Frustrated Arsenal captain Xhaka upsets the fans – And the manager too it seems…

The Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka was subjected to a prolonged period of abuse, which was not helped by him strolling off the pitch when we needed another goal to win the match against Crystal Palace. It was very obvious that he was extremely frustrated with his abuse from the fans, which has been going on for quite some time now and was very openly clear this evening, but as Arsenal captain perhaps he should have shown some restraint and not made the situation worse.

The coach Unai Emery was definitely concerned with his reaction and has told the media that he intends to talk to the Switzerland international about his reaction. Emery told “He was wrong. He was wrong. Now we need to stay calm and speak with him, to speak inside about that reaction. His reaction was wrong in that moment.

“We are working, me and the club, inside with every player to manage playing under pressure. We need to be clever in our minds and create habits under pressure for our minds to be clearer. We can play with our hearts and can be hot in difficult moments, but our minds must be clever. We are going to speak about that, of course, because the reaction was wrong. We will speak with the players and the club about this reaction.”

I think we should all look at ourselves and look at how we would feel if we were in his position. He tries his hardest, but to Arsenal fans if it is not perfect it is not acceptable. I know we all pay good money to go and see the Arsenal, but is it fair to treat one of our players like that? Especially the Arsenal captain.

What sort of message does that send to our other players? Everyone will be so scared to make a mistake they will be playing with the famous “handbrake off”.

So if we get rid of Xhaka, who are we going to make the next scapegoat?

Sam P


  1. I want Emery out of the club! I don’t enjoy watching arsenal games anymore and Emery’s constant questionable decisions make me hate him. I want a new manager.

    Xhaka needs to go as well, he should not be starting let alone be captain. What he did today was inexcusable and the boos will now continue until he leaves the club.

    Both need to go!

  2. No harm xhaka is not captain material. Making him the captain is irresponsible by the manager and he should take part of the blame. Xhaka should not have been booed but I still maintain he is not good enough to play for Arsenal.

  3. Missed the end of the match earlier, so just watched MOTD2. Fair play to Wrighty & Crouch. They said how long it took from Sokratis’s celebration to the goal being chalked off… getting on for 3 minutes.. no one seems to know for sure why it wasn’t given.. the crowd had no idea what was going on.. Wrighty was spot on when he said something needs to be done about it!
    What sickens me is you know damn well that there’s 1 or 2 teams that goal wouldn’t have been chalked off for!

    1. Wrighty was very passionate in his response of how Xhaka left the field – he’s the captain, he shouldn’t behave that way, goading the crowd.

      1. Good points Sue. What Xhaka did just goes to show his weak mentality. He’s not got the sense to know when he’s doing the wrong things..

  4. “So if we get rid of Xhaka, who are we going to make the next scapegoat?”
    The answer is Emery.
    Hopefully he fcvks off with Xhaka.
    I somehow feel for Xhaka today, I’m not inhumane.
    I feel bad for him.
    Like I’ve said, any good coach will drop an out of form player,more so q player who the fans already turned against.
    Emery tried playing smart, kept playing Xhaka. IMHO he’s the one who dragged Xhaka into this position.
    What was needed was Xhaka stepping to the bench and maybe playing cup games till he sorts his game out, but our cowch with his lame strategies kept on playing Xhaka.
    It was obvious the fans were getting tired of everything.
    Now Emery’s prayer should be that the fans don’t turn against him.
    One thing I’ve noticed, despite what everybody says, Arsenal fans have been the most patient fans but when they get tired and come together, literally they can ruin anybody.
    Emery should pray he doesn’t get to that point, because he’s headed that way.
    If Arsene Wenger saw the other side of the fans, who is Emery that he won’t?

    1. EH,

      The majority of educated Arsenal fans
      have already lost there faith in
      Emery, and todays ugly scene was both
      a referendum on Xhaka the
      player/captain as well as Unai the
      clueless muppet of a manager. The
      fans were completely wrong in booing
      Xhaka but its quite obvious that
      there collective message was that
      both the Spanish manager and Swiss
      midfielder are not good enough to
      continue in there respected roles @
      AFC and change needs to be made

      A captain cursing the fans, the Ozil
      debacle and now Laca supposedly
      liking a scathing social media post
      denigrating both Xhaka and Emery.

      WTF is going on @ the Emirates,
      Surely Amateur Hour run amok.

      1. ACE, all of this hardly happened under Wenger.
        It’s obvious even the players don’t want to play for Emery and they don’t get his tactics too.
        Laca liking that post is the only way for him to voice his own concern.
        If our players don’t like and want to play for Emery, they can’t come out to say it. That’s the only way they can do it.

        Van Persie last week said, the difference between Emery, Wenger, Ferguson and Koeman is the fact that Emery can’t connect with his players. It’s obvious.
        Now if the man can’t connect with his players and get the best out of them, how will he connect with us the fans?

  5. Xhaka was a black mark on a day full of issues, one of the other issues is the fans spoilt brat behaviour of cheering his substitution and booing him.

    I pose the question I mentioned earlier.

    Can someone please explain to me why this is acceptable from fans?
    Is there any foresight in thinking if any other player at arsenal is deemed not to fans standard that they could be witness to also booing?
    Does anyone else think this will be affecting the potential of our team and individual performances?

    When as fans did we become so arrogant that we thought it is okay to behave like this?

    Boo the team for poor performances when they occur, boo the management team when they get it wrong, but target individual players?!! I am a disappointed fan 😔

    It was at its worst when Arsene was abused from waiting fans after the Stoke match (something Arsene later admitted it shook him), I feel we are heading back in this direction. In truth, did we ever leave this?!!! When did arsenal fans become abusive.

    1. You won’t blame them!
      Cut this emotional shenanigans you guys are throwing up.
      The problem is not Xhaka’s performance today.
      The fans reacted that way because since he’s been an Arsenal player he’s been bang average and yet a starter for the club.
      He’s cost us so many points and he slows down our midfield.
      Yes he was on the wrong end today, but if not today, it would be tomorrow.

      Though I do feel the person the fans should be treating this way is Emery.
      Hopefully Xhaka takes the incentive and leaves.
      These guys need to understand that Arsenal fans have been patient enough and seeing teams such as Chelsea and Leicester outperform us with weaker teams is making the frustration unbearable

      1. I think there is a missing point that when you have 50,000 fans not supporting you, you are not going to performance as well as you could. Not on that game nor the following games to come.

        I have already stated I dont think Xhaka is a better option then Toerrira as our DM but I am not going to lower myself to the behaviour I saw today or previously.

        Hector was under the same treatment before his lengthy injury. Wasnt it against CP away from home when taking a throw in he got an ear full of abuse?!! How does that help?

        The issue is that fans general frustration at the club is taking its shape towards certain players yet the time to allow our club to evolve in the short 18months since a change of manager is not being offered.

        Imagine if fergie after the first 3 years was boo’d and kicked out of the club because of his then record. They wouldn’t have their successes we see today.

        It’s all too black and white these days.
        I dont like your type of football – I want you out.
        I think you are too slow, I want you out.
        You are only using your left foot, I want you out…

        No depth, no consideration of various factors, it’s just I want it all now and so I will yell and moan until I get it.

        A level minded individual Might see 18 months is a short time in the life of a football club.

        1. Hi Tom.
          The fans were not booing Zhaka before he got subbed so it was not because of his poor performance today or in previous games. The booing was cause the CAPTAIN was not running off for the substitution to happen quicker at a time when the team needed every second to try and regain the lead.
          I mean i have seen better players (some captains) that runs off to the side just so the team can b given maximum chance but not Zhaka. A captain should but the team’s interest first not himself.
          This incident just shows why we lacked urgency in certain games and underlines the fact that the senior players are not leading the right way. I personally never want to see him in the shirt he pulled off and threw to the ground.

        2. Tom, please note that fans/supporters pay from their pockets to watch a match, players/coaches are paid to perform. Both cannot be judged with the same yardstick. Pathetic skilled players should know their value/contribution to the team, do a self appraisal and seek transfers elsewhere. In my previous post, I mentioned that professional players like Rooney / Sanchez realized this and moved from Utd. to continue their game is lesser physical leagues, they did not disrespect Utd. or their fans. The fact that AFC supporters have a warm heart, the players (MO10 included) think that they can get away with poor performances and expect the fans to applaud them every match. The central lunatics celebrate conceding corners!Xhaka throwing off his jersey was far worse than Kos actions at Bordeaux.If we had a no nonsense coach like Pep / Klop, this man would have been stripped of the captaincy and banished to the reserves. What will Unai do? Have chat and play him 90 minutes the next match. AFC is doomed with Unai, Kolasinac, Luiz, Socrates, Xhaka, Mesut. Just three points separate us from 10th place West Ham, if this does not bother us, nothing will! Just give the boot to Unai immediately before irreparable damage is done. Top 4 is open, FA & EL is wide open, League Cup is an experience for the youth, not to be taken lightly. Get Luis Enrique or Max Allegri immediately. Another loss and we are 10th!

          1. I understand your frustrations. The poor performances is as much to do with the harmony of players within the squad during what was always going to be a transitional period, which may well be another year even 2. Personally I was hoping this would be a final year of transition. I am sure mustafi Ozil and then Mhikt will be sold either during jan or the summer. Saliba coming in, a season for our youth (including tierney) and full fitness for holding and bellerin will set us up for next season.

            But this season, I see many issues still to be addressed in what is a period of change still.
            35% of our first 11 yesterday started the opening game last season. I wouldn’t be surprised if that number drops again as our squad evolves.

            Unai has a load of puzzle pieces in front of him. Some fit together and these are mostly the players he wants, the rest are ones he inherited. The end result should be a puzzle that is completed but we cant demand it all to be in place or.mostly completed in 18 months!

    2. Tom, the abuse given out by the fans is their perceived right do- while I abhor xhakas behaviour, why doesn’t he also have the right to express his feelings?

      Some of the fans who abused AW at Stoke, are probably the snowflakes who got upset when Bellerin gave it back to them in some tweets last season.

      As most of us are employees or employers, would it be acceptable to do this at one’s place of work?

      For me, one of the greatest moments at giving it back to the fans from a player, was whenTheo Walcott put up two fingers at the spuds, indicating the score and even though he was seriously injured.

      They went berserk with fury and I still laugh about it today!!! Godd on you Theo!!!!

      1. Ken, Thought you might like to know that two hours ago I submitted an article on what constitutes bullying, as opposed to what is the fans free right of expression. I hope you will let me know your reaction, assuming Pat uses it on here, which of course he may not do.. I am planning to submit a number of articles, on many various topics, including olden day of fandom, very soon now. I think it long overdue that so many young fans knew a bit more of the days when all players were men, not snowflakes as so many , not just at Arsenal, now certainly are. I will also mention away days with the supporters club and the characters who were fans, some now sadly gone. I do think that what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander but that too works both ways. Or should be able too at least. But specifically on Xhaka , I am firmly with the fans and say he was out of order.

    3. What are you talking about. Cristiano Ronaldo one the greatest player ever was booed by his fans at real madrid despite all he accomplished for them.

      1. And this makes it acceptable?

        I dont recall Francis jeffers being boo’d. The general feel was one of encouragement because we knew we had Henry pires wiltord…

        But in recent years it’s been completely different. Gevinho was boo’d out of our club yet he was marked to be as talented as pires.
        Ox didnt sign because of the toxic environment at the club, he wanted out.
        Ramsay endured abuse for many years during the period he played as a wide man.

        My point is, and it’s not exclusive to our fans, but when the chips are down why do we start turning on players.

        In the past we have had some average players amongst the quality of Sol Vieira Henry and co. Yet it was masked because we build a winning squad.

        Today, if pires had the first 6 months he had at the start of his AFC career he would be boo’d out of the stadium.

        I guess my comments are a reflection of where we have come to as a football club.

        We behave elitist and I dont think the players enjoy playing in front of our fans as much as past players once did (even before the success came) and this is not helping the team.

        I personally would of boo’d the result but encouraged during the 90 mins. Listen the players and managers know when they are carrying players. They are not stupid but the focus is to be together and win. Right now the results reflect the mood of fans, and Visa versa

  6. The treatment of Xhaka by fans has been deplorable. The singling out of an individual player in what is a team game is “poor form” and impacts on other players on the field (note Torreira’s reaction when it occurred previously),
    Xhaka’s reaction when substituted was unbecoming of an Arsenal player, let alone the captain. His reaction was similar to that of Ozil, strolling off the field in the Europa League final. This was combined with throwing the armband, his shirt on the ground and abusing the fans. He should never captain the club again.
    Xhaka is a very good player for Switzerland and was for his previous clubs; however he has struggled in the EPL, where he hasn’t the time on the ball he has elsewhere. His qualities are not up to the standards required for a top club in the EPL.
    Arsenal needs to address the lack of size, physicality and mental toughness in the midfield. If you can’t control the midfield, you can’t win games.

    1. ozziegunner, you are wrong in comparing Ozil to this situation.

      Ozil walked off the pitch slowly, but he DID NOT abuse the fans and he DID NOT abuse the shirt.

      If fans want to bring Ozil into every conversation, at least get the facts right.

      Also, when Ozil was substituted, the game as a contest was well and truly over…this was not the case with Xhaka in any shape or form.

      The same can be said following the witch hunt regarding Kos and his “dishonouring” the badge, nothing like the Xhaka incident, but boy, didn’t he get some stick, despite all the years of loyal service?

      Here’s the worst bit though – all three incidents have happened since the new regime took over, plus the threat of putting players on the transfer list if they didn’t sign contract extensions, two years before their current ones run out being completely ignored. What a mess we are in – I want my Arsenal back…Unai who???

      The situation at the club is toxic, both from the fans and the reaction of the players to UE’s tactics…he has lost the dressing room (in my opinion), we have two top players still refusing to sign contracts that were presented six months ago and we have no chance of a top four finish under this “coach”!!!

      Watch him bring Ozil back on Wednesday, make him captain and then hang him out to dry once again, if/when we lose.

      1. Ken, please read again what I said. I didn’t mention Ozil throwing his shirt down or abusing fans. I only said “similar to Ozil in strolling off the field in the Europa League final (full stop), for which Ozil has been criticized.
        The fact is Arsenal would have 5 points more over the last week or so, if Mike Reilly’s officials were not incompetent or unfavourable to Arsenal. We might not like the style of football, but Arsenal and Emery should be in a higher position, than they are currently.
        I am a supporter of Arsenal FC, the current coach and players, not a supporter of Emery, Wenger or Ozil per se; no one is bigger than the Club.
        Whatever happened to Victoria Concordia Crescit, the Arsenal used to proudly display? Reports of fans fighting among themselves over a football game is an absolute disgrace on this great Club.

        1. “His reaction was simlar to that of Ozil” meant what then ozziegunner?

          There was no similarity in the situation whatsoever and yet you have implied, by your own words, that there was.

          Don’t we have enough false reporting of facts on here as it is, without a respected poster trying to introduce more to suit his own agenda?

          350oz, no it wasn’t…did kos abuse the fans, the manager, the club whilst walking off the pitch during a game that was still there for us to win?
          He didn’t throw his shirt to the ground and huck the captains armband away, the video did not show that…it was the fans who wanted to interpreted that way and believe me, if Kos had disrespected the shirt, I’d be the first to call him out!!!

          1. You still didn’t read about “strolling off the pitch”. I never mentioned Ozil throwing his shirt etc.

      2. Ken1945, what Kos did on his unveiling video is exactly similar to what Xhaka did last night. You of all people must have known the significance of our shirt and what it represents. My logic regarding Kos, I have never seen unveiling video like that and is it that hard to shoot a normal one? It was deliberate, enough said.

        1. 350oz – if you see the action by xhaka, when he took off the captains band and threw it away, walked slowly off the pitch during a match that was there for us to win, swear at the fans, ignore the coach and walk straight down the tunnel in the same light as kos, before the season started, after giving the club a seasons notice that he would not be signing a new contract…then was offered an insulting new one that included a rumoured 50% paycut, refuse that contract and then published a video showing him taking off (not ripping or throwing down) the shirt be had worn with pride as our captainto reveal the shirt of his new club…a team ranked so far below us, we will probably never play them…as exactly similar, I can only assume you see black as white.

      3. Ken, Unlike the Wenger last decade(except for two seasons) you and I are in total agreement about our current manager. Hopefully the word “current” may not apply to Emery ere long now. In my view he has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster and it is certain the dressing room do not understand what it is he wants. They are playing like puppets without a hand controlling them. And in no season under Wenger did we play remotely as boring or shapeless and pedestrian football. He needs to be forced out without further delay. As for the whole Ozil saga, I would rather clean the drains than drag it out, Brexit like, till it makes us all crazy. Unless the club owner and regime above UE changes, it is a near certainty that he will not wear our shirt again, barring a huge injury crisis. The decision has been made, once and for all, whatever we all think. You know my view so I will not repeat it.

        1. Jon, we ha e witnessed highs and lows at our club, but this current situation is getting completely out of hand – will certainly look out for your bullying posts and I have no doubt we will agree completely on this issue.

    2. Size should not be a criteria for selecting a Midfielder but physicality. Kante is shot but physically strong and fast, we have player like that in torriera who did well last season but Emery destroy him by swapping to box to box, though am sorry for how xhaka was treated during the palace game but also use to sent a message to Emery his time of humiliation is close. Am fully in support of what the fans did in the stadium yesterday

  7. Unai Emery: Fans should remember that I’ve made Arsenal “competitive”.

    Also Unai Emery: Brings in Kolasinac with the team drawing 2 – 2 at home to Palace.

    No creativity — just looking to pump corners in and take advantage.

    You know what makes this more painful? Seeing Chelsea and Leicester playing the kind of football we should be playing all with supposedly inferior managers.

    1. The arsenal squad has gone through what I would deem for arsenal standards a drastic change in the short period of 2yrs.

      The core of chelsea and leicesters team has been there for many years whilst today was the first time that particular set of players played together as that combination.

      Can our squad be allowed a chance to grow together?

      1. Allow a chance to grow by continuously playing xhaka who is killing the midfield, Arsenal fans are not asking for human head but xhaka shouldn’t be in our starting lineup when Torriera is fit

  8. emery is not a good coach and xaka is not supposed to be an arsenal player at all I want my creative captain back my two striker need goal please sack this coach and sell this player, will have the player’s no excuse for the coach

  9. It’s sad that Arsenal fans are resorting the boos again but the fact is, Emery should be seeing the signs by now? If Emery was a decent manager he would be rectifying the issue (Xhaka) by benching Xhaka. The fans would be happier and the tension and anger on the crowd would subside!

    Emery is hanging him out to dry!!

    1. Just as he has tried to hang out other players during his career as a coach…whether one likes the player or not, that is exactly what he is trying to do with Ozil…and before I get all this BS about it not being his decision alone, if the coach wanted the player, he would fight for him and if he didn’t, he has no business being a coach whilst man-managing players.

      1. Ken, fact is not “BS”; Emery is an employee of the Club and follows the instructions of management, just like Wenger and others before him did.

        1. ozziegunner, if you are happy to supoort a coach who is just a “yes man” that is your perogative – wasn’t that one of the accusations so often thrown at AW by fans as one of the reasons they wanted him out?

          I say again, if UE wanted to keep the player, he would move heaven and earth to do so…this new regime is splitting the club apart, both the fans and the players…just like his team, UE hasn’t the guts to tell the fans what is actually happening. A total disgrace!!!

      2. Ozil and xhaka are a disgrace to arsenal football club. It wouldn’t be too soon if i never see either in a red shirt again. They are the dregs left by the previous regime and are not real arsenal footballers. They couldn’t give a fig for arsenal, just themselves. Emery was 100% wrong giving xhaka the captaincy, he needs to show he is boss and that he is wrong and make Gouendouzi our captain for the next 5 years.

      3. What other players? Ben Arfa who has fallen foul of every coach/manager he has played under?
        Emery’s problem has been playing Xhaka when his form hasn’t deserved it.

  10. Ken, fact is not “BS”; Emery is an employee of the Club and follows the instructions of management, just like Wenger and others before him did.

  11. The fact that Emery cannot see that his best back four is Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Tierny…..speaks volumes.
    The fact he can’t see his best defensive midfield pairing is Torreria & Guendouzi….makes him look like a novice.
    The fact he can’t see that you need to play Martinelli NOW & Ceballos is criminal….sackable.

  12. wrong decision by emery to give him the armband. wrong of most of the fans to jeer at him. And you could hear it the second his number was put up so it was not due to him exiting slowly. It’s so funny seeing the reactions and shocks of some of the fans. Especially the AFTV ones who say stuff every week and surely know the players hear what they are saying about them. Don’t dish it if you cannot take it. All in all, the dressing room appears to be a mess and our performances are also a mess. Emery is not even close to getting the most out of this squad and needs to be moved all. Majority of our problems stem from his poor decision making. VAR officials also need to be sacked for robbing us of two points. Nobody can really pinpoint what VAR was even looking at and why this goal wasn’t allowed. Whoever made the decision needs sacking.

  13. AFTV made a very good point.
    Get rid of Emery now will cost $6m
    Get rid of him later will cost $40m as we will miss champions league. I can’t see us making it under him

  14. At the current rate of Arsenal playing in EPL, kiss goodbye to 5th place and say hello to 7th place.
    Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Leicester City, Tottenham, Man U are hard to beat with current team. Hopefully, owner decide to sell when he expect less profit. He has to share the responsibility of decline of Arsenal and lack of titles due to his stinginess.

  15. No player or manager is above the club. But no club is above the fans too. Without fans there won’t be any club. That is why Billionaires are taking over clubs and not starting new. If you start emptying Emirates stadium you can understand the power of fans. Fans spend their hard earned money for entertainment. And with that money the club and players enjoy luxury.. Players managers and staff are not permanent. But the support of fans is permanent. So if the club is moving in a wrong direction and if the management fails to correct the issue, fans have every right to correct the club and abusing fans during that process is unacceptable….

  16. All I’d like to say to you after today’s performance is what I’ve been telling you for the past three years I’ve been on this site is Mike Riley and the PGMOL are the most crooked organisation ever to be involved in football. One day one of these incompetent officials will write a book and tell the world how Mike Riley told his bunch of referees “give nothing to Arsenal, I’ve hated the club ever since my run ins with Arsene Wenger” because without doubt there’s a hidden agenda going on here, it’s been going on since Riley became a referee and has got worse since he’s been in charge of the corrupt PGMOL.

      1. Jarred Gillet was the Australian official in charge of VAR at the Palace game. Not yet a Premier League referee, and responsible for just a handful of Football League games so far. It’s amazing how Riley, who makes all appointments, picks someone with such limited experience for a London Derby. To me it’s a case of “if you want to get on in the English Premier league you’ve got to be anti Arsenal”. I’m 100% positive Riley gives them all this message. PS Ozziegunner : See if you can dig up any information on this Australian inexperienced official.

        1. As you well know Kenny, I don’t remotely buy your Riley being anti Arenal especially. I do buy that he is desperate to stay in his post and will do anything to keep it. He is totally without honour, deeply incompetent and cares nothing for the fairness of the game as a whole. Note I SAY “as a whole” and not specifically anti Arsenal alone though. He needs removing NOW and VAR has become a Frankenstein monster, running amok and totally out of control and is ruining football. I would ban it along with Riley; today if possible. Even a halfwit ought to know -but they clearly do not know – that a goal being chalked off THREE minutes after having been awarded is nonsense and ruining the spontineity so vital to the game. If only the powers that be had even a single brain cell among the lot of them, it would be a start. Sunday was certainly yet another in the long list of farces thatVAR has caused this season. Idiots!

        2. Kenny, I recall that at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, there were at least three VAR officials at each game who decided whether or not to transmit their observations to the ref after a quick vote. Why is there only one VAR official at matches in the EPL.That gives room for some untoward practices.

    1. Very true. But I also expect Emery to use this as motivation to start destroying teams. They call it siege mentality.

  17. Frank Lampard and Brendan Rodgers has changed their teams within short period of time,what about Emery?

  18. IMO he reaped what he sowed, it’s not about one match. His performances are lacking, he made blunders and he didn’t apologize. Had he said “I understand fans concern, I’ll try to improve and work hard”, or apologized like Sokratis did, things would have been different.

    Then he lost it and he throwed his shirt, that’s inexcusable. Shirt is more than just shirt, it’s a symbol of our club, same as flag. Would you get away with throwing your nation’s flag? If he doesn’t want to wear that shirt with pride, then by all respect don’t!

  19. I do not like Xhaka starting or being captain, but I do not see why fans booed him. Last two matches he did okay really, not a star, but he did at least equal to most players. And he has nit assigned himself captain.
    Emery out, has had enough from him, zero tactics.

  20. I’m so disgusted by the ending of the article. I can’t believe you are siding Xhaka. He made a mistake? Brother in case you haven’t noticed Xhaka makes a lot of mistakes which lead to goals, check the record. He was strolling off the pitch on home turf when he knew we needed a goal. Who does that? Better yet what captain does that? One thing I know about fans is that the moment you are playing well they can worship you. When you are playing badly they throw all manner of insults at you. It’s tipical of fans. There was a time we sang for Xhaka. I’m sure he was happy then so why is he angry now? I mean, what does he expect? If you can take praises then you should be able to also take mockery and criticism.

  21. This man should be benched. so it is basically Emery’s fault for making him the captain even though he is not doing good.
    But first, he should apologize to all the fans.
    Emery must be out as soon as possible if we are really thinking about going away with the competitions, let’s be real, the only thing he did this season is his sub in the previous match (PEPE) where he scored two goals, other than this point he didn’t add anything to the team.

    I hope one of our legends can take his turn, at least we can fight with him and he can show the players how precious is Arsenal’s shirt!

    1. Which Arsenal “legend” has the successful coaching/management credentials and experience to take on the coaching role at the Arsenal? As many great players have found to their detriment, their is more to being a successful coach/manager than having a successful playing career.

      1. Agree. But even if a manager is successful somewhere else does not mean that will translate. Pep only managed Barca B before taking on the first team. Lampard a year at Derby (though its still early days at Chelsea). Raneiri was an okay manager overall and he pulled off the impossible and led Leicester to EPL title. Basically, you just never know what will or will not happen when you appoint somebody. I don’t know if I really have a point to this post ozzie, im just sounding off, lol. A lot of people want Allegri to follow up Emery and I’m not so sure that is a proper fit. I would actually rather take a chance with Freddie stepping up for the remainder of the season before appointing someone like Allegri.

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