Frustrated Wenger demands immediate response from his Arsenal team

The aftermath of last night’s defeat will be felt for a very long time, especially if we don’t bounce back and beat Chelsea on Saturday. Arsene Wenger was just left frustrated after his team’s dire first 45 minutes, but he was happy to deflect the fault from his team and take the blame on the chin. “I’m responsible for the results of the team.” Le Prof said after the game. “I’m frustrated that we did not win. What the other teams do doesn’t matter. What you want is to win the games and I’m very frustrated that we did not win the game, of course. We played at home, we had a great opportunity and we have a start like we did. Of course it’s frustrating and the players will have to learn from that and respond very well and very quickly in a very convincing way.”

It’s not going to be so easy to respond against Chelsea as it would normally be after a defeat, but Wenger refused to blame the fact that he was stranded in the stands after his suspension when he was asked by the media, because he didn’t think there were any problems in the preparations. “I don’t know. It’s very difficult to know. It would be an easy excuse. I think, honestly, we prepared well, we warned that Watford would come and make it very physical and I have no basic regret, looking at the preparation, in the way that we prepared for the game. And did we think subconsciously that we will turn up and it will work? I don’t know. But from the stands I agree with you that our first half was not at the level that we wanted.”

Arsenal did try to come back in the second half, as we have done so many times already this season, but we are now left 9 points behind Chelsea, so Wenger was asked if the Gunners simply had to beat them next weekend to still have a chance in the title race? He replied: “We want to respond and win the game of course. First, we have to analyse why we didn’t start well. There are some situations in our team which were not completely clear at the start of the game, and we have to analyse that well.”

To be honest, this is hardly the first time that the team haven’t started well, but it has been masked by some great comebacks from losing positions. It simply had to come to a head some time and so it proved. Surely this fact should have analysed to death by now surely?

Any previous analysis has obviously had little effect!



  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    I really wanna beat Chelsea and close the gap to six points but I don’t know, Arsenal hate closing the gap. I don’t know where to get the motivation that Arsenal will defeat Chelsea.. The best result we can get is a draw but I will be delighted if we win.

    Whenever we have two must win or three must win games in order to push us up the table for the race, we end up bottling the chance. We should be winning games and send a message out to teams but what do we do? We crumble and teams enjoy playing us at the Emirates. Still gutted for the defeat to Watford. Why do I put my emotions alot on Arsenal? Well, because I m a fan that love the club but the team should be doing better..

    Chelsea v Arsenal 4/2/2017. We wait and see their response.

    Happy New months to all gunners. .

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      We won’t win, simple as that. Afternoon kickoff against Chelsea, no chance. We’ve seen it before, we will lose the match in the opening 30 minutes.

      1. Incarnate says:

        We will not lose against Chelsea, something terrible went wrong last night, it’s called Ramsey, in the face of all the criticism he has faced as an Arsenal player, I have always tried to be the optimist but Last, I couldn’t find one for his shocking display and for the first time I agree we be rid of him even if went on to win the ballon d’or somewhere else I’d have no regrets, the deflected goal could happen to any one but the second was totally unforgivable!! Did you see that thwart strolling after losing the ball?! Had he gone back to cover, we wouldn’t have been chasing a two goal deficit with the same energy we should have expended in not just getting three points but maybe even improving our goal difference.

  2. Aussie Jack says:

    This site is too unstable to make a comment other than to say “who picked the team”? Giroud on the wing and the Welsh jinx in mid field. =disaster.

  3. bran99 says:

    he demands response after every loss, but nothing is done to rectify that, he ends up picking wrong team time and time again. I knew it was disaster yesterday when i saw OG and Ramsey in the same team..

    how do you reward good replay from your players (Ox, Perez, Welbeck)? bring in Ramsey who’s not match fit, put OG your favorite son upfront and push Alexis to the wing, and finally continue gambling with Gabriel while leaving the best RB out on the bench.. this old man should stay on the stands forever, problem is he’ll keep picking the team in every match day

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Not just those two, Ozil being so casual just adds more fuel to the flames. He is great when things are going swimmingly, when showboating and all, but he isn’t the type of player you need in a title fight. If we could pick and choose his games it would be great, or if we could sub him off whenever. When all players need to roll sleeves up, Ozil will still be Ozil.

  4. rkw says:

    Frustrated doesn’t come close … Called out wenger 5 years ago as not having the ability to deliver top honours for arsenal … Yet he is still around explaining away his own basic failings with his existential corporate bs … Fake manager kept going by fake fans content with 4th place. Sad!!!

  5. reddb10 says:

    Yet again proof that wenger is useless.
    Watfrod knocked us out of the cup last season (at home) by starting the game very strong and with commitment up to the last minute.
    Its just the same story this season where we cant cope with teams that start strong.
    Has Mr Wenger fixed the problem? NO
    If it wasnt for the moments of brilliance by the few great players we would be humiliated on a regular basis.
    This pathetic excuse of a manager is lost and the sooner he is gone the better.

    1. Rare Admirall says:

      Wenger has got to give! He needs to get the stepping.The soonest the better.I am tired of the repetitions from him,they bore me to the bone! Enough is Enough!

  6. dboy says:

    Weird thing is, I’m not surprised at all. Have to say I saw it coming. I guess some things never change.

  7. Jansen says:

    As soon as I saw Ramsey and Giroud would start I knew we were in trouble. We have not played well with these two players starting the game.

    I thought Wenger had remembered what started our season (after the Liverpool game) pretty good, a fast paced game with speedy attackers. We looked to be back with that style aginst Southampton. With Giroud in the team we become slow and deliberate and with Ramsey in the team we become like a toddler with a handgun, more likely to shoot ourselves than the target.

    We are lucky Ramsey is injured (although you never wish an injury on any player) this will protect us from Wenger’s love afaire with Ramsey. With a little luck we won’t see Giroud against Chelsea either.

    We need a draw because 5th place is in the rear view mirror.

    It remains pathetic that we can not string a few wins together in the PL.

  8. NY_Gunner says:

    Most of you hypocrites were praising the team selection yesterday before kick off. The rest were bragging about how much we were going to win by…

    1. Jansen says:

      I have said from the beginning of the season that we will always struggle when we start both Ramsey and Giroud. I didn’t praise the team selection, in fact, I was baffled that we would start Giroud and Ramsey with all the quality we have available. There was no need to start 3rd string players.

      The Southampton game showed what we can do when we base our game on speed yet we bring back Giroud????? All recent games he started we had poor starts and struggled. he is a liability.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Our main problem was losing 50/50’s… We also had zero control in midfield. We’re lacking that player who can recycle the ball and turn it over from defense into attack…

        1. Jim A says:

          Exactly NY.

      2. Rare Admirall says:

        Whether its sugarcoated by his sporadic form on a few occasions or not,the fact is Giroud should always be used to his strengths and not otherwise.He is not and I repeat not the A-List striker that transforms crucial games consistently into wins by their sheer talent and creativity.

    2. Benjas24 says:

      There was real frustration from the fans on the pages that I followed before kick-off, anyway what we say on pages will not change the selection of the team, so I can’t blame those fans that praised the selection of the team in-order to support them, from there it is up to the players to turn up.

    3. Adienl says:

      Point out 5 people who did that. Or you’re just spouting nonsense?

  9. Benjas24 says:

    How come one game you have the best mentality in the world, you bounce back from 3 down to get a draw,
    Wenger-It shows the character and mentality of the team,
    you score a late winner, Wenger- It shows the believe and mentality to go until the end, we always know we can score….
    We have been lucky for the past few leagues games, so I don’t understand the thing of “We have to learn from this” We should have learn from Bournemouth that we can’t afford to start games slow, I can assure you, we will not learn ANYTHING from the Watford defeat and the next post-match interview will again be “We have to learn”,

    1. bran99 says:

      very true

  10. leo...fourteen says:

    once again sanchez shows he is a fighter and way better than the rest..
    ramsey shows he ismt even concerned about arsenal,he was injured,after he caused the two goals and he sat down on the pitch instaed of getting d hell out,ramsey is badluck..we wud ve won that game with the same formation n even players we used on Saturday,its just a shame that players like per n giroud are still given contracts how does that show tittle ambitions….
    iwobi will and would never be a winger,ozil should stop acting and playing like a kid,he is an experienced player for God sakes….jeeezzzz
    did giroud kick the ball..m not sure at all…
    like it or not chelshit has won the league

  11. marty53 says:

    Wenger says we have to analyse why the team started so badly, how many times can you analyse something, this is not the first time it has happened. Wenger must take a long hard look at his selection and tactics. All the confidence that the team got from the Southampton game completely went with Wenger’s team selection and tactics.

    I know the Ox has underperformed sometimes but after the Soton game he must have been feeling pretty good and then he is benched for Ramsey in the next game…ludicrous. Sad to say but Wenger’s time has come to go, the club needs a complete overhaul and fresh ideas.

  12. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal will win in Chelsea’s stadium, as long as Sanchez plays as a central forward or central attacking midfielder and accompanied by Iwobi or Perez, without Ozil. In those positions, Sanchez can come back as our playmaker. We don’t have good playmaker currently because he is always assigned on the left side and Cazorla is injured.

    Ozil is a very talented and very unselfish player, unfortunately his position is a very important one, which requires a playmaker that can control the game, dictate the tempo and control the ball very well. I know he can pass well, but sometimes his passings are not accurate and didn’t do anything special. We cannot rely on a central attacking midfielder that can only create key passes occasionally but is unable to dictate the tempo in the front.

    Even Barcelona became weak without players like Messi and Iniesta. We really need a midfield general like them, where our tactics and new players can be built around that kind of player. I hope we can get someone like Sanchez or Cazorla in next season.

  13. Onochie says:

    I don’t think Wenger gets angry at his players performance because if he does,it would have been reflecting on the team sheet,but it seems like our starting 11 is already on the system just waiting for the match day to get it printed out. How many times this season is wenger going to use that word “we have to respond” last season it was “there’s no cohesion”. He doesn’t have the courage to drop those who underperformed,he should accept that he can’t deliver any silverware to the team and do the honourable thing by resigning at the end of this season.

  14. Tatek Girma says:

    No need to analyze the root cause for Arsenal defeat and frequent failures as the main problem is the manager him self and then his favor to Ramsey, who lost his boots in France during Euro 2016 tournament. What a boring management by an old boring manager. Always the same approach, the same bad result when it matters most and the same excuse for the failure.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @tqtek girma
      And what are the root causes when we win?

  15. Tatek Girma says:

    Winning games is the primary goal of any club though a draw or a loss are also expected in the process. No one enter to the game to lose. Repeated failures are a sign of no improvement actions or lack of remedial actions. You can see here how much the Arsenal fans are disappointed by the Watford defeat. Because it was a must win game due to its impact on the next games and considering the opponent’s current status. I am not saying we must win all the matches, but if we can’t win when it matters, we can not be a champion. Champions are always alert to perform up to the standard and try to win what ever the situation is.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @tatek girma
      You mean the primary goal is “to try and win matches”…The main objective “is to win matches”

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