai..mikhi with him…..

    1. Anyone who thinks Arsenal will win the EPL with this midfield and defense, regardless of the coach, knows nothing about football.

  17. Though still a bit early to judge Emery, but the signs are not good. I personally understand his been pragmatic and tweaking every week to suit our opponents last season was not having the team to execute his game plan.

    He has gotten about players so far, and started the same way as last season. Benching the our best players in the name of gameplan. The type of attack we have, others should be setting up to contain us.

  18. No one is saying Emery Out, like some irascible fans told Wenger time and again. All the “negative comments” are against the tactics, or lack of it, that he keeps using and they keep failing. He has a much better team that Wenger had, so no excuse should be made about the team. Instead he should focus on the following:
    1. Choose a Captain that performs.
    2. Choose a first XI with the best talent.
    3. Choose the relevant substitutes.
    4. Sort your ego shit with Ozil and use him on the pitch till he is here.
    5. Choose your formation.
    6. Fix on an alternative formation as Plan B.
    7. Work with the boys and a joy in their playing and smile on their faces. You just need to watch Klopp & Pep to know this.
    8. Stop tinkering with your overthinking.
    9. Can we have our Arsenal way of playing given back to us please.

    Also, the fans on here have the good of Arsenal in their hearts, so do not trash others’ opinions and call them names. Let’s also stop dissing our own players for their mistakes.

  19. Let’s answer a simple question. If Guardiola, Klopp or Poch is given this exact same team, how much they can improve the performance? I bet on a guaranteed top 4.

    One season is already too long for a capable manager to figure how to extract the best from his team. If UE doesn’t know now, probably he will never know.

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