Frustrated Lacazette looking to leave Arsenal?

We have had quite a few ridiculous Arsenal transfer rumours this summer, but today’s report by the Star stretches the imagination just a little too far. They are suggesting that Alexandre Lacazette could be leaving the Gunners in the next few days. They reported….

The Frenchman joined the Gunners last summer after they chased him for a number of years.

And his first season in English football was a steady one, scoring 17 goals in 42 appearances.

Arsene Wenger left at the end of the year, though, and former Paris St-Germain boss Unai Emery has taken over.

And it is possible the 27-year-old could leave the Emirates by Friday, by the end of the European transfer window.

While the English deadine has already passed, on the eve of the first Premier League game, outgoing deals can still go ahead.

They don’t even have a team being linked to him, just a general “he could leave” scenario. This is ‘creative journalism’ at it’s worst!

Admittedly Lacazette is not a starting player at the moment, but even Laca himself just said he needs to improve to fight for his place. And to even think that Arsenal would consider letting him go and we go through the season with just Aubameyang and Welbeck?

I don’t think so!

Darren N


  1. Counsel says:

    Laca is the best player at arsenal his all-round game as a strike is top level.We demand that laca and auba start together forget the clueless tactics that the manager wants more possession to create chances

  2. gotanidea says:

    This could happen, because Emery needs more players and Arsenal have got Aubameyang/ Welbeck/ Nketiah

    I hope he doesn’t go though, because he is a talented striker that needs more support from the other attackers

  3. Counsel says:

    Ozil has been declared pasona non grata both at Arsenal and the German national team emery is ruthless there’s no sacred cows if you don’t perform out! Ozil is an expensive luxury let him be moved in China on loan for his ridiculous wages.Footballers are super athletes not prima Dona’s who can’t even tackle.

    1. gotanidea says:

      The article is not about Ozil, but I agree that a Chinese club could be interested in buying a celebrity like him

  4. kev says:

    He will surely leave Arsenal but at least not in the few days.Unlike some of the recent past unambitious strikers who have played for us he won’t wait for several seasons to know he’s more than likely to not be the main CF for us.Face the reality that it’s either him or Auba not both.Both in the same team for the full season means there’s a malfunction somewhere.I can’t see him staying beyond this season if he wants to be a regular at a club.If only the Auba money was spent on a winger things could’ve been different for him but at least he’s facing the reality of why Auba was bought.

  5. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

    Let us FORGET this lazy journalism. How would Unai Emery and co explain that unlikely piece of business when the transfer window is closed. So we don’t need depth when we need it in the four competitions knowing that injuries and suspensions are a given?!

  6. AndersS says:

    He has not had the best of times at Arsenal. Wenger substituted him all the time, and when Auba came, he was always going to be second choice.
    Let’s face it. Playing both Auba and Laccazette is not optima. Nor is it optimal, if we don’t have a good second choice striker.
    Tricky situation.

  7. Michael Odetola says:

    Emery and Arsenal management should reconsider Laca decision, where would they source for fund to fund another quality player worth £ 60-90m. Laca is a top player no doubt about it but Emery should go to his drawing board in other to balance the playing time of his prominent player and give them a chance to show case their talent for the fans and the Arsenal players management to judge on.

  8. Chiza says:

    I know Emery likes him and he would start playing him regularly very soon but he just wants everyone not too feel too comfortable with their positions.. He wants them to work hard and earn their place.. I guess that’s what Emery is trying to do….i know Emery already knows his best eleven and this is it

    bellerin Mustafi Sokratis Monreal

    Torriera Ramsey

    Mikhitaryan Ozil Aubameyang


    No denying the fact…it is Emery’s best eleven and we all know this truth!!!!!!

    he prefers bellerin to lichstenier because of his speed which would help in attack… Emery doesn’t care much about bellerin poor defending at the moment…. He believes bellerin will improve since lichstenier will teach him alot……Emery has told you guys that he prefers to win 4-3 than to win 1-0

    I feel emery prefers kolasinac to Monreal…maybe because he worked more with kolasinac in the pre season.. But with the way monreal is performing…he would keep his place

    1. Gunnerjack says:

      Chiza you know absolutely nothing about the inner workings at Arsenal – so why do you inflict your lies on us? For crying out loud grow up and stop all this attention seeking! How old are you? 12? 13? I find your stupid comments sickening.

  9. LENOhappy says:

    Chiza my chiza,did emery actually told you that

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    no one likes to be benched

    it will jeopardized his international football

  11. Sue says:

    He’s been great for us… I really like him. I hope this is a load of crap as I’ll be gutted if he leaves!

  12. LENOhappy says:

    Lacazette in my own humble opinion is the best arsenal player right now,the guy can score goals,can’t use the ball very well have a good close control and can also makes good assists,but sometimes the coach see differently that’s why they are paid to select the team every week,but we all know that immediately we got auba,laca is always gonna play second fiddle to him unless the coach can come up with a way to play both,I don’t see any coach benching auba for laca,because its just a natural goal machine,believe me when he starts he will be unstoppable

  13. Alldwayfromafrika says:

    There’s going to be alot of debate on who’s the best player in arsenal given the fact the we fans tends to base opinions on current form..I mean aub14 was the best striker on the team till the start of this season….but we need lacazette to stay put and wait for his time…hell someone needs to be reminder that football is a team sport….he would get his chances to play and we do need him.

    1. Sarmmie says:

      They’ve both scored well when they both played, so why can’t they start together?
      I don’t know why some coaches are always strong headed, auba clearly stated (without mincing words like most professional players do) that he won’t mind playing on the left if laca is in the centre, and its not just a matter of granting them their wishes, it’s what actually needed, they’ve both been better individually with the other on the pitch, so why can’t they start?
      To be sincere, I won’t feel bad if he leaves,he’s better than a bench player, hell, he’s better than some starters, even in some big six teams he deserves more and everyone knows this

  14. ozziegunner says:

    Arsenal wait years to get two decent strikers with very good goals to games ratios and now they are going to let Lacazette leave. If Arsenal are looking to lower the wage bill they need to look elsewhere, when Arsenal are competing in 4 competitions and Aubameyang is suffering a minor goal drought. I will be gutted if this happens.

  15. jon fox says:

    Darren, It is so obviously a non story that there is little point dignifying it by writing a further article , like yours, about it. Some things have the ring of truth and seem at least strong possibilities and thus worth duscussing / speculating . THIS nonsensical bit of kite flying by somerumour creator with too much time to write and too little to write about, is so clearly untrue, as you yourself correctly say. I have nothing further of value to add on this non topic except, “next thread please , Mr Admin.”

  16. JJPawn says:

    “Lucas Moura has hit out at Arsenal manager Unai Emery for the treatment he received when the two were together at Paris Saint Germain.”

    Emery is going to destroy Arsenal…

    No major star is going to come to Arsenal.

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