Fulham boss expects Arsenal “to be harder” after shock defeat

Everyone is looking forward to seeing Arsenal play Fulham. All eyes will be on whether the Gunners can regain their winning ways or continue to fall behind in the title chase.

Marco Silva, Fulham’s manager, stated in an interview with Sky Sports that in the current situation Arsenal is in (having not won their past two games), he can’t help but be concerned since now could be the worst time to play Arsenal. He knows the Gunners, whom he regards as a top team, are hungry for a win, so even if they are eager to return to winning ways (they have lost their last three league games), he believes they will struggle.

“We know what we are going to face, what they are capable to do and things that we can exploit,” he told Sky Sports. “If you ask me, it is going to be harder because they will want to bounce back. Top, top sides do not normally have two results in a row that are not positive.

“So, probably because of that, it is going to be harder because they’ll want to bounce back. But, at the same time, we want to bounce back and get back to winning ways again. We want this. It is our aim and goal.”

The Gunners have the perfect reason to be ruthless against the Cottagers this Sunday, despite not winning their last two games, wanting to be in the title race, and having already ceded two points to Fulham.

The Gunners are dangerous and frightening; they simply need to capitalise on their numerous opportunities, and victory will be as simple as ABC.

Take the Gooners into 2024 with a smile. That’s my request to Arteta and the boys.

Sam P

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  1. Yes! The Gunners will be hard and harder to the the Cottagers in the game, in today’s Epl ,match encounter that will take place at Graven Cottage between Fulham and Arsenal.
    Therefore, Arsenal SHOULD not fail to wallop Fulham in the match. But wallop them 0-5 at full-time of the match unfailingly.
    And as a result of walloping them. continue to remain in contention for the Epl title win this season.

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