Frustrating… PL star prefers Arsenal but we remain behind in chase?

Leicester City midfielder N’Golo Kante has been one of the stand-out performers in the Premier League this season, and looks likely to leave his club in the coming window.

The 25 year-old earned a place in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year, whilst helping his side earn a highly improbable PL title trophy.

Kante’s reputation was boosted months ago when former Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson claimed he was the best player in the division this term ‘by far’, and has continued to impress all year.

The defensive midfield star has now earned a place in France’s squad for the upcoming European Championships in his home-country, and looks likely to be a first-team regular during the tournament.

Despite such an eye-opening, impressive season with the Foxes, he has hinted at a move away from the club, and looks set to leave in search of a bigger club, with both Manchester City and Arsenal heavily linked.

Reports now claim that Pep Guardiola’s future side have held talks with the Leicester man, but he still harbours hopes of Arsenal firming up their interest in his arrival.

This infuriates me in so many ways, with Kante having proven to be a deadly PL star, who played a huge role in winning the title, something we are hoping to do in the near future!

One possible stumbling block could be the prospective deal for Granit Xhaka which appears close to completion, following his antics following their final game of the season this afternoon.

The Swiss international hugged a number of backroom staff, before telling reporters that he wants any prospective deal to be wrapped up quickly.

A number of reports have continually linked the pair with switches to the Emirates Stadium, and there could be space for the pair in theory, with both Mathieu Flamini and Kante both leaving at the end of their contracts this term.

Space in the squad is one thing however, but accommodating Xhaka, Kante, Wilshere, Elneny and Coquelin is another conundrum altogether…

Do we need both stars? Should Kante be prioritised over Xhaka?

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  1. Cazorlas getting on and Xhaka looks like he might be a decent replacement for him, still another good season or two from Cazorla providing he stays fit. Lets face it, we had no answer to the Cazorla injury, Xhaka would solve this. From a fans point of view, two of these players could easily be brought in, Xhaka I mentioned, Kante would be seen as a direct improvement on Coquelin. These four players would/could be the bedrock of our midfield. Cazorla as I was saying is nearing retirement, this is were Elneny comes in very handy, not to mention the depth in the meantime. As for Aaron Jack and younger prospects, they have still much to prove, whether it’s fitness or consistency levels, reliability. Therefor should work their way into the lineup, Jack seems to have serious issues, lets not kid ourselves. Aaron makes my fan scenario difficult to imagine, he usually will play, don’t like agreeing with some folk but seeing is believing. The boss will not entertain this hypothetical, the fans certainly could.

  2. We need to be sincere with ourselves and know what we want/need….
    We cannot get these two players,it is not possible,and it doesn’t make sense at all…

    To get both of them,we would spend 50m plus..let’s be content with our team..Xhaka plus our other midfielders is fine….

    See,Leicester won the league in a dynamic way, its all about the whole team(football is a team game)…
    Did you think Drinkwater didn’t do anything??? He also tried
    We don’t even play the way Leicester does….
    To quit my ranting,we need one of the two and if it is Xhaka we are getting,it is Ok for me….
    On to other needs like a striker..

  3. All these talks of getting Xhaka, Kante ,this, that …..Midfielders , midfielders and more midfielders is getting really annoying

    we are Lacking somuch in the ST and CB department…

    Monreal = no reliable cover
    Mert/kos = no worldclass cover
    on the wings, = no balance
    Strike force = Extremely poor

    I suppose wenger thinks the battle is won in midfield and without goals to balance that!…. He must be mad..

    What’s with buying too many midfielders when we know he will only play two (his favourite and his Ramdom choice)out of the rest of the Lot

    possibly Ramsey-Kante

    what happens to others?…..considering wenger ain’t good at rotation……and what’s with playing this guy Ramsey?

    It’s the same with Wenger and it’s needless to say we’d be in a big mess if he doesn’t address the major problems in this team at the close of this window

    1. What do you mean no cover for Monreal? We have Gibbs. If he goes, he will be replaced. Everyone was complaining about how Coquelin was the only DM we had and how we didn’t have any leadership. Xhaka is a strong DM with excellent passing, strength, tackling ability and leadership.

      As disappointing as the season was, it seems some people just like to complain. Just remember that Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini are going. This is an excellent signing. If not, everyone will be complaining about us being slow in the market.

      I don’t see the point of buying a winger. If anything, we might need to sell one. Iwobi has performed well enough to show that we don’t need another one. We have Alexis, Iwobi, Chambo, Walcott and Campbell. If the DT, The Times and The Guardian are believed, we might sell Walcott or Chambo.

      It’s very likely we’ll sign a CB and striker. The season hasn’t ended yet. How would you get world class cover? It’s unrealistic. We haven’t played our last league game. Calling for Ramsey to be sold is madness. He’s also round a top central midfielder despite not being in the best of form the whole season. There’s a reason that everybody rates him well enough to go to Barca. It seems that some fans seem obsessed with complaining. When was the last time we were close to a £30+ million signing before the season ends?

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