From the Northern Premier League to an Arsenal contract – thanks to a Rabona! (plus video)

Arsenal fans are desperately waiting for Arsene Wenger to sign some top stars this summer, but if last year is anything to go by we could be waiting until the very last week of the window.

But today a 21 year old defender, Cohen Bramall, has told about his amazing rise from Hednesford Town, in the Northern Premier League, to be given a place in Arsenal’s U23 squad, just a week after assisting with a Rabona in a Premier Division game against Frickley Athletic.

Most Arsenal fans are not interested in players that only cost a measly £40,00 from the Tier 7 club, but you never know, this time next year he could be in the First team! The 21 year-old was talking in the Shropshire Star about his Rabona moment and how shocked he was to get the call from Arsenal back in January. “When I did it, it was one of them things you don’t plan, it just happened at the time and I just thought I’d go for it.” he said.

“At the time, when I did it I just thought I’d just done a Rabona, I just thought it was normal. Then the next week I get a call off the chairman saying that it’s going to be on next week on live TV. I just couldn’t believe it.”

That began a fairytale week for Bramall, as he explained: “It was pretty quick, it happened all week. On the Monday I had a game for Sheffield Wednesday U23s against Birmingham, probably one of the best games I’ve been involved in. Then I got made redundant the next day, that was from Bentley Motors.

“On the Wednesday I got a call that Shrewsbury Town wanted me on trial for Thursday and Friday, and then I got a call as I was just driving on Wednesday night saying Arsenal want you in Thursday and Friday.

“I was like ‘what? I don’t believe you.’ I thought it was a prank!”

“I didn’t expect to be training with the first-team, I thought I was going to train with the U23s.

“But I just got thrown in at the deep end and I had to take everything under control and just think I’m playing with normal players, but I’m playing with some of the best players in the world.

“My feet are still on the ground, I do pinch myself now and again.”

So if you are playing for a lower League side, never give up on the dream that you could play for Arsenal one day! Just try this one day!



  1. Possible departures for chelsea
    Zouma (loan)
    Matic/cesc 1 of the two

  2. Looks like me and a handful of other Gooners were right on the money with Lacazette. We said before the window opened that Lacazette will be our man. Ornstein has just tweeted that we are close to a club record agreement.

  3. Thank you admin for deleting my comments even though time and again I have been right and members of the forum have liked my posts.. I do not understand what you are trying to do. All i’m doing is giving away good transfer news for once unlike every other source.
    Please tell me why you are doing this? Fatboy was wrong all along and you do not punish him.
    Let the members have access to some reliable transfer news for once. Do not get upset that I’m breaking stories before the blog and the media catch on.
    It is good for just that I’m here spreading good information.

    1. @re-source…..
      I have a very simple policy. Anyone can give an opinion but personal abuse ON ANY LEVEL will not be tolerated. We are all Arsenal supporters…
      I do not believe you or your fabled sources as I have been writing this blog for many many years and have seen many so-called ITK’s annoying us with false information. You can give your opinion on anything but do not simply repeat the same comments over and over, and DO NOT ABUSE anyone else.

    2. Maybe man cause your posting the same over and over im sure we all like when people give there 2 cent but give it a rest your on every story saying the same we all know your info so just ease up a bit and lets all have respect for fellow Arsenal fans.

  4. @ admin but fat boy has been insultive and what disciplinary actions have u taken about dat, d young is trying to reliable for once and he is on the verge of proving us right you don’t pick one person for been insultive, am sensing a bit of sentiments here but plus let d young man do his stuffs, after all we are entitled to our own opinions,

    1. As I said … Anyone’s opinion is welcome but NOT personal insults. I have deleted many of Fatboy’s comments for the same reason. You have NO idea which ones I delete as you never see them. Calling other Arsenal fans names is not an opinion, it’s an insult.
      End of discussion…..

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